Harry Potter Traditions Fest


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Hey all - it's that time!

Yes, it is now April 15th, and your submissions are DUE. I expect to hear from you sometime today, whether you have finished or not. If I don't, I will be forced to send my minions after you prod and poke you over email until 1) you get back to me or 2) I am forced to resign myself to the fact that you have dropped out. I really appreciate those of you who have already submitted your fics, or at least contacted me to let me know when you will be submitting them. For those of you that haven't: remember, the modly email is traditionsmods@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT: IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND TO MY EMAILS BY APRIL 20, I WILL START LOOKING FOR A PINCH HITTER. As this is a small fest, the duration of posting (starting May 1) will be very short, and therefore I do not have very much wiggle room when it comes to granting extensions past the beginning of posting.

In summary: get in touch with me today or I will be annoyingly persistent. You can't say I didn't warn you. ;)

Harry Potter Traditions Fest