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first issue: june 30 [10 Jun 2015|08:11pm]

thank you for your interest in hollyzoo, starring's very own perez hilton meets ontd-esque gossip blog!

your submission is considered ooc and will not reflect upon your character. all posts by zoo animals are meant in good fun. they are not meant to taken too seriously. treat their commentary like a delusional fan or an ill informed, trashy gossip blogger.

additionally, if you have any questions, please leave them here. thank you for your participation and remember - HAVE FUN!

we will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis and plan to post at least twice a month. examples of submissions include but are not limited to: blind items, relationship gossip, media rivalries, career updates (casting news especially if you've just added a new credit, appearances, premieres, album launches, etc.), social media fights and subtweets, fan encounters, public community event coverage, general draaaaama, etc.

we ask that you keep your submissions short. unlike the #wreckoning hacks, these are meant to be short and pithy, and far more lighthearted. you do not need an update-length submission - a sentence or two is more than enough!

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