May 25th, 2013

06:20 pm
[info]atdelphi: HP Beholder 2012 Fic & Art Master List - REVEALS

Here it is: the 49 creations from this year's [info]hp_beholder exchange, now with creators' names revealed. Authors and Artists: you're now at liberty to reply to comments and to repost your work wherever you like.

Artists: please give me the new links for your art as soon as you re-upload, so that I can update the coding. And Authors: if you'd like me to add a preferred redirect for your stories, just let me know!

There's also a collection on the Archive of Our Own (AO3) for those of you who are interested in adding your hp_beholder fic. You can find the collection here:





Finally, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who participated this year, and to everyone who took the time to read, review, and recommend. My gratitude also to those who volunteered to pinch-hit or assist with alternative arrangements, and to [info]chaos_rose, who was an immense help behind the scenes, and without whom this year would not have run so smoothly.

I had an amazing time, and I hope you all did too. Here's to Beholder 2013, and to doing it all again next year!