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NO evil .except me but not iothermes that are elvi ok? [Feb. 10th, 2012|10:21 pm]
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i relly donuno what tyo do anoymore
i thought itd help. it did but now its gone and i just

[Jo (2)]

im osory abotu the beroken things
i migt have goten mad
andt hen drunk
and so i wil clen it up in themorning ok
just be carefu.


i brok you and it iddint even work. i cnat get us home annd i cant fix anynthg syt sll and im usless
i'm sory. i didnt meanto do anyof this i swear. i dont kno what to do now

you shoudlv just killd em whenyou coul.d
iff you want to now you cann. i wont stopyou. i think i ow you thatmuch
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[Feb. 8th, 2012|08:05 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Where the hell am I?

No, seriously, I will shoot you in the face...or maybe just kick your ass, but seriously!

Kidnapping me, big mistake whoever the hell you are.
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[Feb. 8th, 2012|04:58 pm]

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Jake if you are going to move me around like this I am calling you Jake so HAH, you usually have a better grasp of funny than this. This place is creepy lame and deserted. I want to go home, thanks.
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Raguel [Feb. 1st, 2012|12:03 am]


You cannot hide from me forever.
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NNO EVILS [Jan. 31st, 2012|11:50 pm]


eknvadfffff ttheres splodions and badthings and pleas dont die


ar you seing this otoo?

alsllo stayaway form thingsthat axplode plez
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[Jan. 31st, 2012|10:32 pm]
I just rigged up a surprise set of explosive devices someplace nearby. Someone may or may not be occupying the area. I may or may not know exactly who that someone is. I also may or may not be on the verge of killing that someone (or possibly several someones!).

Who wants to play a game?

Twenty questions. I ask. You answer. If I think you're lying to me, someone dies tonight.
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[Jan. 7th, 2012|12:40 am]
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Who? NuttySam and Raguel
What? NuttySam finally snaps.
Where? A roof!
When? Night, sometime.
Rating? Highish. This will not be happy funtimes.

In the end, everything he believed in had to die. )
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[Dec. 3rd, 2011|11:00 am]

We need to fix the TVs. Now.
Were your lives really that horrible growing up?
I had no idea how many times
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[Dec. 3rd, 2011|02:35 am]
i shot it but it wont stop
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[Dec. 3rd, 2011|06:58 am]

Merv. I'm gonna rip your heart out and feed it back to you.

There's only so many times you can watch this damn thing....

I don't need to see him die over and over, I was there, I was smoke but I was...
Funny how that still hits home even...
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Plot 2.0 [Dec. 3rd, 2011|01:52 am]

[Tags|, ]

For the remainder of the week, it will seem like the television is possessed and harassing people. Turning on when it's supposed to be off (starting out randomly, but by the end of the week (aka Monday night) it will be any time someone is in the room with a tv), not turning off when it should...

...but more importantly, it will always be playing scenes from the most painful and/or emotionally traumatizing sections of Supernatural. Whatever scenes would really kick your character in the face, that is what will play for them. Constantly.

Merv is maybe being a bit of an ass right now, sorry guys.
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[Dec. 2nd, 2011|01:22 pm]

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[Nov. 28th, 2011|02:16 am]
[Tags|, , , , , ]

Anyone wanna tell me why I just had to watch my mom and Jess die on TV?
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Plot! [Nov. 28th, 2011|02:41 am]

[Tags|, ]

So because Merv wants to show off his mad skillz, he has rigged up the televisions in the town, using a combination of Dark Demon Power and technological genius, to broadcast this one show called Supernatural. Starting now, all episodes will air continuously on a loop, starting from the Pilot episode on all the way through to the current last-aired episode. This is going on on all channels, and will carry on this way for a week, after which it will be just a normal weekly airing (aka when we watch SPN ooc, it will be playing for them, here).

In other words, all your cannon folks are now punctured.

Go nuts.
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[Nov. 28th, 2011|02:04 pm]
[Tags|, ]

So....is this some kind of party or something?

What's up with the being yanked here? Because that's really not very nice and I was very happy where I was!
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[Nov. 28th, 2011|12:26 am]

[Tags|, ]

What the hell just happened?
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[Nov. 27th, 2011|10:44 pm]
[Tags|, ]



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filtered against evil [Nov. 27th, 2011|11:14 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Okay. So I have seen a lot of weird things in my life, as happens when your mom is a hunter and your dad is a prophet and your twin sister is 50% Christmas bauble. Now I have a seen a lamp demon.

By which I mean, that nerdy guy with the glasses? When I splashed him with holy water his eyes flipped black. And then he threw TEN LAMPS AT ME WITH HIS MIND. Specifically the lamps! There was even an antique knife set in the window of the store and he went for the LAMPS.

So I splashed him with more holy water and ran away and hid and I am still hiding and why do we have a lamp demon?
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[Nov. 27th, 2011|09:14 pm]

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Okay, seriously? What now? I was busy.
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[Sep. 11th, 2011|09:35 pm]


Oh god

Uh. It's time. I think. I'm pretty sure. It's time right fucking now!

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