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Friday, January 2nd, 2009

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    2008 Master List
    So this wraps up the first year of [info]hp_yule_balls, and we can honestly say that it went better than we could have ever imagined. We received exactly 100 pieces of wonderful pieces of fic and art and felt like the luckiest girls in the world that we got to squee over them first. You're all amazing!

    We have lots of people to thank, particularly our pinch hitters, who stepped up at the last minute to help us out. Thank you to [info]redsnake05, [info]furiosity, [info]bookofjude, [info]curia_regis, [info]gryffindorj, [info]gm_weasley, [info]miss_morland, [info]tristesses, [info]venturous1, and [info]violetion. We couldn't have done any of this without you.

    Thank you also to all of our original participants, who supported us just by signing up. There are some of you to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude for your incredible patience and understanding. We appreciate you all more than we can say! ♥

    And now we'll stop yammering on before we get weepy, and get on with the reveals already. Please check your links and make sure that everything is all right – that we spelled your username correctly, that we have the right link and pairing and title, etc. If you notice any problems, with yours or someone else's please comment and let us know. We'll fix it as soon as possible.

    Also, we will not go back and fill in beta names unless you specifically ask us to (and if you would like us to, just leave us a comment; we don't mind). We will definitely not change anything in the body of the fic itself unless you send us chocolate and/or tell us how beautiful we are. (Please send any of these requests, along with the flattery, via email at yuleballsmod@gmail.com.)

    The 2008 Master List )

    Also, pleasepleaseplease go comment on the fic or art that was created for you! It doesn't matter that it's not anonymous anymore; it's better late than never! We are resisting the urge to ban all non-gift-commenters for life, and are settling on pleading with you instead. Be kind and spread some belated holiday cheer to the people who worked so hard. ♥

    Thank you all for such a wonderful year! We'll see you again in August! :*

    Love, Midnight and Trubble

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