Jun. 30th, 2008


REC: "A Dog-Eat-Dog World" by the_con_cept, Harry/Sirius

I don't tend to do recs (I'm not that sort of organized, and they take me ages), but as a maintainer, I thought should make an effort. :-) Here's a story I liked.

Title: A Dog-Eat-Dog World
Author: [info]the_con_cept
Pairing: Harry/Sirius, plus others
Rating: NC-17
Canon-compliancy: OotP, I guess?
Warnings: (quoted from author) Foursome, incest, sex toys, light bondage, a brief glimpse of top!Harry. Strangely, I didn’t feel like it was all that kinky, despite the warnings. *shrug*

This is a nicely plotty murder mystery, with a some action. Sirius is marvelously dirty-minded, conniving, and reckless, and Harry often cringes at his behavior, but is usually thrilled anyway. It's an established relationship, but didn't take me too long to get into.

There's one part that I find a little weak, but I can't tell you details without giving away the plot. Suffice to say that it's not the plot itself, and was probably just a deadline issue, since this was from a holiday exchange. I also found a one or two of the nicknames a bit off. In general, though, I enjoyed this story a lot.

Part 1 Part 2

Jun. 29th, 2008


REC: Of Wolf & Man and To See the Human Soul Take Wing, by Maeglin Yedi, Harry/Remus/Sirius overall

(I honestly can't believe nobody has recced this yet...)

Title: Of Wolf & Man and it's sequel To See the Human Soul Take Wing

Author/Artist: Maeglin Yedi

Pairing: Harry/Moony, Harry/Remus/Sirius overall

Rating: NC-17/Very Mature

Canon-compliancy: Through OotP, but Sirius doesn't die

Warnings: Bestiality, threesome, rimming, first time, Harry slightly underage when story begins

Notes: For anyone looking for good Harry/Remus/Sirius fun with more than a bit of adventure, you'll want to read these. Of Wolf & Man is more a story about Harry coming to terms with his sexuality (and other spoilery aspects about himself) along with sorting through some of the normal teenage angst about where he fits in in terms of those closest to him. Approximately 40,000 words (which pass very quickly), many of them smutty in nature. To See the Human Soul Take Wing is much longer, but with good reason - it has one of the greatest adventure plots I've ever read. It is at its most basic a Defeat Voldemort story, but with the introduction of a few very well-written OCs and a complex plot involving Dark Creature alliances the story becomes unique and well worth reading. Her character development is amazing, and you never feel cheated out of getting to know the main characters, their motivations, suffering, etc. And though it's been awhile since I read it all the way through, I seem to remember a fair bit of sex in every chapter ;)

Summary: Summaries written by the author
For Of Wolf & Man - Remus is stuck as a wolf, Harry is stuck with a very unusual and persistent lover, and Sirius is stuck somewhere in the middle.
For To See the Human Soul Take Wing - Harry's final year at Hogwarts is filled with secrets, old enemies and new threats. Unable to share his current life with his friends, Harry has to put his faith in the unlikeliest of allies to find a way to defeat Voldemort while his love for Sirius and Remus is repeatedly put to the test.

Read and enjoy!

Of Wolf & Man

To See the Human Soul Take Wing