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    Sunday, January 4th, 2009
    9:17 pm
    Manifesting Desired Outcomes with a Vision Board/Treasure Map
    I spent New Year’s Day with a friend creating a Vision Board/Treasure Map. For any of you who have made some resolutions or goals for the coming year, I highly recommend the activity if you have the time. ^__^

    Creating a Treasure Map

    A treasure map is an actual, physical picture of your desired reality. It is valuable because it forms an especially clear, sharp image which can then attract and focus energy into your goal.

    How to Make a Vision Board

    The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires.

    I’ve found this highly beneficial for healing and personal growth.

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    Saturday, May 10th, 2008
    12:09 am
    Quantum Touch
    I attended a healing circle and we utilized some techniques of Quantum Touch with Reiki. It was very interesting to channel the energy through breath, having it go through the body to the person being worked on. I added some Reiki symbols to the energy and found it magnified.

    Has anyone tried Quantum Touch or had a treatment with it utilized?

    Brief description of Quantum Touch )

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    Thursday, January 24th, 2008
    1:27 pm
    Period cramp ideas
    [info]ladyofshadow suggested that I post this here!

    Here's a list of ways to reduce menstrual cramps that I posted in someone's comments and I decided to share it here.

    *No or very little sugar the day before and the first day of your period. If you crave it, try something starchy instead like potatoes.

    *Try to have mostly warm or room temperature drinks. Cold drinks can cause cramps. I read this somewhere and I'm not sure why it works but it does for me. I've even gotten cramps directly after a cold drink so I guess its true.

    *Certain yoga poses are perfect for cramps. Baddhakonasana is a good one (google it).

    *Drink lots of water or herbal tea to help reduce clots.

    *Take walks!

    *If you're up for it, have intercourse. Put a towel on the bed and go for it. It's not nearly as messy as you'd think. This always gets rid of my cramps 100% even without orgasm.

    *Reiki or any form of energy work/healing will be really good too.

    *Soy can help for some people. I like to have a cup of soy milk the day before and the first day of mine.

    One of the main problems I think is that we try to keep doing everything the same during our periods. Some people think of the moon time as a good time to meditate and focus on yourself. I think one of the reasons we can get so irritated at this time is that we don't do that focus on ourselves. Being quiet and meditative and spending time alone can help a lot.

    I've actually heard that taking pain killers can make it worse for some people.

    Do you ladies have any that you'd like to add or share?

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    Friday, January 18th, 2008
    12:51 pm
    Alternative Therapy Article
    The January 21st, 2008 issue of the U.S. News has an article “Embracing Alternative Care: Top Hospitals Put Unorthodox Therapies Into Practice” – with the cover story of the magazine entitled “Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream”. There’s a part in there that talks about Reiki, along with touch therapy, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and a host of other modalities.

    I also heard recently from a friend that one of the Cleveland Clinic’s Pain Management Centers (at Hillcrest) is offering Reiki as a service, along with other alternatives.

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    Sunday, January 13th, 2008
    11:20 am
    Tips for Colds
    Hi everyone! It’s the season for colds and having just got over one myself, I thought it’d be nice if others would share their tips for preventing and fighting colds.

    There’s the usual of ‘Take Vitamin C, Echinacea, Vitamins. Drink plenty of water. Get plenty of rest. Soups are your friend. Eat oranges and/or garlic, etc.’

    Let everyone know if these really work for you or if you’ve got something that’s been really effective.

    I practice Reiki and there were days when I would energetically pull gunk out of my throat. It helps. If any of you are into holistic healing, by all means - utilize your gifts. Even if you don't practice that type of healing, take note of what your body does. Even though being sick sucks, it does give you a chance to become more body aware.

    Once I started recovering from my cold, I ended up with a chapped nose and little cracks at the corner of my lips. I found that petroleum jelly really helped, especially with the cracks at the corner of my lips. I put some on at night & in the morning and it was wonderful when I could yawn without pain.

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    Sunday, December 2nd, 2007
    1:42 pm
    Healing cd recommendation
    Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue

    (about 30 minutes)

    The end kind of tapers off, so you have to bring yourself back from the visualization. But other than that, it’s effective.

    It’s a healing that takes place in an Atlantean temple.

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    Thursday, October 18th, 2007
    12:26 am
    I had a reflexology treatment on my feet and was very pleased with the results.

    Reflexology deals with reflex areas on the feet and hands that correspond to different areas of the body. A reflexologist applies pressure to certain areas, triggering a release of stress and tension, balancing glands, organs, and other areas.

    It really helped my lymphatic system flow and I find that when I work on my toes, my sinuses to tend to relax some. There were some sore spots for areas that I needed to work on, which was good to know.

    Check out a reference chart and a website with more info.

    Has anyone else tried reflexology?

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    Thursday, October 4th, 2007
    1:45 pm
    Flower Essence Therapy
    Healing with flowers is both ancient and universal. All cultures, including our own contemporary one, intuitively sense that flowers express a soul language which is far more profound that words. Flowers are used to convey our deepest feelings of joy, grief, love , or tribute as a range of family events such as births, weddings, funerals, and numerous other celebrations and commemorations in human culture.
    --Jennifer Jacobs, M.D., MPH

    I had a mixture of a Bach Flower Remedy prepared for me several weeks ago and I am pleasantly surprised by the results.

    I had Clemetis (for focus) and Walnut (to help ease the big changes in my life). I took four drops on the tongue four times a day (morning, during the day, and at night). The taste wasn’t bad and after the first week I noticed that my energy was less scattered.

    You can combine several essences together for a ‘dosage’ in regard to personality traits. I have a pamphlet questionnaire of 38 essences that describe the traits and it’s fascinating. Here's an online questionnaire for the curious: Remedy Chooser

    I find it interesting that some of the essences are used on meridians or other energy points during a therapeutic session.

    Has anyone else ever tried Flower Essence Therapy?
    Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
    11:07 pm
    Essential Oils
    Seven Common Ways to use essential oils medicinally

    1. As an oil, such as a vegetable oil like grapeseed or olive oil or a waxlike jojoba, with healing essential oil added to it to rub on your skin.

    2. As a bath oil containing skin-healing essential oils to use when you bathe. For a similar remedy, you can add a 4-6 of essential oils to your bath water or to a foot or hand bath (cedarwood, geranium, lavender, rose, and sandal wood are good for relieving muscle aches, painful periods, and painful joints). Keep citrus, lemongrass, and rosemary oils to a minimum as they may irritate the skin in the bath.

    3. As a tincture (which is in alcohol and water) or sometimes a vinegar that is rubbed on your skin. It often comes as a liniment for sore muscles and joints or a wound antiseptic. Essential oils in diluted vinegar make a good hair rinse.

    4. As an aloe-based preparation that contains medicinal essential oils to dab or spray on skin problems, especially burns or poison oak.

    5. With an inhalant, inhale the steam from simmering water that contains essential oils or a nasal inhaler to bring essential oils into your sinuses and lungs. Try frankincense, benzoin, cedarwood, bergamot, lavender, lemon, marjoram, Melissa, orange, or sandalwood stimulate the immune system.

    This method can also be used to steam the face because it opens the pores to an extended beauty treatment.

    6. As essential oils diluted in water for use as skin washes, mouthwashes, hair rinses, air fresheners, body sprays, and douches.

    7. As a compress to hold essential oils over an injured area or headache. Do NOT place over an open wound.

    Note: Store essential oils in a cool, dark place where they are not subject to changes in temperature. If stored in a refrigerator, keep them in airtight containers to prevent unexpected flavors from affecting your food.

    Patch Testing

    To test if you’re sensitive to certain oils, apply the oil to an adhesive bandage for 24 hours. If you experience no reaction, the oil is safe to use. If you have an adverse reaction (itchiness to blotchy skin), wash the skin quickly and thoroughly with unperfumed soap and expose the affected skin to air to encourage the essential oil to evaporate.

    --Info from a variety of sources
    Thursday, August 30th, 2007
    10:54 pm
    Salt Lamps
    A salt lamp releases healthy negative ions from the surface as the lit bulb warms up the salt lamp, to cleanse and improve the quality and freshness of the air you breathe and the beautiful glow creates an atmosphere of tranquility.

    More Information about Salt Lamps )

    I have a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp on my desk and it emits a pleasant glow. I can feel the lovely energy emanating from it and am quite happy that I purchased one. I may even consider buying more, so I highly recommend them.

    You can find a decent one for as cheap as $20.00 if you know where to look, but they usually run between $30-$60. Lamps carved in shapes and in bigger sizes cost more.
    Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
    1:44 pm
    Great Site for Referencing Herbs

    Herbs at a Glance

    For each herb listed it has an introduction, what it's used for, how it's used, what the science says, side effects & cautions, and sources.

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    Saturday, July 7th, 2007
    2:00 pm
    Meditative/Relaxing Music
    What music do you find relaxing? What are your favorites meditate to? Is there a particular song or a certain sound that calms you right down? Do you have a favorite cd that you play during healing sessions?

    Please share! ^____^

    Here's my list (group/album):

    E.S. Posthumus - 'Unearthed' (my current favorite)
    Nightwish - 'Century Child'
    Nightwish - 'Oceanborn'
    Gandalf - 'Colors of the Earth'
    Gandalf - 'Between Earth and Sky'
    Gandalf - 'Colors of the New Dawn'
    Maneki Neko - 'Auracle'
    The Bamboo Orchestra: Japan
    Sounds of the Earth: Waterfall (This particular nature series has no background music, just the waterfall. The cd series is great is you just want the nature sound))
    Nature's Creations Collection - 'Rainforest'
    Nature's Creations Collection - 'Waterfalls'
    Nature's Relaxing Sounds - 'Gentle Rain'
    Kamelot - 'Karma'
    Spirit of the Bells - 'Cast in Bronze'


    Lullaby for the Moon
    Pure Moods IV
    Faith and the Muse

    O Fortuna
    Requiem for a Dream
    Duel of the Fates (from Star Wars Episode I)
    Egypte - Cirque du soleil
    Mitternacht - E Nomine (good for working with one's darker side)
    Relena's theme - Star Ocean 2
    Sayuri's theme - Memoirs of a Geisha sountrack
    Hero soundtrack
    Last Samurai soundtrack
    Mists of Avalon soundtrack

    If anyone has similar taste and wants to trade a song, by all means let me know. I'm always interested in new music and in sharing. ^__^

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    Monday, June 18th, 2007
    12:03 am
    Aloe Vera
    This herbal remedy is fantastic for minor burns. Where I reside it’s kept in the kitchen in case of grease spatter, oven burns, hot pan burns, etc. I’ve also heard of people keeping a potted aloe in their kitchen. They snip off a thick leaf, slice it open, and apply the thick gel from the inner leaf on the burn. I find that the aloe vera gel from a local grocery store is easier and isn’t that cheap to invest in because it lasts a while.

    It also works great for sunburn. Applying it regularly on the sunburn will lessen the itching and give relieve (even more so if you cool the aloe vera gel a bit). However, before each aloe vera application, wipe off the previous application or else things may backfire and get itchy.

    I’ve seen some aloe vera sunscreen out there, but have yet to try it.

    It’s also nice for dry skin in a moisturizer form. Coupled with chamomile I find it rather helpful for chapped noses (from overuse of tissues due to the sinuses) and dry skin (whether it’s the heaters in winter or the air conditioners in summer, dry skin is a yearly issue), especially after a shower or bath.

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    Friday, June 15th, 2007
    12:29 pm
    First Post
    Greetings everyone!

    As the maintainer/moderator of this asylum I’d like to extend a warm welcome to everyone who peruses the community. Feel free to join and post stories, questions, advice, etc.

    Discussion is encouraged as are introductory posts. ^___^

    A little about me:

    I am an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Practitioner, versed in hands-on and distance healing. I received my attunements in person and hope to receive further training.

    I use crystals when I heal.

    I’ve also dabbled in candle magick and the use of incense.

    I am also an empath, which aids in my ability to heal.

    So, to start with a question, does anyone else use other abilities as they heal? Do you know anyone that does? Have you received healing from someone sensitive?

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