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4/1/13 09:20 pm - [info]quidditch_prat - Conversation during the fireworks, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Disney World

You're up way past your bedtime, muffin.

4/1/13 10:31 pm - [info]london_bestiary - A little help here?


4/1/13 09:22 pm - [info]cauldron_brew - Conversation in Grendel's, Boston

Scorpius Malfoy, how on earth did you get that beer?

4/1/13 08:53 pm - [info]minenoyours - Conversation in Room 316, Gansevoort Park Hotel, NYC

Caro, are you sure you know how to order room service? Your mother's not going to be upset, is she?

4/1/13 08:05 pm - [info]sempre_libera - Conversation in the Ultra Lounge, Gansevoort Park Hotel, NYC

(Lily, over here!)

4/1/13 07:07 pm - [info]wronski_feint - Not the worst April 1st

Malibu. Zuma Beach. Me and Ron and a couple of surfboards. Who knew I'd be so good on the waves? It's not that different from flying, I suppose.

Fred and George, I owe you one. I think maybe I needed a bit of sun and salt water today.

4/1/13 08:59 pm - [info]water_scorpion - Message delivered by rat: Severus Snape


I'm in Boston. I know I am because I was here before, but this time I don't know how it happened! I was just here in these weird clothes - boxers! and I don't even know how I know that's what they're called - in this weird room in this weird house. There's a photo of us next to the coffee machine downstairs and I didn't even know it was a coffee machine till now. That photo's the only thing that's not totally insane so I'm hoping, shit, that you're around?

For some reason I wanted to go to school, but not Hogwarts, some Academy I've never heard of before. And then I didn't want to because I hate it. Not Hogwarts, the Academy. So I didn't. I turned on the tv and it's Boston. Boston tv.

I couldn't find an owl, wouldn't even know how to start. I thought about a squirrel but if you're at home how's it going to get to you? The UK. Who calls it that? Me, but I mean not before. At least rats can swim, I thought, so... rat. And it's taken me half the day to work out how to get it to take a message cause I don't have any books. Not my books anyway, just a lot of comics. They're called comics.

There's a laptop upstairs which isn't mine but I know the password to it and that's almost the weirdest of all. But if it's Boston maybe it's some timetravel spell? Or something? Aren't those illegal?

I'm going to Grendel's. That pub we went to before near the university. If you get this I'll stay there as long as I can.

So, um, come and rescue me?


4/1/13 08:39 pm - [info]allandsundry - Note stuck to the fridge in William's Shoreditch flat with a Now Panic and Freak Out magnet

Next time you want to piss off when I'm
in the fucking shower, leave a fucking note.
I'm not magically psychic or whatever you
lot are.

We were supposed to be GOING OUT
so I'm just GOING OUT anyway. If you
find me fast enough I might forgive you.


4/1/13 08:07 pm - [info]dozhd - Scribbled on the back of a napkin in the Floo lounge at JFK Airport, NYC

Motherfucker. I just spent the past twelve hours in the New York FBI office being questioned by some Muggle suit named Burke about a fucking Russian music box. You steal one damn painting from the Hermitage when you're twenty-two, and suddenly even the Muggles have you in their system?

And all transatlantic Floos are down for the night. Fuck this day.

At least I managed to wipe my fingerprints from their computers. Nothing like a good tech hex and a bit of an Obliviate. Now to keep my head down for a few more hours.

Fucking twins. Christ, I hate April first.

4/1/13 08:55 pm - [info]aurorbabe - Voice text post redirected from a cell tower in Stowe, VT

Does anyone remember the trick to getting sap off clothes?

4/1/13 08:25 pm - [info]expecto_my_arse - Weird Talking Mouse Post to Noelle

Okay, I have been through a lot. Working for the Quibbler, watching that Potter kid knock off the boss, having to watch over that boy Dexter... But this...this is intolerable. I can't...

I'm not even sure how I got here, one minute I was taking a lovely stroll around that old castle, you know the one where the kids go to learn wizard's magic, then the castle seemed to shift, it got...bluer. And taller. And there's a sign: The Magic Kingdom.

A Dementor at the Happiest Place on Earth?

I'm going into the top of that weird blue castle and I'm not coming down until I stop seeing all these singing chipmunks.

4/1/13 08:03 pm - [info]my_inner_i - Owl Post to...Hogwarts, is it? Hello? Is anybody there?

Well this has already been a strange sort of day.

I got dressed this morning and I thought, 'Sybill, you need to have a talk with your Inner Eye,' and then all of a sudden there I was, standing on Main Street and wearing a pair of polyester ski pants and an old Hawkeyes sweater (and I'm darn sure I wasn't wearing those clothes when I sat down to watch Matt Lauer this morning - and you know, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I didn't have a television before this morning either), and...where was I? Oh right, so when I looked around I was on Main Street in a small town called Fernald.

In Iowa!

And you know, that was sort of funny, because Judy down there at the Country House Family Restaurant where I was having breakfast, she said something peculiar (and you know, I've been thinking that maybe Judy and I were friends in High School, except I don't see how that makes any sense because she was a cheerleader and I was...a witch?) - anyway, Judy, she said something about Fernald being right there at the geographic center of the state of Iowa.

Inner Iowa, you know, instead of an Inner Eye?

I laughed and laughed.

Although now that I think about it, maybe you had be there for it to be really funny.

I think I'll just sit quietly and finish my biscuits and sausage gravy until somebody comes for me.

Somebody will be coming for me, I'm sure of it.

I'm pretty sure I could have already seen who was coming in the tea leaves, except when I asked for 'proper tea' (as they say overseas) Judy said everybody knew the only kind of tea they'd ever had at the Country House Family Restaurant was Lipton's and that came in bags, and then she gave me a strange look.

Maybe I'll just keep quiet about tea leaves for the time being.

4/1/13 07:06 pm - [info]wheezy_wizards - Happy birthday to us!

It's already April--and our birthdays!

And yet it still feels like winter here. 39 degrees!

Or 4 degrees. Boy, has this been a headache of a day. Chicago's very nice, though.

Not least because all our family appears to be elsewhere!

How have you all been? ( Is anybody still in London? )

3/30/13 10:04 pm - [info]allandsundry - [In William's Shoreditch flat]

*coming in from the street downstairs*


I saw your coat at the door. Wasn't expecting you.

3/25/13 12:25 pm - [info]aurorbabe - Overheard in Auror HQ

Is that the theft report from the Sergei Kirov Museum?

Shhh, don't let her see that.

3/9/13 10:06 pm - [info]blood_bank - The Leaky Cauldron. Corner table.

*Bill is deep in a book, with a vodka and a vaguely forbidding expression*

2/16/13 10:44 pm - [info]acid_pops - Conversation at Dazzle with Dahlia!, a Trendy Diagon Alley Shop

*At the door of the wizard's dressing room*

Psst... just come in, will you?

2/10/13 10:02 pm - [info]wronski_feint - Conversation in Ron and Viktor's flat

( That was...incredible. )

2/9/13 11:58 pm - [info]acid_pops - *Late night library break-in, Hogwarts*

Can you see?

2/9/13 05:23 pm - [info]redgoldpride - [In the Office of the Minister of Magic]

Harry. Hey.

Justin said were down to paperwork and maybe I could interrupt...
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