HP Wankfest 2011


May 18th, 2011

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Fic: Severus Snape at Malfoy Manor with an Albino Peacock Feather
Title: Summer Heat
Author: [info]luciusmistress
Character: Severus Snape
Location: Malfoy Manor
Prop: Albino peacock feather
Other Characters: Lucius Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1300
Disclaimer: Everything recognisable belongs to J. K. Rowling. No money is made by this piece of fiction.
Author's Notes: So, so much love to my wonderful beta! And thank you, mods, for running this awesome fest and for being so patient with me! :)

Summer Heat )

wanking_mods @ 12:00 pm: Art: Parvati Patil in Madam Malkin's Dressing Room with a WWW Daydream Charm
Title: Lavender's Pink
Artist: [info]twilightsorcery
Character: Parvati Patil
Location: Madam Malkin's dressing room
Prop: WWW Daydream Charm
Other Characters: Lavender Brown, in a way
Rating: R
Art Details: Photoshop + tablet
Disclaimer: Parvati, the Weasley twins, and their deliciously naughty charm all belong to JKR. I only wish they were mine. [Characters depicted are over the age of 18. Even the imaginary ones.]
Artist's Notes: Yes, I know, the charms don't really work like this in canon. But the twins would totally think of this use for Version 2. Thanks to my lovely people (you know who you are) for all your support and help!
Art Preview:

Lavender's Pink [NWS Art] )

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