May 4th, 2008

04:05 pm
[info]beholder_mod: FIC: 'One Fine Day' for mindabbles

Recipient: [info]mindabbles
Author: [info]xx_kerriann_xx
Title: One Fine Day
Rating: PG
Pairings: Minerva McGonagall/Poppy Pomfrey; Sirius Black/Remus Lupin background.
Word Count: 1,455
Warnings: None, but note the pairings.
Summary: June, 1975. Minerva and Poppy have a picnic to celebrate the end of the school year, and it leads to a conversation with Remus and Sirius and confessions on both their parts.
Author's Notes: Thanks to my friends Sarah and Diane for the beta read throughs. Mindabbles, I hope you like your gift!

One Fine Day )

04:06 pm
[info]beholder_mod: FIC and ART: 'Cotyledon' for bluestocking79

Recipient: [info]bluestocking79
Author/Artist: [info]trickofthedark (aka, Didodikali)
Title: Cotyledon
Rating: Perhaps R for naughty language.
Pairings: Slughorn/Hooch, brief mentions of Firenze/Trelawney, Pomfrey/Snape.
Word Count: 2150, plus etcetera.
Warnings: ...entirely harmless. No, really.
Summary: After the Battle of Hogwarts, the Slytherins seek rewards.

Cotyledon )