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Nov. 23rd, 2012


Had by One and All [NC17] (RL/SS; HP/DM)


Had By One and All

Author: [info]bonfoi
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Severus Snape; Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Summary: It's all about making a new start after the war, about forging new relationships...and maybe showing others just what they're missing.
Challenge: Inspired by [info]torino10154’s 2nd Annual Blow Job Friday post
Word Count: 1,105
Genre: Alternate Universe; Post Second Voldemort War; Romance; PWP
Warnings: Everybody's of Age; Fellatio
A/N: Many, many thanks to [info]torino10154 for giving me something to look forward to after all the cooking, the cleaning-up, and the fact I have to go to work today. This is an off-the-cuff bit of fun that clears the cobwebs, limbers up the smut muscles and just makes the day that much more fun.

Not fair! He was young and available. He should be getting shagged on a daily basis, not beaky-nosed, sour Snape!"

Apr. 29th, 2012


New comm: [info]hp_may_madness

From their initial post:

Welcome to [info]hp_may_madness. And it is madness. We’d like to challenge you and ourselves to write 200 words (or more) every day for the month of May. Have you always wanted to do NaNoWriMo but don’t have time for over one thousand words a day? Don’t have time in November? Need a little prompting from the studio audience? This is the place. We’ll have daily prompts and some challenges within the challenge. Of course, you don’t have to use them (yeah we’re easy that way… probably in other ways too). All HP pairings are welcome; we would like couples, threesomes (or moresomes) because love and lust are in the air. Porn without plot? Perfect! Thirty-one attempts to get Severus out on a date? Great! A weekly serial? Go for it! Thirty-one long plotty installments? Oh yeah! Join in, we’d love to have everyone! *a little voice whispers…come on you know you want to*

Prompts and posting begin May 1!

Note: Bold emphasis is mine.

With the end of the Lusty Month of May celebration at [info]pervy_werewolf, why not go over to a comm that's not only for the kinkiness that Remus hides for Severus, but the lovin' and lustiness that all the couples and moresomes of the Potterverse have during the month of May?


[info]pervy_werewolf Lusty Month of May is coming!

I've been chomping at the bit for the Lusty Month of may (LMoM) celebration at [info]pervy_werewolf! Please, please, please, let me write some good and grand smutty featuring Remus for thirty-one days!

Here's to another fantastic collection of Lusty Month of May offerings to while away my nights and highlight the kinkiness that Remus hides behind such an innocuous smile and a deprecating facade.

Pair Remus with any character, add some pervy-goodness and let's celebrate May!

Apr. 27th, 2012


Like your characters over 40 and mature?

LJ comm [info]older_not_dead is collecting prompts. "You can submit prompts up to the end of Friday 27th April (although in reality this will be 28th UK time to allow for time differences)."

Please check it out. At least one character has to be over 40 in the story or artwork.

Apr. 11th, 2012


LJ comm [info]hptimetravel prompting is open!

The majority of my prompts are Severus/Remus, but there are twists that might be intersting. Harry/Draco, riffs on Severus with someone other than Remus, Lucius/Narcissa, etc. A lot of prompts are under the cut. )

Let's see how changing time, manipulating it, or just showing up at a different time--past or present--changes things, eh? Drop by lj comm [info]hptimetravel and leave a prompt. You don't have to write a story to inspire one.

Apr. 9th, 2012


Crack_Broom has open reccing this month

For anyone who doesn't know, the LJ comm [info]crack_broom has opened April to any member who wants to put up one rec. They call it "Free Flying".

Pertinent info under cut. )

I've already started writing my own rec, which will be Lupin/Snape, after rereading it, of course! I'm just encouraging folks to post their favorites for some extra loving.
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Mar. 25th, 2012


The Making of a Hawk [R] (Lupin/Snape)


The Making of a Hawk

Author: [info]bonfoi
Rating: R
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Severus Snape
Summary: Severus Snape discovers a family secret that stuns him, and puts a kink in his young love-life.
Challenge: LJ comm [info]do_me_veela 2012 Challenge, Prompt# 67 ([info]starduchess’s full prompt at story’s end.)
Word Count: ~10,800
Genre: Alternate Universe; Marauders’ Era; Veela!fic; Romance
Highlight for Warnings: * Frotting; Hand-job; Biting; Bottoming from the top*
Beta: The amazing, supportive [info]sighing_selkie. Any mistakes are mine.
A/N: I’ve always wanted to write veela!Snape, and I’m glad I got the chance this year. Originally posted at [info]do_me_veela: Part One on LJ | Part Two on LJ

No need to teach an eagle to fly. — Greek Proverb

Part One @ my IJ | Part Two @ my IJ

Mar. 22nd, 2012


HP_Alt_April Drabble-a-thon for April Fool's Day

HP_Alt_April is hosting a drabble-a-thon of pranks, jokes, tricks, etc.

All pairings, all kinds, welcome. Post Hard-R and NC17 under a cut.

Linked drabbles are welcome as long as sections are 100-105 words.

Want to make someone laugh?


Mod Post: The Quiet in Fandom

Just wondering what folks are doing in this lull? I know there are fests happening, but not much seems to be going on outside of H/D and Snarry-a-Thon.

Jul. 18th, 2011


Pimpage: HP Creatures' 2011 Halloween Creature Fest Prompts Available for Claiming

Spreading the love!!

HP Creatures' 2011 Halloween Creature Fest: Monster Movie Prompts

Over on LJ, HP Creatures' Monster Movie Prompts may be filled with Harry and Draco, but there are some prompts just made for Lupin and Snape...** big, broad hint, hint! **

I can see art and fic coming from the talented minds and fingers of my fellow Snupinteers! Please, check them out and see if anything catches your fancy!

May. 14th, 2011


Coming Event -- What date do you want?

Later this year, a fifteen minute fic fest will be held. I need five events, five circumstances, and five locations.

If anyone wants to participate, posting will be at [info]hp_alt_april since I'm going to be having an Alternate April for us to enjoy.

Give me any dates that you think would be good for this bitty fest! Thank you!

Jan. 23rd, 2011


Double the Pleasure!! Double the Pleasure!! HP Wankfest Returns!!

So good, I had to put up the other one too!!
I mean, just one wank isn't enough!!

Rules & Sign-up Info
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Oct. 22nd, 2010


HP_Crackdealers' Humour & Crack fest sign-ups end 24 October!

I double-dog, triple-word-score dare you to go to [info]hp_crackdealers and get one of their claims! There's plenty to go around, with a variety to pairings, too!

I seen people posting that they want something funny to read when they don't feel good, or the mouse ran away with the cat...whatever! We all want to experience crack!fic that makes one almost snort, chortle, or slide out of the chair! It's our rights as members of the Potterverse!

So, take a gander at the prompts, see if you like something and and write! I want to see crack!fic of the Snupin, Drapery, or Potter/Malfoy kind! I'll even break down and read Severus/either Black Brother, not that that's a stretch! *snert*

Just...give me liberty or give me crack!fic!! By the bye, it's due in February so you'd have plenty of time!

Oct. 19th, 2010


Pimping hp_halloween double-drabble fest/challenge 2010

[info]hp_halloween's sign-ups are here!

I know you folks can write 200 words! That's it, that's all! It's HP slash and het and gen and just great ooey-gooey, spine-chilling fun!!

Stop by, read the info and sign up!

Sep. 25th, 2010


Feel like your 40-or-over year-old characters are missing out? Here's a Promptathon for you!!

With [info]lore's permission, I'm passing on some info about the LJ community [info]older_not_dead's Promptathon 06 with the theme of... Colours!

From the website:

[info]older_not_dead Promptathon Challenge #06

Please reply to this post with a list of prompts for writers/artists to use in their stories/artwork.

The prompts can be:

# A fandom and a prompt, e.g. NCIS. ?/?. Dancing
# A fandom, a character and a prompt, e.g. Due South. Fraser/?. Books
# A fandom, a pairing and a prompt, e.g. The Professionals. Bodie/Doyle. Wine
# Just a prompt (i.e. suitable for any fandom/pairing) e.g. ?. ?/?. Flowers

And you can mix and match when submitting, or just submit one type.

# This is a multi-fandom, multi-pairing challenge for slash or het couples.
# Artwork (e.g. wallpaper, icons, banners, etc.) based on the prompts is perfectly acceptable
# The theme for the sixth challenge is 'Colours'. Each prompt must include a colour.
# Each half of the pair has to be 40+ in the story/artwork, i.e. it doesn't matter if they are under 40 in canon, as long as in the story they are 40 or over.
# You do not need to be a writer/intend to write a story/produce a piece of art for this challenge to submit prompts.
# You will be able to use your own prompt.
# You can submit as many or as few prompts as you wish.
# Please feel free to pimp this on your own LJ or in communities if you wish to do so.

# You can submit prompts up to the end of Tuesday 28th September 2010 (although in reality this will be 29th UK time to allow for time differences).
# Posting of stories/artwork for the Promptathon will begin on 1st October and you have the entire month of October in which to post.

Check out [info]older_not_dead Promptathon Challenge #06!

Mar. 24th, 2010


Pimpage: Lupin_Snape is having a 5 Year Anniversary Challenge: SNUPIN SHOWERS

All right, I can hear y'all breathing out there. Here's your chance to pimp AU/AR Snupin, folks! If you had a friend who wrote something that you think didn't get the love it deserved, if you did and it didn't, if you think there's a memorable story that needs to be shared...

[info]lupin_snape is having a Five Year Anniversary Challenge: SNUPIN SHOWERS

Condensed version:

Here's what [info]lupin_snape's looking for - One person in charge of posting Lupin/Snape content on one assigned day in April.

Content you can offer: discussion topics (retreads are fine!), essays, icons, recs, photos, photomanips, sketches, drabbles, ficlets, stories, full-blown art, link lists, craft projects, comparisons (what else reminds you of Snape/Lupin?), and then any other Snupiny post of which you can possibly imagine.

Rules of a sort: One post on the day is fine; more is also fine if you're that inspired. Post sometime in the 24 hours on your day, no worries if you're in an odd timezone. Others may post at any time during the month; you don't have to hold back just because it's not your day.

Sign-up for a specific day at the link above. If you have Remus/Severus anything you think memorable, special, shiny, please, drop by and/or spread the word!

And remember, the comm is on IJ as well as LJ!

Apr. 12th, 2009


This asylum should probably be shut down...

I can see I don't do well as the boss on-line. I'm going to decide by the end of April.

I probably didn't pimp [info]hp_alt_april well or often enough, but a car wreck and an arm in a sling for five months can cut into things.

This is just a notice. I'm guessing no one will care.

Mar. 14th, 2009


Drabble/Short Fic Fest announcement for hp_alt_april!

There are just so many fests out there that I thought I'd join the fun...

Enter: hp_alt_april Short Fic/Drabble Fest

Entries are to be posted on 30 April 2009.diagnosis page</a>. Then, if you feel like it, submit a prompt for a drabble (100 words) or short fic (101 - 5000).

Prompts are now being solicited until 1 April 2009. (And, no, this isn't an April Fool's Joke...but one of the prompts can involve it! *LOL*)

Jul. 5th, 2008


Saturday Rec: At Childhood's End (HP/DM) 5 July 2008

Title: At Childhood's End from [info]hd_worldcup 2008
Author: [info]mahoganyhandle
Team: Fanon
Prompt: The Magician
Wordcount: ~38k
Rating: PG
Summary: When Harry comes across a fallen branch of an elder tree and accidentally bonds with it, his life changes beyond his wildest imaginings.

I just found this fascinating, intricate AU story and am blown away! Harry is a wandmaker, Draco...well, you have to read the story to find out. There's conspiracy and myth, destruction and primordial magic; this is a well-researched and well-fleshed out story that sucked me and enlivened my Saturday...I read it over the course of the day and just finishing now...I recommend this for all the folks who love a good yarn, lovingly-crafted backgrounds and extra characters, and enjoy the characters as they are but in a different setting.

Please, read this and be pleasantly surprised!
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Jun. 22nd, 2008


Lily Potter's Little Lion (HP/DM) G

Lily Potter’s Little Lion

Author: [info]bonfoi
Rating: G
Pairing: HP/DM, LLP, SS
Summary: A peek at baby-sitting, Animagus- and snarky-style!
Challenge: none
Word Count: 397
Genre: Romance; Fluff; Alternate Universe (Snape is alive)
Warnings: Fluff (?)
A/N: I saw a great picture and couldn’t resist! I hope it makes you smile, too!

"In keeping with the image I found, the [info]hd_inspired Animagus Exchange and my love of sharing..."

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