Harry Potter Traditions Fest

May 27th, 2008

ATTENTION @ 12:27 pm


Posting should be ending within the week, assuming all work is turned in on time. If you have not yet turned in your submission (be it your original, or a pinch-hit), get it in IMMEDIATELY.

As in NOW.

May 6th, 2008

Announcement and Grovelling Apology @ 02:47 pm


Hi everyone,

The fest, contrary to obvious appearances, hasn't been forgotten.

As you've all noticed, this fest has been fairly badly run up until now, and for that you have my most sincere apologies. I didn't expect the health problems I have had when I started it, and I should have brought in help a long time before this.

On that note, [info]sappholococcus has most kindly offered her services to start getting things back on track. She will be getting things organised, and starting to post on Wednesday when she has tracked down the final submissions, or let me know we need a pinchhitter.

Hopefully with her help, things will go a lot more smoothly from here.
<3 Jai

February 4th, 2008

Belated Announcement @ 09:42 am


As everyone knows, signups were meant to close on the 31st January. However, due to late interest, we thought we might leave signups open until 5th-10th February. So if you're still watching this comm, and are interested in joining, please signup now. We're not scary, and we'd love to have you.

Additionally, if you have any friends that are interested, feel free to direct them here -- we'd adore having enough participants for one piece of fiction every day.

January 1st, 2008

Signups - Now Open @ 05:28 pm


Signups have started here. Please feel free to get your forms in as soon or as late as you like (as long as it's before January 31st).

To better match kinks and pairings, the more participants the better. So if you feel like pimping us to your friends, that would be hugely helpful. We're advertising wherever we can think of, but if you see somewhere you think we can that we haven't hit, let us know.

December 8th, 2007

Signups Are OPEN! @ 03:17 am


Signups are now OPEN! Please feel free to email us at hp.traditions@gmail.com with any questions.

NB: Incomplete signup sheets will not be accepted.

*We will attempt to reassign all fics to a recipient or pinch-hitter, but it may not be possible

**Please be specific. It doesn't matter how long your signup sheet ends up being as long as it has every detail possible in it so that we can better match your request.

FAQ @ 03:16 am

Rules @ 03:16 am



2008 Exchange Rules

Hi all. This is a new fest that we've started this year as we've noticed a lack of exchanges that accept any form of pairing, whether it be slash, het, femmeslash or even gen. There are plenty of het only, slash only, femmeslash only and gen only fests, but we wanted something a bit different. The theme of traditions was chosen as a side interest, but we hope it will be fun. Yes, threesomes are also welcome.

1. All fics must contain a plot and must be heavily based around some form of tradition. This doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be tens of thousands of words long and have months of research put in. While we do expect some form of research to at least get the basic idea of the tradition you are writing about, what we mean by plot is that it has to have some form of story to it. Even if that story/plot is as simple as 'character A wishes to celebrate tradition Y. They convince character B to join them. The following fun is had.' All fics must be at least 2500 words long, and are to be spellchecked and beta-read.

If your fic doesn't meet these requirements, or if it does not meet the requirements of the original assignment, we reserve the right to return it to you. At this point you are welcome to either re-do it so that it does fit our requirements or decline to participate, it is entirely up to you.

2. Signups will be capped at 100 participants. We highly doubt our humble fest will receive anywhere near that amount of interest, but wishful thinking is always good. Should it get to that we will cap it, although if you manage to sneak in before one of the moderators notices, we probably won't kick you out.

3. This is an anonymous exchange, which means that you won't know who wrote each individual fic until all of them have been posted. In order to maintain this secrecy, please do not post your fic anywhere else until the authors have been revealed. Furthermore, we won't accept any fic that is not complete (ie the first part of a longer fic) or part of an existing WIP.

4. Submissions:

When the fic is completed, please attach it as either a .txt or a .rtf file and send it to hp.traditions@gmail.com. Make sure any special formatting tags, such as italics and bold, are included in the file as we will not add these in manually for you. Please include the following header in your fic's file:

5. Once you have received your assignment, please read over it carefully. If we have sent you something you think you absolutely can't write, let us know. If you tell us early enough, we should be able to do some reshuffling and get you an assignment that you can write. We will only change this for legitimate mismatches -- if you told us in your signup sheet that you are happy to write slash and will write anything with Snape or Hagrid in a pairing, then decide upon receipt of your assignment that you can't write Snape/Hagrid, we are unlikely to be sympathetic. That's why we're asking you to be specific to the last detail in your signup sheet.

Also, please plan your time carefully. If you know you're going to be busy in March and April and won't have time to write, don't sign up -- we've created these dates for a reason, and if you know you can't fit into them we'd prefer you didn't waste your author's time.

6. In order to receive a fiction gift, you must create one for someone else. Remember that when you sign up, you're asking another author to spend time writing something just for you. So if you're not willing to take on that obligation for someone else you would be better off trying a prompt or request community rather than this one.

Please note that if you drop out or fail to complete your assignment you will not only not be welcome back next year, you will also not receive your gift and your name will be posted publicly at the end of the fest.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the moderators at hp.traditions@gmail.com.



January 1 - Signups open.
January 31 - Signups close if maximum number isn't reached.
February 15 - Assignments sent out.
April 15 - Fics due.
May 1 - Posting starts.
May 31 - Posting finishes.

Harry Potter Traditions Fest