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September 26th, 2008

s3 -- opening discussion

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So what do you all think of season 3 so far? Speculation, questions, complaints, squee?

Spoilers for 3.01 & 3.02 )

June 5th, 2008

Sylar's goals and vision?

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[info]maerchen_mond is hosting a discussion about Sylar's goals and vision in her IJ. Go here if you'd like to take part. She would love to read your thoughts, so don't be shy and just butt in.

Please feel free to pimp this in your journals.

April 9th, 2008

Shipping Poll

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So, the poll on shipping I posted in my journal is going a little slow (only 7 voters, including myself, so far). The poll is about shipping in any fandom. If you want to fill it out, go here.

(Mod, if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete it.)

x-posted a lot...

December 25th, 2007

Heroes fandom help

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This is the Heroes article on Fan History, a fandom wiki dedicated to the history of fandom. The Heroes article could use some work because it is lacking in information about the history of the fandom, especially as it pertains to fanac on InsaneJournal and places outside LiveJournal. Even if you don't feel totally qualified (as a member of fandom, you are. Trust me), please include your own fannish experiences to the timeline. Or make a page about yourself or another fan, explaining your/their history in fandom. The more histories collected, the more accurate and reflective on reality the wiki will be. If you still don't feel qualified to contribute, can you please help by passing along the link in places where others can help with this? :) Thanks for any help you can provide. :D

December 21st, 2007

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[info]paire for fans of Peter and Claire from the tv show Heroes.

December 19th, 2007


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My sister had a question regarding Claire's ability:

Spoiler for the end of season two )

Thoughts? Speculation? Are waffles involved?

December 3rd, 2007

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So, we've had new episodes for a while now and there's been no discussion going on in this comm. Well after tonight, I figured we should have one..

There will Spoilers for 2.11 here and most likely in the comments
Recap and my reactions )

October 26th, 2007

Heroes Friending Meme

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(If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete it.) I just started a friending asylum called [info]friend_me, and there's a Heroes friending meme posted there. So, if you want to meet and friend other fans, come here.

x-posted to [info]heroes_tv and [info]heroesfen.

September 23rd, 2007

Fic: "Signs and Symbology of Pastafarianism as Evidenced by Modern-Day Miracles" (Heroes)

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Title: "Signs and Symbology of Pastafarianism as Evidenced by Modern-Day Miracles"
Characters/Pairings: Mohinder, Peter, Hiro
Rating: PG
Spoiler alert: Spoilers through the last episode of season 1.
Summary: Peter discusses the revelation he's had about the cause of all the manifested powers. Complete and utter crackfic.

( Follow the fake LJ-cut. )

September 3rd, 2007

Season One DVDs

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My roommates and I had a Heroes marathon this weekend. One of them hadn't seen the show at all, so we were determined to get her hooked. We managed to get through the entire season in two days.

Now I'm watching some of the episodes with commentary tracks on and I'm highly amused...

info about the commentary track for Landslide )

I also have to say that re-watching the entire season in two days has made me appreciate a lot of things even more. I like some of the characters/storylines that I wasn't crazy about the first time around and I got to notice little things and how the connections started a lot earlier on.

I'm really looking forward to the Season Two premiere even more now :)

August 21st, 2007

Casting Spoiler!

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Variety Article

cut for my thoughts on the spoiler )

July 26th, 2007

Spoiler Policy

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With fall shows being leaked and press coverage ramping up -- we need to come up with a spoiler policy for this asylum.

Personally, I'm fine with spoilers being posted as long as they are cut and warned appropriately. I don't consider casting news or promo pics to be spoilers, but I know others do. I personally don't like plot spoilers though.

Additionally, I'm thinking that to be fair to those who live in other countries, we also cut and warn for any discussion about recent episodes for two weeks after the air date. That would include posting fic or using spoilery icons on posts or in comments.

What do you all think? Is there anything I'm overlooking? Once I get feedback from you all, I'll draft an official policy.

Thanks :)

July 14th, 2007

drabble, don't know why I'm doing this, but....

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I feel like a spammer right now, but the Heroes Wiki inspired me to write this drabble, and I sort of thought I'd share....

Title: Most Wonderful
Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes or any of its characters. I'm also not making money off of this -- come on, nobody'd pay for a drabble!
Characters/pairings: Hiro/?, Kaito Nakamura
Spoilers: None
Warnings: It's a drabble (exactly 100 words,) a shipperfic, and supposed to be funny. If any of these traits bother you, you're advised not to look.

Drabble behind here )

July 12th, 2007

Heroes as a force for good

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It saddens me that this entire site is so quiet, so I am going to post a long discussion of Heroes as a means of conveying values I consider to be positive.

When I first heard about Heroes, it was because George Takei had been cast in it. I run a fansite, as I've said, and I keep tabs on what he's doing in case it's worth posting about. So I read a bit about the show, specifically Hiro's fannishness and his dad's character (spoiled some parts for me, actually.) I didn't really take much interest because I don't have a TV and can't watch his guest appearances.

The second time, I think, was when Fandom_Wank over on JF covered the apparent controversy of Zach's sexual orientation (the character, not the actor.) I recall being amused; that's kind of all.

The third time was possible season 2 spoiler I guess? ) and at that point I was vaguely interested because between the icons I kept seeing around and the updates I kept getting about George Takei, I was getting an idea that it was possibly a somewhat geekily cool show.

Then I found out that the show's online and watched season 1 in about a week. A lot of it scared me witless (I'm easily freaked out) and I didn't like many of the characters at first, but I kept at it because I needed to know what happened and I liked Hiro and Ando. Then at some point I stopped minding being freaked out (still freaked out, just didn't dislike the sensation so much) and started to appreciate the writing, the direction, even the characters I hadn't liked at first. Then I got hooked, and here I am.

Yesterday, having finished my summer Spanish class (I'm a college student, incidentally, not a failing highschooler) I decided to celebrate by re-watching some Heroes, and asked my sister what she thought I should watch again. I thoroughly spoiled things for her, so she knew most of what happened, and actually watched bits with me (Hiro and Ando, and one bit of violence against her least favorite character) but was too freaked out by the blood to want to watch the thing, so I was really surprised when she asked me if I'd start from where she left off and go through it with her. I agreed, naturally, with a bit of fist-pumping over my success at converting her (she's on episode 7 now and appears to be really enjoying it) and sat down to watch, and it really hit me for the first time: Heroes is like a modern Star Trek.

Okay, for people who aren't Trekkies, Star Trek was a groundbreaker. It had television's first African-American woman in a non-stereotypical role (later the first African-American woman to put her handprint on the Hollywood walk of fame,) television's first interracial kiss, a Russian during the Cold War who was just treated as a person, and an Asian-American during the Vietnam war who was, yes, just a person. It used allegory to talk about the problems facing the US and the world at that time -- from racism to war to overpopulation -- and did so pretty effectively. Now, I'm not saying Heroes is quite so revolutionary -- with TV being what it is now, it would be hard to be -- but it's got one very major thing in common with the original Trek: it attacks stereotypes and cultural norms. I will list examples, cut to avoid spoiling anything for anyone who's not watched all of the show.

Here Be Character Descriptions and Plotlines )

P. S. Thought this might be appreciated here: I was looking at the Heroes Wiki and came across the article and theories about... waffles. I kind of love this fandom right now.

July 4th, 2007

speculation based on finale & Kring interview

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Cut so that, if there are spoilers, they can't get out.... )

Edit: added what, exactly, might be spoiled.

June 18th, 2007

Summer Activities

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So... anyone have any ideas for summer activities that we can do in this comm?

June 7th, 2007

Heroes Ficathons

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These are happening on LJ - but I figured I'd pimp them to you guys :)

Heroes Crossover Ficathon - Signups are open until June 10th. I've signed up for this one :)

Heroes BigBoom - This one is a little confusing to me - but from what I'm gathering, writers will write a story and fanartists will make accompanying art for them.

Anyway -- just wanted to let you all know about some opportunities in the fandom.

Of course, there's always the option of running something of our own if anyone has any ideas :)

June 5th, 2007

I'll Go

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Name: Busy
Favorite Hero: Hiro
Favorite Episode: I don't think I have one yet. I liked them all.
What power would you want: Freeze time and Transporting
Link to a favorite fic or graphic for Heroes: I don't really have one. I do like my icon though.
What do you think this asylum should be used for: Anything Hero related. News, thoughts on episodes, icon sharing.  But I think it should be kept to Hero related.

June 4th, 2007

Intro Post

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So... let's get things started here :)

I think we should start off by getting to know one another.

So please comment here with the following:

Favorite Hero:
Favorite Episode:
What power would you want:
Link to a favorite fic or graphic for Heroes:
What do you think this asylum should be used for:

I'll set up some sort of tagging system once I get an idea of what people are looking for out of this asylum. And as far as I'm concerned, it can be a multi-purpose asylum -- meta, fic, graphics, etc. But you all have to tell me what you want :)
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