April 26th, 2009

10:37 am
[info]bethbethbeth: ART & FIC ROUND-UP

Today is a posting holiday here in [info]hp_beholder land! This will give everybody a chance to catch up with the great art and fiction from the first ten days of the Exchange.


  • "Interrogating Rookwood" (Rufus Scrimgeour/Augustus Rookwood. G.) for [info]eeyore9990.

  • "The Years in Her Life and the Life in Her Years" (Minerva McGonagall/Alastar Moody. PG-13) for [info]vivien529.

    ART and FIC

  • "For the Sake of Argument" (Severus Snape/Minerva McGonagall. PG) for [info]atdelphi.


  • "Frozen" (Poppy Pomfrey/Severus Snape. PG-13.) for [info]shadowycat.

  • "A Murmur" (Minerva McGonagall / Sybil Trelawney. NC-17) for [info]alwaysasnapefan.

  • "There Are Days I Wish I Lived in a Romance Novel (But This Isn't One of Them" (Neville Longbottom / Millicent Bulstrode. PG-13) for [info]kaycee.

  • "To Die A Man" (Rufus Scrimgeour/Minerva McGonagall, Rufus Scrimgeour/Emmeline Vance. PG-13) for [info]injustice_worth.

  • "Jigsaw Pieces" (Severus Snape/Filius Flitwick. R) for [info]purplefluffycat.

  • "Road to Darkness" (Fenrir Greyback/Luna Lovegood. R) for [info]carrot / [info]vikingcarrot.

  • "By the Light of the Moon" (Phineas Nigellus Black/Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape/Minerva McGonagall. NC-17) for [info]venturous / [info]venturous1.

  • "The Good One, The Mad One, The Bad One" (Neville Longbottom/Madam Rosmerta. NC-17) for [info]naughtysnail.

  • "Sixteen" (Minerva McGonagall/Sybill Trelawney. PG-13) for [info]istalksnape.

  • "A Sort of Fairy Tale" (Severus Snape/Millicent Bulstrode. PG) for [info]cat_goddess.

  • "Grownup Stories" (Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape, Severus Snape/???. PG-13) for [info]chazpure.

  • "Breaking the Chains" (Fenrir Greyback/various. R) for [info]curia_regis.

  • "Beautiful" (Arthur Weasley/Molly Prewett Weasley. PG-13) for [info]rafflesiakerrii.

  • "Secret Admirer" (Irma Pince/Filius Flitwick. G) for [info]hayseed / [info]hayseed_42.

  • "Persuasion" (Barty Crouch Jr./Rabastan Lestrange. NC-17) for [info]arcadian_dream.

  • "Apart" (Draco Malfoy/Rita Skeeter. NC-17) for [info]ldymusyc.

    See you on Monday when regular posting resumes!