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Discretion - late June, 1967 [Zelos] [09 Aug 2017|08:32pm]

She was dying.

That was what Ninkasi decided as she laid halfway across the bed, body limp, in a shitty motel room somewhere southwest of Monterey, California. She could only travel so far before it all caught up with her – everything she tramped down and usually could ignore so easily. That was part of the big reason she went to Monterery Pop. She could drink and party, get high, fuck a lot, and listen to great music... all the while not having to think about the stupid face of the stupid girl Kray had been dating the last time she talked to him.

Which... could have been months ago at this point. She didn't even know. The excuse was that it gave him space so no one got “jealous.” In reality, if she wasn't around to see, hear, or risk smelling anything... then she could get so blasted off her ass maybe she could forget that she hated every stupid face of every stupid girl he ever gave his stupid attention to. )

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (tag: Loki) [12 Nov 2015|02:27pm]

Thor had heard the things that other said about Loki. They called him reckless. Foolish. Dangerous. Deranged. They even called him crazy. Thor had always defended his friend. Even before they were friends, he'd taken all they said about Loki with a grain of salt. After all, they said some unpleasant things about him too. And no matter what they said of Loki, Thor had always made up his own mind about him, and in the end, he'd ignored everything they said as nothing more than jealous people flapping their gums.

Until today. )

Surprise? [ancient, ancient, ANCIENT times] (tag: Enlil) [26 Jun 2015|12:47am]

Ereshkigal smiled with a gentleness that very few would believe her capable of. But then very little in her life, since Kur had stolen her away, had inspired such a reaction. Which she did not regret, as it gave her the independence and autonomy that she craved above all else, but that did not mean hers was an easy life. Fulfilling and wonderful, yes, but not easy, though she could never regret that. What Kur had done had changed her life for the better.

And now her life had changed again. )

Stranger Danger (tag:Artemis) [1145 or so] [29 Mar 2015|07:51pm]

Coyote was having a good day, a very good. He’d awoken that morning with the sun warming his back after a good night’s sleep. A stretch and a yawn later and he was off exploring this new area he was in. That was always enjoyable, because the land was never laid itself down the same way twice. So every day was new, a possible adventure awaited over every hill and knoll, and Coyote liked to discover them.

Today... )

Inexcusable - Roughly 330 BCE [tag Philotes] [07 Feb 2015|09:45am]

OOC: During Alexander the Great's campaign through Mesopotamia, post major destruction en-route to India.

Enlil knew he should stop following this so closely, it was just making him angrier and angrier with every single moment of the campaign that he watched. Every Persian that needlessly died, every woman and child needlessly enslaved, every temple and home looted or destroyed... it all just enraged him. This was an infuriating wave of disrespect and destruction of the likes he had never seen in his long life and considering what some of his children specialized in, and his own hand in the Flood aside, that was certainly saying something.

But this Greek was something spectacular and not a good way. Enlil might be the Lord of Storms but never, never, had he seen such a deceptive storm as there was in Alexander of Macedon.  )

Six [Ancient Times] (tag: Nergal) [28 Dec 2014|05:13pm]

Note: Immediately after this thread.

Ereshkigal was livid. She was so angry that she couldn't eat and didn't sleep. There were dark circles beneath her eyes and her lips were compressed in a hard line. Servants scuttled around the corners of rooms to avoid her gaze and attention, because there was nothing soft or winning about the Queen of Irkalla these days.

He'd left. )

Shock and Awe [during Thor's travels in Egypt] (tag: Taweret) [26 Dec 2014|12:53pm]

Note: Some time after this thread

Thor wasn't sure he liked this place as well as the last one. The first place Ninkasi had taken him had been quite cold, up in the mountains, so high that it was hard to breathe. They were fun people who told stories about abominable monsters in the snow and loved to laugh. Then they'd gone down the mountains and east into a land that was lush and hot. The humidity had been ridiculous, but the people generous and the food fantastic even if it was spicy. Maybe that's why their gods had extra arms, to fan their mouths while eating it. Though he still couldn't figure out why some of them were blue. From there, they'd gone west again, back through the mountains and into a land of silk and beauty. Even they way they wrote and moved was an art form. They had some very definite rules about fighting and honor, but they took both seriously and Thor appreciated that. Though he hadn't much appreciated eating with sticks, that was just weird. This place though? )

Old Friends, New Friends (16th Dynasty Egypt) [tag: Kratos, Ninkasi] [18 Dec 2014|06:27pm]

Note: there is no agreement on the year of the Minoan eruption of the volcano on Thera/Santorini. Estimates, even with carbon-dating, vary from late 1600s BCE to mid 1400s BCE, though there is suggestion that there was an effect on Egypt's weather. But it's mostly linked with mid-to-late 16th Dynasty Egyptian time-frame.

Thoth was really skilled at Senet, and well he should be since its predecessor was draughts and he had been quite good at that. Much to Khonsu's chagrin. But, skill only went so far when the knuckle-bones did not roll just the way you wanted or needed them to in order to allot the player the opportunity to execute the strategy they wished to employ. Part luck, part skill. Thoth really enjoyed the game. As did much of Egypt, it had grown in popularity in not only the noble and Pharonic classes but with the peasants, as well.

Equally, he enjoyed sharing it with friends because there was no reason to accuse him of letting anyone win since there was so much luck and chance at play. In fact, he rather enjoyed it when he was beaten. Problem was, not many had patience for long afternoons of playing. Especially not those from outside Egypt. Hermes had not the patience for more than a single game most times before he'd regale Thoth with all the details of the things he was missing by staying in arid Egypt.

Thoth. Isis. Set. Osiris. Egypt.... )

Practice Practice Practice... (long ago -young adult Hedy) [tag: Philotes] [17 Dec 2014|08:29pm]

He was so embarrassed. This was ridiculous. It was not going to work. Not at all. All his brothers' grand ideas of just throwing him into crowds of people and letting him talk his way out of them didn't work, he just ended up blushing and stuttering until he was able to shuffle into the shadows and away. So that way a complete and utter failure. His sisters' ideas of trying to get him to talk to them like they were strangers didn't really work either because he knew they were just his sisters. It was hard to pretend they were someone else when they were looking right at him, and smiling... and telling him he was adorable.

That really was what ruined it, wasn't it? That part where when he would start to stammer and get shy that they'd tell him he was cute and just so adorable. It just made it so much worse somehow. He was supposed to be sweet, he supposed. That was part of what he was supposed to do. But talking was supposed to factor in there too at some point. That was rather the purpose of being the god of Sweet Talk and Flattery. )

Explanations (tag: Loki) [27 Nov 2014|10:09pm]

Note: after this and this

Sigyn hadn't slept. She should have, and truthfully, she was utterly exhausted, but still, closing her eyes wouldn't bring slumber. She'd tried that. Every time she attempted it, all that ran through her head was the thought that Loki would think she was breaking her promise. It ate at her. The idea that he'd believe that of her, that she'd hurt him because he'd believe that of her, it tore her apart.

She HADN'T broken her promise. )

Setting Things Right [after the Sig/Frigg fight] (tag: Frigg) [02 Oct 2014|12:31pm]

Thor was perturbed. He wasn't quite irked yet, but definitely perturbed. He hadn't intended on starting his day with a crying woman on his doorstep. That generally didn't bode well for how the rest of the day was going to go. Fortunately, Thor was an early riser, so the rest of his family had been spared the upsetting sight of a woman who was capable of going into a berserker rage so undone that she was crying.

Obviously he'd hugged her and told her he would fix it. What else could he do? )

Caught! (tag: Frigg) [09 Sep 2014|04:23pm]


Note: after this

Sigyn swallowed a sigh as she quietly closed the door behind her and stepped into the pre-dawn dimness just outside Loki's hall. It wasn't getting any easier. Each time she had to leave him, she took longer and longer to say goodnight. And it wasn't just the kisses that were starting to linger. It literally took longer to say goodnight, because they spent so much time talking and laughing and teasing, and even on the way to the door, things they'd forgotten to say to one another would crop up and need to be addressed. Then they'd talk a bit more, even as she was trying to make herself leave.

And there WERE the lingering kisses. )

The Enemy Of My Enemy [Sparta, 102 BCE] (tag: Enyo) [21 Jul 2014|04:23pm]

Hel made sure she was polished and perfect before arriving on the streets of Sparta. It might be a bit risky; she was unused to the heat and it didn't do good things to her makeup, or the delicate skin deftly hidden underneath. If she had to, she would take the food back home to eat it.

Food was what had brought Hel here in the first place. She was hungry for traditional Greek food. Dinners in the Underworld with Nyx and Erebos had made her appreciate the local cuisine, and she had woke up that morning craving it. While she knew she was more than welcome, she didn't want to just show up at Hades' gate and beg a meal. She was a big girl now, and there was no reason she couldn't go get something herself.

She chose Sparta because she had heard it was easier for a woman to travel alone. )

Red (narrative) [20 Jul 2014|02:09pm]

It was dark. And everything hurt. )

A Royal Invitation [shortly after Frigg and Odin's marriage] (tag:Frigg) [14 Jul 2014|04:29pm]

Thoth tended to call Hermes a "scamp", but Isis had never found him anything less than respectful and considerate. This had been proven once again when he came to see the Egyptian queen with exciting news, knowing she would want to know.

The news was that Odin had remarried )

This. Is. Bullshit. (long, long ago) - [tag: Odin] [13 Jul 2014|09:08pm]

OOC: Takes place shortly after Hel and her siblings are removed from Asgard in their various ways.

Loki fully expected to returned to Asgard, to come home after some time away -not even as long as it could have been, to find that there had been trouble. He would have been far more surprised to return home and find out that there hadn't been trouble. It wasn't like his sons weren't genetically predisposed to causing trouble when they were bored. Even though he had given them what seemed like an extremely simple task: watch their sister and keep her safe.

It had seemed simple enough. And yet, he arrived home and his children were no where to be found. His first response was not alarm. All three of them were extremely independent and often did things they knew they were not supposed to. Though, Loki had to admit there was something a bit unsettling about the look Heimdall gave him on his way back into Asgard. It almost seemed... maliciously amused. It could have been anything. They hated each other. It was nothing new.

No one else that he passed seemed to have been willing to meet his eyes or answer his greetings, which was more than just a little unusual. )

Not Exactly Love At First Sight [ancient, ancient Egypt] (tag: Tawereth [11 Jul 2014|04:40pm]

The calls were still few and far between. He'd not been around long enough for many people to know him, much less ask for his aid, so when a call came, Bes considered it an honor.

He had many duties, most of which were just plain fun. When it came to demons, on the other hand, Bes took that very, very seriously. Even more so when a child was threatened. The scariest of all were those that threatened an infant that was about to be born. There was no one more defenseless or more susceptible than that.

When the screams came, Bes wasted no time. )

Courship [Asgard; pre-marriage] (tag: Thor) [09 Jul 2014|02:58pm]

Sif set the brass plate down with a sigh. Someday, she'd own a decent mirror, but for now it had to do. The reflection was a bit distorted, so she had to hope she looked as good as she thought. It was important.

Thor was coming to call. )

First Impressions [Ancient Sumeria] (tag: Nergal) [27 Jun 2014|06:59pm]

Ereshkigal liked order to her day. Not that she had a specific schedule, it really wasn't applicable given her duties and how those that entered Irkhalla arrived. But she did have order. And now that order was being disturbed by an unannounced visitor from the Heights above. But she wasn't about to complain, because there was every chance that it was a messenger from Enki, even if it was probably not Enki himself. She did miss her twin dearly. )

Drink Wtih Me -(some time after Loki's binding) - [tag: Thor] [22 Jun 2014|09:52pm]

Ninkasi didn't sit still well. Her homeland was wonderful and she adored it, but she needed more than that. She also loved Kemet -she had friends there that were as dear as family that she had known since what felt like the dawn of time. Greece was also nice... Rome had its own appeal, but those were mostly the same sorts of people -and they were the same gods, with just a slightly different spin on things. Still... she had been itching for something new...

The Northern lands had been a pleasant surprise for her. Sure, the language had a bit of a challenge at first and a little rough to wrap her tongue around, but the people were a fun lot. There were no bizarre rules about women having to stay in the house and only the house. No forced domestication or criminalization of women who didn't want to succumb to such things. In fact, Ninkasi was finding a number of free-thinking women who joked and pressed right along with the men. It was rather refreshing.

Also, they loved their drink. )

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