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[14 Apr 2014|07:01am]
WHO: Isolde Montgomery & Seamus Finnigan
WHERE: Knock on Wood
WHEN: Early morning, April 14th

a slight change in the usual routine )
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[14 Apr 2014|10:50pm]
Who: Alexander Derrick and Veronica Smethley
Setting: Roni's bedsit, evening Monday?
What: New housemates bond
Rating: likely quite low!
Status: closed; in progress

Veronica Smethley had a busy day at St Mungo's and ended up staying later than her shift (clocked out, of course) with a big clean up in the lobby thanks to a patient who couldn't make it to their floor. So even though she didn't have class tonight, she was a bit more tired than usual and looking forward to taking a shower and cleaning up.

Apparating back to her bedsit in Helga's Hill, Roni was greeted by a happy Mystee coming over for some ear scratched.

"Hi, Mystee!" she greeted the bichon-frise, "Have you had your dinner yet? Been out?" Alex seemed to do a lot of the housework but she didn't ask him to so she was never sure and didn't want to assume (especially when it came to her dogs belly).

"Hi, Alex!" she called as well.
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