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April 2008
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Weekly Prompt #1 - Guitar

I'm going to post the first six of the prompts that have already been posted on hari_macca on livejournal. This is the first prompt.

For this one, your challenge is to write a fic that features a guitar in some way.

What you do with this guitar is your own choice, for example George could be buying a new guitar, Paul could be using it to write a song or the guitar could be the source of an argument, etc. Try to be inventive! :-)

Other requirements?
Pairing: Paul/George (obviously this has to be the main pairing, but it doesn't have to be the only one)
Word Limit: None, write as much or as little as you want.
Time Limit: You have until next weekend before I post another prompt but you can respond to this one after that if you want.

<--Paul with George's Rickenbacker

Some visual inspiration )

Mod Post: Welcome

Hello, I would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone discovering this community. I hope you stick around long enough to enjoy a cuppa and a jam butty. ;-)

This is a Beatles slash community centred around my favourite slash pairing, which is, as you might guess, Paul McCartney/George Harrison.. Though not everything I post here is directly slash related, there will be links to slash fics that I'll usually, but not always, post on a different journal. Shorter stories will probably get posted straight onto here.

 Here you can post about a variety of things, for example:

  • Discuss the Paul/George relationship both in reality and your own imagination and speculate about what you think went on behind closed doors.
  • Picspams of the two of them, together or alone.
  • News
  • Solo projects, eg albums, concerts, etc.
  • Post your G/P stories and comment on other people's stories. (You can find past fics here - [info]gparchive)
  • Post videos
  • Post 'evidence' for George/Paul like the quote below:

...pretty much all the stuff you'd expect to do on any slash fiction community.

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