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ithildin [userpic]
'Spring Fling' Challenge

Since many of us here in North America are beginning to wonder if spring is ever going to arrive, I posing a 'Spring Fling' challenge. Write a story that somehow incorporates the theme of spring, in whatever form that says 'spring' to you.

Any length, with a deadline of June 21. You can post them here on the comm, or link back to your submission on your own IJ. While it would be great if it were a crossover, I'm going to waive the rule for this challenge and allow non crossover Highlander fic as well. Fitting, I think, to allow the creativity to bloom as it will for spring.

Use the 'spring fling' tag for your posts, and append the subject line with 'Spring Fling'.

Looking forward to what you all come up with!

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