April 17th, 2010

01:55 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: FIC: "An Interesting and Difficult Woman" for inspired_ideas

Recipient: [info]inspired_ideas
Author/Artist: [info]featherxquill
Title: An Interesting and Difficult Woman
Rating: NC-17 (ish)
Pairings: Ollivander/Muriel
Word Count: 10,000
Warnings: Brief mentions of past torture/captivity
Summary: After his rescue from the Malfoy dungeon and his stay at Shell Cottage, Ollivander finds himself waiting out the war with five of the Weasley clan at their Aunt Muriel’s. Their hostess is a difficult woman, but as he learns more about her, Ollivander begins to find her interesting as well.
Author's/Artist's Notes: Many thanks to ([info]tetleythesecond) for the beta, and ([info]miss_bowtruckle) for the encouragement. Inspire, you asked for romantic comedy, and this is my attempt. I hope it pleases! :)

An Interesting and Difficult Woman )