April 13th, 2010

06:36 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: Posting Starts in Two Days!

Hello, all!

In just two more days, art and fic posting will begin for the 2010 edition of HP Beholder. Each afternoon (U.S. east coast time) for the next month and a bit beyond, two gifts - or occasionally one, in the case of particularly long fiction - will be posted to the main IJ community and to the LJ mirror community, as we did last year.

The majority of the art and fic has already been submitted and the work features 41 of the 70 chararacters on the Beholder List of [Not Really] Undesirable Characters...and I can tell you right now there are at least a half dozen pairings never seen before on Beholder - and possibly never seen before anywhere! :)

Keep an eye on the community and support - with your comments - the talented artists and authors who believe, as most of you do, that all characters should be given a chance at romantic/sexual relationships, not just the young and the beautiful.