Harry Potter Traditions Fest

Attn: Sign-Ups Closed @ 01:10 am

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As it is now February 11th where I am, sign-ups are officially CLOSED. Thank you so very much to everyone that signed up! I am looking forward to running this fest. :)

Expect your assignment in your email inbox by February 15th!

Attn: Assignments Mailed @ 04:22 pm

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I have worked all afternoon to match people up, and your assignments have been sent out early. I chose to send them now instead of on the 15th for two reasons:

1) the fest is small, and some people were difficult to assign. However, I did manage to give everyone assignment with at least ONE pairing or combination that they are able to write.
2) Extra time to write is always a good thing, yes?

Remember: if your assignment includes a request for a pairing/genre/kink that you listed among your squicks, you do not have to write that pairing/genre/kink. At the very minimum, you should include ONE of the requested pairings, ONE requested tradition, and as many of the other requests (pairings, wishes, kinks, etc) as you can or would like to.

Please REPLY TO YOUR ASSIGNMENT EMAIL by February 15th. IF you have a problem with your assignment please notify me immediately and I will do my best to assist you, although do keep in mind that rearranging assignments may not be possible. If that is the case, I apologize in advance.

- Your submission is due on April 15th
- It must be at least 2500 words long, and in .doc or .txt format
- You must include ALL html in your fic, I will not add it for you

Thank you all! I'm looking forward to hearing back from all of you. :)

Harry Potter Traditions Fest