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Dec. 25th, 2008


Week 23: Saturday

Who: Simon and Cissy
When: Saturday night
Where:Simon's room
What: Cissy just has to see him!!!

So she had talked to Xander and he was going to go. Her papa insisted that she spend this break in Iceland, a thought that was incredibly unbearable. She couldn't be alone with her mother. End of story. She loved her, yes, because she was her mother, but she hated her in all honesty. Maybe that as a harsh word, but she definitely didn't like her. And it was certainly not a pleasant prospect to spend too much time with her alone. So she had concocted an idea. The problem was, when she talked to administration, they had nearly ruined her plans. She couldn't take Simon home with her because he was a minor and required parental consent. Well she wasn't going to get that so what other choice did she have?

She had enticed Xander with the promise of beautiful slopes and even more beautiful girls. Well, that wasn't entirely true. He hadn't really known about most of that before he volunteered to go and that was basically just icing on the cake. He really was a good friend. Well, when it worked for him. He hadn't rescued her the last time around but he was certainly taking care of that this time. It was all a matter of when it worked for him but.. wasn't it the same for her? She wouldn't have even invited him if it hadn't been because she needed him there. They were both a little one sided now and then. But at least they understood that about one another.

Now she just had to tell Simon and hope that he trusted her as much as she hoped he trusted her.

Clad in a pair of plaid pajama pants and a white tank top, her hair in pigtails, Cissy stealthily stole her way from the girl's dorm in the house of fire into the boy's dorm, more specifically, Simon's room, tapping lightly on his door to warn him before she turned the knob and slipped inside. "Hi." She offered, a bright smile gracing her lips. "Surprise!" He hadn't been expecting her. Though, with Cissy, he was probably used to expecting the unexpected. "Miss me?"
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Dec. 21st, 2008


Week 22- Sunday

Who: James and Fisher
What: Movie time!
Where: Fisher's Room
Why: Fuck Tuesday!

Fisher stood in front of the full length mirror that hung on his closet door, trying to decide if he liked or hated how his new clothes made him look. He'd gone shopping with Ita yesterday, and she'd picked out some things that (she said) looked nice on him. But he wasn't sure. He hadn't worn anything not-gothy in over ten years, so this was a pretty big change.

"I feel like a fag," he told himself, in complete sincerity. Fisher was never really one to be PC. Still, the colors were a nice change on the eyes. "But I think I need a haircut," he mused. "Stringy, messy goth hair is not good with Express for Men. The Queer Eye guys would shoot me down."

As he twirled a few times, observing all angles, there was a sharp knock on the door. He figured it was Ita (who else could it be?), and thought she'd appreciate that he was wearing the clothes she'd picked out. When he opened the door, though, there was not a perky blonde standing there. "Uh-" he said, his voice strangled. Well shit.
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Dec. 10th, 2008


Week Twenty-Three- Monday

Who: Kate, and Rufus
What: Early birthday dinner?, and conversation
When: Monday evening
Where: Starting out in their room, and then...

In two days time, he'd be twenty. Twenty, and already married. Legally, or so he supposed. Was it legal, if it hadn't yet been consummated? He was sure it was... at least, he hoped. Why would that be such an important step? Yes, the point of most marriages was for the purpose of starting a family, but they weren't to that point yet. Likely wouldn't be for some time. They had made a huge commitment, yes, but that didn't mean they had rushed the progress of all aspects of their relationship. They hadn't dated long before, and neither were very knowledgeable about the whole physical relations thing. He also didn't want Kate to feel rushed, or obligated, just because they were married. He'd married her, because he loved her, not because he wanted automatic access to her knickers. He was strange in that sense. Most boys his age were obsessed with sex. He saw it more as a fact of nature... one that still made him blush.

Rufus was thankful that the school required them to separate the week before the full. As where meditation used to be able to keep him in line, now with the temptations of a wife, he found it more difficult to control himself. You didn't become fond of someone's scent, their kisses, their touch, and not have the animal within you take notice. That wasn't to say that he would ever let it get the better of him, but, until he had more study behind him, he didn't want to tempt it. He was happy with what progress they'd had so far. Full blown snog sessions, and heavy petting. He wasn't complaining. Besides, he wanted that first time to be special, to have some sort of meaning. Not just the result of a make out session gone crazy.

After class, he'd logged in a couple of hours at work. There was no show till the following night, so, he got everything set up, that way there would be less to do the following night. After work, he'd stopped by, and bought a shadow box from one of the local stores. He needed something to put his painted guitar picks in, and thought a shadow box would be perfect. He didn't want to use them, for fear that the paint might chip. Even though Wes said he'd sprayed them enough that it wouldn't come off. Still, there was always the chance he could lose one of them, and he didn't want that at all. Pushing open their door room door, his eyes scanned the room, coming to rest upon his wife. "Hiya." He said, crossing the distance between them, and placing a kiss to her lips. "You haven't been waiting too long, have you?" He questioned, setting his purchase down on the computer desk.
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Dec. 4th, 2008


Week Twenty Three

Week Twenty Three
Dates: Monday September 3rd through Sunday September 9th
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Early September

The administration would like to remind students that your two week break will be coming up very soon. This means that your finals are starting up and we expect all students to study hard and do their best. During break you will need to pick out new classes, emails will be sent out to all students regarding classes over the break.

If anyone needs to make travel arrangements for their break please see to the front office or your guide teacher. With so many students here at the school we do need as much advance notice as possible to see to safe travel.

Monday September 3rd Bit of rain today. (High: 81°F Low: 65°F)
Tuesday September 4th: Grey skies. (High: 79°F Low: 68°F)
Wednesday September 5th: Continued grey. (High: 76°F Low: 64°F)
Thursday September 6th Here comes the rain. (High: 73°F Low: 64°F)
Friday September 7th : Continued rain. (High: 70°F Low: 66°F)
Saturday September 8th: Light sprinkles. (High: 72°F Low: 67°F)
Sunday September 9th: Grey but clearing up. (High: 70°F Low: 65°F)

Nov. 19th, 2008


Week 22- Saturday

Who: Ita and Fisher
What: Home baked happiness
Where: Fisher's room
When: Evening
Why: Because Ita is as sweet as gooseberry pie

Saturday had been blissfully inactive. Fisher spent the day hiding in his room, reading a few good books and enjoying the quiet. His shirt was hanging on the back of his desk chair, since sometime around lunch it had gotten too hot to handle. His kilt, however, was cool enough to keep on. Currently he was surfing the web, reading a few online comics and checking out what was going on in the world, according to

His stomach gurgled hungrily. It was almost five, which meant (according to his internal clock) it was almost time to eat. After six months of having a set eating schedule, it was hard to just let your body decide for itself when a good time for food was. Fisher rubbed his tummy a little, hoping this might fool it into thinking it was eating already. To be honest, he was feeling too damn lazy to get up and get some food. Maybe he'd go out to town tonight and try out that Italian bistro. But then he might run into James again, and... He shook his head. No, maybe he'd order a pizza and eat in his room instead.

His bedroom was pretty damn nice, considering. The old man who'd put him at Halcyon had provided him with a considerable bank account, and since Fisher didn't really need to buy food or clothing he'd decided to spruce up the basic room he'd been given. Of course, since he lived alone he was required to call St. Joseph Rehabilitation Center once a day to confirm that he was clean, sober and most importantly, alive. It had been in the fine print of the agreement with the old man, but as Fisher didn't plan to die anytime soon he felt it was fair enough.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, causing Fisher to snap to attention. He wasn't expecting anyone. Brushing his hair out of his eyes (but not bothering to put a damn shirt on), he went over and opened it. He hadn't been expecting company, and who he saw truly surprised him.
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Nov. 16th, 2008


Week Twenty-Two: Wednesday

Who: Jaida, and Vivian
When: Wednesday, evening.
Where: Jaida's dorm
What: Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship - never.
Warning: I see yelling, and bad language.

The funeral had finally taken place on Monday. It had been over a week since the death of her grandmother, and it had simply been time to let go. In truth, it couldn't really have been called a funeral. Vivian decided to make everything private. Only herself, and a handful of those who had really been close to Dacia had been allowed to attend. Of course, she hadn't been able to be there at all. Which was probably for the best. Vivian didn't think she would have been able to stand there, and watch them pour concrete, and dirt onto a wooden box containing what was left of her family. Instead, she had been where most vampires were during the day. Resting in bed, her head tucked between Henry's bare shoulder blades, while her arms had circled his chest. Amazingly enough, she'd been able to sleep... even with the funeral, and the news of a young woman's body discovered nude, and mutilated on a near by beach having broke the news the previous night. So much for relying on sharks to do away with the evidence.

At first, she was sure that he would be angry with her... for the kidnap. After all, he'd scolded her for the previous life she'd taken. Yet, when he returned home, and found the two of them together, he hadn't frowned, nor told her off like a small child. He'd simply smirked at her. The night ended up being an interesting one. Their first real lesson on feeding, and hunting. They'd been cruel to the woman, and she couldn't even say it was a case of him acting, and her following. Quite the opposite in fact. It had been with her encouragement, that he had taken the woman. Vivian whispering in her ears, holding her arms above her head, her white dress heavily stained with the girls blood, while Henry had fucked the redhead. She knew now that it had to be one of her kinks, because she felt the same rush of excitement she had, when watching Jaida with Alex. Stranger still, she didn't feel that remorse after, as she ahd before.

Everything changed after that night. It was as if something unsaid had been decided between them... as if she had finally reached the point of being worthy of his teachings. It was for that reason, that she only returned to Halcyon to retrieve her belongings. Once everything was wrapped at the school, and on the island, she would return to South Africa... to Henry. One of those lose ends was her reason for standing outside of Jaida's door. The one that she didn't want to do, she was forcing herself to do first. Otherwise, she might be too tempted to just run away like a coward, and never explain herself. Explain... how was she going to explain? She wasn't, she intended to lie. To lie, and say whatever it would take for the muse to hate her. To be glad to see her go. It was for the best.

Vivian tapped on the door with her curled knuckles, before slipping her hands into the pockets of her jeans. Her short hair was straight for the most part. Hanging in a dark bob, just above her shoulders. As the door began to open, she felt herself tense, warm eyes instantly seeking out the familiar blue. "Hey, love..."
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Week Twenty Two

Week Twenty Two
Dates: Monday August 27th through Sunday September 2nd
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Late August – Early September


Tonight is the full moon and we all know what that means. All non werecreatures need to be inside by sundown and there you’ll be staying until after dawn the next day. All werecreatures need to be outside at least fifteen minutes before sundown to prepare for the full moon. Remember that we do this for everyone’s safety at Halcyon and take this situation very seriously. Tonight isn’t the night to test teachers and try to rebel against the rules.

Many commons rooms will be alive with activities tonight. Movie night, book readings, creative drawing, board game night, cooking, video games. Don’t feel like you’re stuck in your room alone all night students. Go explore the school and find something fun to get involved in.

Art Exhibit at the lux Hotel, hosted by Mr. Venizelos. The exhibit is open to all artists and art lovers. Participation will earn extra credit for his students. Sign up sheets will be located on the outside of his office and classroom doors for the prior days this week. Or if you can see him at his shop Gun Smoke Tattoo. All of the artist at Halcyon are urged to check out this great opportunity to get their work out there and all are welcome to come and enjoy the show.

Monday August 27th Clear and calm. (High: 80°F Low: 67°F)
Tuesday August 28th: A little gray in the morning but clear towards the afternoon. (High: 82°F Low: 68°F)
Wednesday August 29th: An overcast day. (High: 75°F Low: 63°F)
Thursday August 30th Some light rain off and on through the day. (High: 72°F Low: 64°F)
Friday August 31st : Cloudy day. (High: 76°F Low: 66°F)
Saturday September 1st: Clouds burn off by the afternoon. (High: 80°F Low: 71°F)
Sunday September 2nd: Clear skies. (High: 83°F Low: 75°F)

((OOC: Mods will not be posting for any activities.))

Nov. 9th, 2008


Week 21- Wednesday

Who: Sydni and Simon
What: Home Cooking
Where: House of Fire kitchens
When: After classes, around suppertime

Simon had been waiting for Sydni after the last class of the day. He knew it was her last class because he was stalking her. Actually, no, that wasn't the case at all. But she was his only real friend (girlfriend excluded) and he did have an idea as to what she was up to a lot of the time. Besides that, they shared a number of classes.

His backpack was heavy and his stomach was empty. Could Sydni cook? He couldn't remember if she said she could or not. Maybe, since she was a college grad, she could do that kind of cooking that used the microwave oven and maybe a toaster. Either way, food was food and Simon was hungry.

"You!" he said, catching her as she stepped out of the classroom. He grinned when he turned to her. "You have to tell me what you and Cissy talked about. I asked her, but she just giggled all secretively and kissed me on the nose." He followed Sydni down the hall, weaving hs way through the crowds. As they headed back to the common room, Simon waited until the noise of a crowded hallway died down before pestering her again. "Was she nice to you?" he asked. "Were you nice to her? What did you guys even have to talk about?" His eyes got wide. "Oh, no, you didn't talk about me the whole time, did you?"
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Nov. 7th, 2008


Week 21: Wednesday

Who: Ana and Ava
What: Discussing juiceboxes and squickiness
When: Evening
Where: Their room

Ana had been spending a lot of time away from her twin, which was unusual. She had to ask her about Xander if she wanted to enjoy his deliciously powerful blood again. And while she could think about it as just a simple question most of the time, every time she thought about actually asking, she almost gagged a little. So, she was taking time away from her twin to get her courage up? Or avoid her. Whatever the case may be.

Finally, the vampire couldn't take it any longer. She needed his blood again, and she had to ask her twin. After classes, she waited in her room until her twin showed up. Concerned about magically enhanced hearing, Ana began the conversation in their own private language. "I have to talk to you about Xander." It was best to lay everything out to start.
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Nov. 5th, 2008


Week 21: Monday (Early Early)

Who: Ita and Jillian
What: A family reunion causes nightmares
When: After midnight, Monday morning
Where: Jillian's room

Fire. It was everywhere. Ita was choking on the smoke and hard as she tried, the water she pulled from the air wouldn't put it out. And the supply of water was quickly evaporating. Calling out for her parents, she made her way down the stairs. She saw them, facing two women whose features were obscured. Her father turned to say something to her, and Ita watched in horror as he went up in flames. Her mother turned to flee, to draw the women away, and Ita screamed.

She was still screaming when she woke up, soaked, in her own bed. For a while she just sat in her sopping wet jammies and bedsheets, hugging her knees to her chest and crying. Finally, she collected herself enough to change into dry clothes and towel off her hair. She couldn't stay alone in her room. It was too scary.

Shaking slightly, she made her way down the halls to the Jillian's room. Knocking lightly, she waited anxiously. She didn't want to ruin her friend's sleep, but she needed to be near someone right now. When the door finally opened, the blond asked pathetically, "Can I sleep in your room tonight? Please?" Tears were still welled up in her eyes, her hands were shaking slightly, and her hair was still damp. She looked as pathetic as she sounded.
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Week 21: Thursday

Who: Titania and Vinnie
Where: Vinnie's room
When: After classes
What: Guitar Hero battle!

As always, Titania rushed out of her last class. Really starting to love how she placed herself in the last row. Not even trying to do it on purpose – until lately. She said he hellos and goodbyes to the little rugrat in her room, leaving the whole school completely for a few quick moments. In the taxi, she called the closest Chinese place, giving an order, hoping Vinnie would like the surprise, and hope he’ll actually eat what she brought with her. It took the 15 minute drive to get to the place that the woman on the phone said the food would take. She quickly paid, grabbed the food, and rushed off toward the taxi to get back to the school.

Shou greeted her like always when she came rushing into the room, grabbing the leash, as well as the dog, putting the food down quickly to get the little pup ready for a new adventure. Titania’s emotions were running amuck. She kept thinking, would Vinnie like Shou?, would Shou be good and not misbehave?, and would he like the food! She kept trying to shake the anxious feeling off. But this always seemed to happen whenever she was meeting with someone new. She even tried to dress nice. Nothing too out there that might have the weird looks casted her way.

But what really kind of bothered her was – would she be able to survive the little trip up toward the boy’s level? Titania kept looking toward the stairs, watching if anyone was really looking, before taking two steps at a time, keeping her hand against Shou’s mouth to keep her from saying anything. One little bark could get them into trouble.

The adrenalin rush was almost causing her to giggle out loud! This would be the second time she snuck her way to some place that was off limits. She knew other students did it, so, why couldn’t she?

Titania took a deep breath, looking about the hall, coming to a complete stop in front of the door she hoped was Vinnie’s. The bag of food was placed upon her one wrist that held the dog. And before she could knock, Shou let out a loud bark. That made her stiffen, as if a ghost was behind her. Did anyone hear that? She quickly swept the hall, looking up and down, and once she thought she was okay, the breath she held was let out. Now she could make a soft knock on the door. Though, the little rat probably gave themselves away.

Nov. 2nd, 2008


Week Twenty one

Week Twenty One
Dates: Monday August 20th through Sunday August 26th
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Late August

Monday August 20th Overcast all day. The light breeze in the afternoon will have little affect on the temperature. (High: 73°F Low: 64°F)
Tuesday August 21st: Overcast again. More afternoon winds. (High: 71°F Low: 66°F)
Wednesday August 22nd: Another overcast day with winds continuing throughout. (High: 69°F Low: 64°F)
Thursday August 23rd Lather, Rinse, Repeat. More of the same. Overcast with light winds all day. (High: 75°F Low: 64°F)
Friday August 24th : Overcast and cloudy. Light winds off and on. (High: 80°F Low: 66°F)
Saturday August 25th: Finally a break in the gloom. Clearing skies however, usher in warmer temperatures. A great day for the beach! (High: 87°F Low: 73°F)
Sunday August 26th: Clear skies and a soft breeze. (High: 82°F Low: 71°F)

Oct. 29th, 2008


Week Twenty: Saturday

Who: Noah and Nat
When: EARLY Saturday morning
Where: House of Fire hallway.

It was way too god damn early. Or maybe it was too late. Noah wasn't entirely sure anymore. He did know that he had pretty much worn a path in the floor of his room with all his damn pacing. And why was he pacing? Because he was pretty sure he was in his first recorded all out fight with Nat. The kind where she didn't speak to him except to get angry at him or ask if he was ready to apologize. And the kind of fight where the gnomes really didn't make any appearances in his room.

It was seriously getting stanky up in there. Good thing Noah had spent more than half his life in a locker room. He was kind of used to the smell of feet. Actually kind of a familiar smell. Now that was kind of scary. Maybe he should just give in and pick up. You know with all that free pacing time he had on his hands.

As the clock worked its way around to 6am Noah didn't bother to clean.... instead he grabbed his ipod slid it into the strap for his arm and donned it, along with a sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He needed to not be confined by these four walls. Needed to beat the last of the restless confused energy he had running through his system out through a good run. Like most runners, it usually helped him clear his mind. Though Noah wasn't sure that would help. He knew the problem. Knew... but wouldn't let himself do anything about it. Stupid. Stubborn. Oh did we mention stupid? Yep. He was being all of the above. But above all else he was just scared. Not something Noah liked to admit but it was the damn truth.

Fuck it. He was out. Noah threw open the door to his room and prepared to make short work of the guys wing of the House of Fire. The sound of a door opening behind him gave him pause and enough time to swing his head around.

What. The. Fuck.

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Oct. 24th, 2008


Week 20: Monday Evening

Who: Xander and Ana
Where: Xander's dorm room
When: Monday evening

Monday, oh did the demon ever hate Monday’s. There was nothing in this dimension that seemed to correspond with the hell that was Monday. Not that getting up for class was much of a problem, since he tended to get up early even on the weekends. It was that he had to spend most of the day locked away in various classes after having two days of glorious freedom. It truly was just like college, all over again. And then, there was the great times of homework and the sheer amount that teachers seemed to believe needed to be given out at the beginning of the week.

The only good thing about the classes, or even this school itself, was the women of it. It seemed that the supernatural made women that much more attractive. Or at the very least, their very gifts or natures seemed to create bodies that appealed to the young man in just about anyone. And if there was anything that Xander enjoyed, it was the beauty of young women. And there were so many of them in his classes. And sometimes, even the homework proved to enjoyable at times. Like sneaking into poor Cassandra’s dreams.

That Monday evening would find him in his dorm room. His guitar pushed aside for the moment as he actually did something he wasn’t at all known for. He worked on his homework. That’s what Monday night was for him, these days. If he could get everything done then, he could lounge about and chase skirts and waves for the rest of the week without anything holding him back. Yeah, that was his plan. Well, it usually was his plan, it never quite worked out as there was always something to distract the Incubus.

And, speaking of distractions, when there came a knock on the door, he didn’t even bother looking over his shoulder or getting up to answer. He merely called out, “It’s open.” Toward whoever was there.
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Oct. 16th, 2008


Week Twenty

Week Twenty
Dates: Monday August 13th through Sunday August 19th
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Mid August

Monday August 13th A calm day.  Mostly sunny but with scattered clouds  (High: 93°F Low: 68°F)
Tuesday August 14th: A clear day, though thankfully the temperatures have gone down. (High: 88°F Low: 58°F)
Wednesday August 15th: Another not too warm day The skies are still clear but the temperature will climb slightly. (High: 90°F Low: 59°F)
Thursday August 16th Clouds roll in over night.  A late morning haze will foreshadow an early afternoon rainfall.  The rain will usher in ever cooler temps than earlier in the week. (High: 88°F Low: 43°F)
Friday August 17th : Scattered clouds throughout the day.  The continued cooling trend continues. (High: 81°F Low: 71°F)
Saturday August 18th: Clear skies.  The low temperature shows a significant increase. (High: 80°F Low: 60°F)
Sunday August 19th: The highs continue to fall.  Rain will move in shortly after noon and continue, sometimes heavily, throughout the rest of the day. (High: 76°F Low: 60°F)

Oct. 15th, 2008


Week 19 - Thursday

Who: Jillian and Ita
When: Thursday Evening
Where: Jillian's Room
What: Girl time!

It was time to see Ita. Jillian had been so busy with classes and boys that she'd barely been able to catch up with Ita, and girl time was a necessary part of her week that she didn't want to skip this time around. She had a lot to talk to Ita about, particularly boys. Particularly one boy. Maybe she shouldn't get her hopes up quite yet, but they'd had a good date. A very good date. She also wanted to ask Ita about her date with Kin and see how that had went. Jillian had missed Ita terribly.

She cleaned up her own room and got it ready to have Ita over. She didn't really have much in the way of entertainment, just a radio and some CDs. She didn't watch television, so she didn't have one, which sucked a little since they couldn't watch movies, but she figured that it was only fair that she hosted. Ita had done it the last few times, after all.

She'd left a message for Ita to come over at around seven. She had tea and cookies ready for her friend, and she was lounging on her bed in her pajamas when the knock at the door came. Bounding up, she moved over to the door and opened it, grinning widely as she moved to hug her friend. She'd changed a bit in the month that she'd been there. Hugging came a little bit more naturally to her, especially since she knew that Ita would return the hug freely.
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Week 19: Tuesday

Who: Titania & Sydni
Where: House of Fire's commons room
When: After classes
What: Introductions and possibly homework help!

Titania felt bad that she didn't go to her last class of the day. She kept thinking that her teacher probably hated her by now, and never wanted to speak to her again. Being as social as she was, that was going to hurt her pride - like nothing else did around this school. She was just someone who held it in and kept it locked inside.

And as she sat there - well, laying there now - trying to get this science assignment finished, something around the room kept trying to distract her. The CD player next to her wasn't helping much, even though she kept changing the track or CD every second. Yeah, she wasn't up-to-date with the whole ipods. A cellphone is still new to her. So is the computer! Maybe she should have done her English assignments on there, but writing them out in her notebook was helping her - with her wrist dying every so often.

You know, thinking about it, someone could easily sneak up on her and she'd be scared shitless. Slowly, she turned her head around toward the entrance to the common room, arching a perfectly drawn on eyebrow, but seeing no one there or walking by it. She was being panicky. But why? Shaking her head and basically laughing out loud at herself, Titania went back to working on her homework. Staring at it more like it.

But she finally moved a few seconds later to change the CD. That was when she saw something in the corner of her eye, causing everything to bounce out of her lap because she jumped probably a foot off the couch, almost having her whole body slam against the floor. Luckily the table was there to break her fall, both hands clenching onto the side while she stared at the stranger with wide eyes.

It was a girl once she was able to calm her heart and learn how to breathe again. "Oh, god. Wow. Hello. I didn't know you were there.. I'm so sorry!" Let's see how long it takes for Titania to say her sorry before someone kindly tells her to shut up.
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Oct. 1st, 2008


Week Advancement: Week Nineteen

Week Nineteen
Dates: Monday August 6th through Sunday August 12th
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Early August – Mid August

Monday August 6th Continued rain and high humidity plague the island. (High: 82°F Low: 70°F)
Tuesday August 7th: You might think that the rain has stopped...but it will start up again later tonight. (High: 86°F Low: 71°F)
Wednesday August 8th: A break is in sight, just some lingering humidity and heat. (High: 91°F Low: 69°F)
Thursday August 9th: The heat continues on through this week. (High: 93°F Low: 65°F)
Friday August 10th: Hot all day but a light breeze helps tonight (High: 91°F Low: 68°F)
Saturday August 11th: A bit of a grey morning but that will fade quickly (High: 92°F Low: 71°F)
Sunday August 12th: The heat might start to fade with the new week but it lingers around for today. (High: 89°F Low: 68°F)

Sep. 28th, 2008


Week 18: Friday night

Who:  Sydni and Charlie
Where:  Charlie's room
When:  Friday night, later

Charlie had really made Sydni's evening by extending the invitation to sleepover.  She had been feeling rather isolated recently, and Simon was totally right - she was throwing herself a little pity party in her room.  She would rather have thought of it as film and food therapy, but the young man had hit the nail on the head.  In all honesty, the surprise visit from the youth had lifted her spirits a bit.  Helping friends really did distract her from her own problems.  Really, in that respect, Sydni's way of dealing with her shit was not all that different from Charlie's - she needed distractions just as much.  Hers were probably just less self-destructive.

After the chat with Charlie, Sydni finished her movie (The Goonies seriously had to be her favorite comfort movie) and then tried reading a bit.  He had said he was working, and even though he had also said she wouldn't be a distraction, she didn't want to chance interfering anyway.  But, she was having a hard time focusing.  She hadn't seen her friend really outside of class since he'd returned and she missed spending time with him.  It was also comforting to know she'd be spending the night.  Considering how lonely she'd been, sharing a bed with someone, especially someone she'd grown so close to, was something to which she really looked forward.

For a while, she tried to soothe her restlessness by debating whether her sleepwear was appropriate for the evening.  After changing several times, she decided that her original choice was totally appropriate - it wasn't too revealing, and it was comfy enough to lounge around in.  Checking the clock and determining she'd wasted enough time, she removed her sacred jewelry and made her way to Terrene House.  After a couple of abandonned efforts, she finally snuck in and made it to Charlie's room.  Even though she knew the door was unlocked, she knocked before entering.  She would have simply died if she walked in on him, and the knock would give him a chance to warn her away if he wasn't in a situation to see her.  "Hey," she said softly as she entered.
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Sep. 25th, 2008


Week 18- Friday

Who: Simon and Sydni
Where: Sydni's Room
When: Friday Evening

Oh God, oh God. Simon was pacing in his room. He'd been fidgety all day, ever since Cissy had left this morning. His feet wouldn't stop tapping, his fingers were itching to tear up paper, bend staples and pull at the threads in his jeans. His thoguhts had been all scattered and off in the clouds. It was about seven at night and still he couldn't stop feeling so twitchy. It was a good twitchy, but twitchy all the same.

He decided he couldn't stand it anymore. There was only one person he could talk to (as he only had one friend at Halcyon) and he'd been avoiding it because he knew a friend of hers had just gone, and she probably didn't want to hear his lovesick babbling. Well, too bad for her. Simon zipped up his hoodie and headed out to invade Sydni's personal space again.

After taking very few seconds to check that all was clear (since he wasn't supposed to be there and he knew it), Simon tapped on Sydni's door. Waited .04 seconds. Tapped again. Gave her a full 2 seconds this time, tapped again. It wasn't that he needed to be let in right away in case he got caught (although that was important too), but he felt like if he didn't talk to someone about this he would burst.

As soon as the door opened, Simon's voice leapt out of his mouth. "I have to tell you something!" he declared urgently.
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Week Eighteen: Tuesday

Who: Max and Cassandra
When: Evening
Where: Cassandra’s room

Max was concerned for a number of reasons. First and probably foremost, Cassandra was downplaying whatever was bothering her and that worried him. Clearly she wasn’t the type of person to talk about her problems for fear of the other making a big deal out of them or becoming burdened with trying to find the solution. So really, he had no idea if he was just overreacting to her words or she was not being as forthcoming as she should have been. Either way, he was going to seek out the answer and work to remedy whatever it was that was plaguing her.

Quickly shutting his laptop, Max hurried to slip on some shoes and a t-shirt before hurrying out the door. A few peculiar looks were sent his way, but that was to be expected since he was walking like a man on a mission. For a guy who usually stuck to casually strolling through the halls, the accelerated pace was definitely out of character for him. Not that he cared. All he was concerned with at the moment was getting to Cassandra and finding out what was wrong. Silently he hoped that he was the one overreacting and that whatever it was, really wasn’t a huge deal.

Arriving at the entrance to her house’s common room, he called upon the shadows to conceal his form before slipping through the door. Unfortunately, he had a slight dilemma as he entered what he hoped was the girls’ wing. Since he hadn’t ever been to Cassandra’s room, he had to figure out which it was without knocking on every door or calling out to her. It was in times like these that he could actually appreciate being a demon. Or at least his supernatural sense of smell anyway.

Closing his eyes, he pulled a breath into his lungs and sought out the scent that was uniquely hers. It wasn’t as strong as he would have liked, but there was enough of it to follow down the hall and to her door where it was much more apparent. Raising a hand to knock, he glanced to either side before tapping lightly on the door. Once he was given the cue to enter, he pushed opened the door, the shadows falling away from him the second he was safely inside. “So tell me what has you upset.”
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Sep. 19th, 2008


Week Eighteen: Tuesday

Who: Kim and Xael
When: Tuesday Afternoon
Where: House of Fire

It was different without his family in the school. Xael would be the first to admit that fact. There wasn't the worry about getting grounded at the same time as getting some crazy supernatural form of detention. There wasn't the little brother running around enjoying messing with Xael's stuff and there wasn't his mom who knew way too much sometimes. But mostly it was just... kind of empty now. Yeah, he could admit it. He loved his family and even though they were just somewhere else on the island there was a small chance he missed having them around.

It had him in a funk for the first week or so. Xael knew that he'd been quiet, holed up in his room for a while. Rocking a lot of xbox. The covenant aliens didn't know what had hit them. But a week later, it was gone and Xael was ready to emerge again. That and his right hand was a little tired of keeping him company. He might not have been a full fledged incubus like some he-whores around the school but there was some of that blood floating through his veins not to mention he just enjoyed the company of women as much as the next guy. Well not the next homosexual guy but you get it.

Xael's eye was currently on prize in particular. A nice leggy one. Taking said leggy brunette out before a full moon had been a great idea even if it was Kat's b-day and Xael was well aware that for some reason Kat and other girls didn't seem to play nice. Thankfully though, there was no such problem on Friday. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that there was drinking involved and Kat had a werelion glued to her? Might have factored in...

But taking a girl out when they were all ramped up for the full moon was a little on the cheap side and given the fact that he just plain enjoyed hanging out with Kim, Xael managed to remove his thoughts from the gutter completely and decided to get some shit together for a post-full moon chill session. In Xael's book the only things needed for this moment in time were... donuts (a hell of a lot of donuts) and some choice movies. Oh yeah and the willingness to go get more of whatever was required. He admitted it, he wasn't a chick and his body didn't change forms every month. He didn't exactly know what was key to the day after other than sleep and being bitchy. That had worked for his old roomie.

Box filled with glazed goodness and a bag with movies slung over his shoulder, Xael covertly (HAH) made his way to the girls side of the house of fire. He worked his way down the hall until he was pretty damn sure he was at the right door. Knocking, he waited rocking back on his heels. Here was to hoping her roommate was already gone... his room was passable but uh... he was a guy. No shame in that.
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Sep. 17th, 2008


Week Eighteen: Thursday

Who: Cissy and Simon
When: Thursday Night around 11
Where: Simon's room

Being covert was not exactly Cissy's forte as she had never had to be sneaky in her entire life. If she wanted to do something, wrong or otherwise, she simply did it and there was never anyone to tell her no. Here, that was a different story. She wasn't supposed to be out and about this late. She wasn't supposed to be in the boys dormitory. She certainly wasn't supposed to be in Simon's room, but boredom and curiosity had triggered this little venture and she was going to see it through until she either made it there or she got caught and sent back to her room.

Deciding to wear her bedroom shoes because they were more quiet than anything else she owned, Cissy stole into the dark, into the night, to venture into territory that was forbidden to her. There was a close call or two, a wandering student in the halls that may or may not have told on her, but the fact that he was in the same house, at the very least, made it much easier for her to find her way to his room than it would have otherwise.

At last, the door was before her, and while it may have been safe to assume that the door would be locked and she would have to knock before she could enter, something told her to try the knob first and she found it to be conveniently unlocked. Pushing the door open, she slipped inside and closed it behind her just as quickly before eyes stole a look around the room and found him laying upon his bed. "I told you that I'd eventually get tired of it." There was no more introduction given than that before, pajama clad, she made her way over to have a seat on the side of his bed.
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Week 18: Tuesday Evening

Who:  Sydni and Mircea
What:  Checking up on his victim?  Heh.
Where:  Sydni's room

Being a werewolf was incredibly unfair, Sydni had decided.  Pixies and sprites got to be all cutesy in the fairytales, while werewolves were bloodthirsty killers - point one that sucked.  Point two was the insanity prior to the full moon.  She knew she was not herself before the full, and try as she might, she couldn't control her mood swings or the urges that sprang on her.  Sucked for someone who prided herself on being in control (had to be when you worked in the conditions she did).  Point three was that after the full, after the lunacy had passed, did she get to enjoy the relief of it all?  Oh no.  Not one bit.  Instead she felt like she'd been tossed around by a tigershark looking for a snack.  Her body ached in places she didn't even know she used.  Being a werewolf sucked.

This was pretty much her thought process as she sat at her desk, trying to get some work done.  She'd really slipped up this past week, and she needed to get caught up.  Especially since she wanted to be able to celebrate Lammas tomorrow - she'd never been anywhere where one of her holidays was celebrated by the general populace.  It was really very cool.  In a fit of restlessness over the weekend, she had decorated her altar a bit in a harvest theme.  She had stalks of dried grain bundled in the right corner, and a cornucopia in the left.  If she'd been more focused, she'd have made one herself.  Instead, she bought a little wicker one, and filled it with nuts and fall-themed Hershey's Kisses.  Once the harvest season was over at Samhain, she would toss the Kisses (unwrapped) and nuts outside for the faeriefolk and forest critters.  Maybe she could work some of the nuts into a bread for her cakes and ale.

In any case, she wanted her homework done so she could enjoy the holiday - perhaps there was a coven or even a group of solitaries who would be holding a ritual?  She didn't really know anything about the Pagan community on the island.  With 'real' magic, perhaps there wasn't much focus on the spiritual kind.  Whatever the situation, she'd be able to enjoy the festivities, and if she needed, she could certainly return to the school to perform her own personal ritual and then finish off the day enjoying the public celebrations.  But, she needed to have a clear day to really enjoy the holiday, so despite the aches in her body, she was trying to get her work done.

Her concentration (well, that's what she was trying to do) was broken by a knock at the door.  Startled, she dropped her pencil and sighed as it rolled under her bed.  She was not getting down on the ground to find it right now.  Too sore.  Getting up stiffly, she went over to answer the door.  And the person standing there was probably the last person she expected to see.  She stood, open mouthed for moment, before she realized she looked like an idiot, and was being a bit rude.  "Oh, I'm sorry!  Um, come in."  Her confusions showed on her face, though, even as she gestured for him to enter.
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Sep. 16th, 2008


Week Eighteen: Monday

Who: Evelyn and Vivian
Where: Terrene Common Room
When: Monday Evening

Normally, Lyn wasn't one given to being restless just for the sheer fact that she was inside. But, being stuck inside by a curfew? Well, that was a different matter entirely. There was something about being forbidden to do something that made you itch to want to do it. She could understand that with the full moon tonight, that maybe, it would be prudent be inside. She didn't much relish the idea of being out and about at night with the were students doing whatever it was that they did under the cover of night.

She'd thought of going to bother Aramil, but she could imagine he'd be crawling up the walls right about now. If he hadn't ignored the edict entirely and went outside regardless of what the school was telling them do it. Maybe for that reason alone she should check to make sure he wasn't doing something either stupid or ridiculous or both.

As it was, Evelyn found herself wandering down around the Common Room of their dormitory, Terrene House. She'd paced it a few times earlier, just to stretch her legs and even grab a snack. She'd taken a few different routes just for variety sake. This time, she returned with a book in hand. A change of scenery for her reading might perk her up a bit and not feel like the evening was a total waste.

However, the young half-fae found herself at one of the larger windows, her gaze trying to penetrate through the fog. She wondered for a moment what could be going on out there, where no one could or would see.
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Week 18 : Monday

Who: Jillian and Vinnie
Where: Vinnie's Room, House of Fire
When: Monday Evening, After Classes

Last week had been a crazy week and Jillian was more than glad it was over. Not that it had been all bad, but the midweek insanity that had happened had soured the rest of the week for her. She wanted to forget Wednesday and focus on her studies again and on her social life, so with effort she put it out of her mind and paid attention in her classes. When her final class finished, she went back to her room to change clothes so that she could sneak in and meet Vinnie. A switch of jeans and a t-shirt later and she was on her way to the House of Fire.

Jillian decided that she had to be crazy to be doing this on a night when the guards were so on edge. The weres were out in full force and Jillian was making damned sure that she stayed in and away from any ground floor exits, entrances, or windows. She didn't think that the werecreatures were evil, but most of them were large predators and humans were still prey. No, she was staying inside and safe and she would try not to think about the danger outside. Did the weres ever get into fights with one another on full moon nights?

She had no idea of how she was going to go about sneaking onto the boy's floor in the House of Fire. She knew that the guards patrolled the floors and she'd have to be good to avoid them. Making her way through the unfamiliar common room, she tried to be as nonchalant as possible. Nervousness had made it possible for her brain to open up and keep tabs on the myriad of thoughts running about, the guards being the first and foremost...and the loudest. Singling them out, or at least trying to, she made sure to move when they were dimmest, quietest, and she snuck towards Vinnie's room.

Locating Vinnie's room, she rapped her knuckles on the door in a light gesture, trying not to call attention to herself. Thoughts grew louder, thoughts in a voice she didn't recognize, and she bounced nervously. Reminding herself to stay calm and trying to be as quiet as possible, she waited for Vinnie to open his door, the book of photos resting in one arm.


Week Advancement: Week Eighteen

Week Eighteen
Dates: Monday July 30th through Sunday August 5th
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Late July into Early August


Monday is Full Moon: Due to the severe weather and heavy fog over the island the entire day, there is a curfew imposed upon all non-were students against leaving the the school at any time during the day. The chances of becoming lost and left vulnerable out of doors after night fall are too high.

Monday July 30th Thunderstorms throughout the day accompanied a heavy fog laying over the entire island. Tonight is the full moon (High: 79°F Low: 69°F)
Tuesday July 31st: No more rain, though we all might wish for it with the temperature and humidity so high. The thick fog continues through the day. (High: 90°F Low: 66°F)
Wednesday August 1st: The fog, humidity and high heat will continue throughout the end of the week. (High: 90°F Low: 61°F)
Thursday August 2nd The fog, humidity and high heat will continue throughout the end of the week. (High: 91°F Low: 60°F)
Friday August 3rd : The fog, humidity and high heat will continue throughout the end of the week. (High: 91°F Low: 66°F)
Saturday August 4th: The fog lifts just in time for the weekend. But don't think that has given us a break from the heat or humidity. Not at all. They have only risen. (High: 95°F Low: 70°F)
Sunday August 5th: Finally a break from the heat and humidity, but only to usher in more rain and thunderstorms. (High: 87°F Low: 69°F)

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Sep. 14th, 2008


Week 17 - Thursday

Who: Jillian and Ita
Where: Ita's Room
When: Thursday, After Class

Once her last class was finished, Jillian headed over to House Aquatic. The day hadn't really done anything to alleviate her mood, and she'd skipped Supernatural History because she was certain that if she saw a certain werecreature she'd throw something. Jillian hurt everywhere. She had bruises in places she didn't know could bruise. Her arms were covered in scrapes from her jog through the forest and her side and hip were mottled with bruises from the subsequent tackle and fall.

She didn't know what she'd done to piss Caibre off, but she was certain it was really more of a situation of wrong place, wrong time. The full moon was close, so she didn't really know if all the weres in this place went nuts or if he was just a special case. Jillian had been warned that there would be some people here who didn't much care for humans, but she hadn't been warned that some people here would chase them and pitch them off of cliffs for fun.

Not that she'd expect anyone to warn her about that. Instead, she'd ended up bruised and with a cold from her underwater adventure, so she was going to visit Ita to see if her friend could help her. She'd have to write this incident off and hopefully it wouldn't happen again. She'd just avoid the woods this close to a full moon next time. Raising her hand, she knocked on Ita's door and then waited, resting her forehead against the cool wood.

C'mon, Ita, open up. She wanted chicken soup, and mostly she just wanted to vent. She was angry, but she was alive. A little scared, more than a little pissed off, but alive. She wondered if she should really be thankful, or if Caibre was all talk. She didn't particularly want to find out though.
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Sep. 12th, 2008


Week Seventeen: Thursday

Who: Cassandra and Xander
When: Thursday Night
Where: Cassandra's dream? (That counts as a location right? heh)

The week had been nothing more than a whirlwind. It was only Thursday and Cassandra wasn't sure which end was up anymore. She'd been confused before, been unsure of what was going on around her but in the past that had always had a negative connotation firmly attached to it. This time... while she was unsure she found that she was happily in that state. Cassandra was a walking contradiction, taking comfort in the routine of her days but always wishing for those experiences that she had never had before.

That was exactly what one shadowy demon had managed to bring into her life. Or maybe he'd flown it into her a life? See, the details were all still a little fuzzy. For what it was worth, Cassandra was trying to not think too much on it, no matter how hard it was to accomplish that goal. But hadn't she always thought it was kind of ridiculous when she'd watched other people obsess over things like that? There were all sorts of other things in the world that still mattered. And they did. But sometimes it was a little hard to remember and she had to admit to catching herself caught up in silly little daydreams.

The paper that she was just now finishing up writing was case in point of her distraction. It should have been finished hours ago and not just now when she was about falling asleep on her books. It was finally completed though and she hoped it was alright but there was no additional editing to be done. She could barely manage to get changed into the oversized t-shirt she customarily slept in.

Seconds after her head hit the pillow... she was out like a light. Ordinarily sleep took much longer to come to her, but exhaustion easily won the battle tonight. It didn't quell the dream that felt as though it immediately took hold of her mind though.

It started with one. One single, solitary black feathered bird swooping low over a gray sky. Where the location was... was hard to tell. Trees here and there resembled those around the school but who knew, a tree was a tree in many respects. That one bird turned into many. On closer inspection they weren't crows but Ravens. The sound of footsteps approaching crunching on dry leaves didn't seem to stir the birds who had all taken rest on the forest floor. The steps increased, until they were racing toward the flock of birds hoping to dispel their presence but they didn't. The birds paid little mind to the narrow feet that appeared to belong to Cassandra herself. Instead they only hopped closer. Curiously. Heads cocked to the side in unison. Hop. Hop. Hop. Until they were at her toes. Barefooted now. Scaly toes of the bird met hers. A peck of a beak here and there.

The birds they wanted something. What though, was a mystery.

Sep. 9th, 2008


Week 17: Saturday

Who:  Xander and Ita
What:  Surfing lessons postponed
When:  Morning
Where:  Meeting in front of the school and then Ita's room

Ita stared glumly at the rain.  Normally, she loved rain.  It made sense considering her relation to water.  But today she had plans, and the rain definitely would interfere.  While she had no problem surfing in the rain, it would probably cause a problem for her drying off when she'd fought the pull of the water for long enough.  Plus, most other people didn't like the rain, and the ocean was sure to be rougher and more dangerous with a storm.  Sighing, she leaned against the cool stone wall of the building and continued to stare out of the windows at the rain, very obviously pouting.

She hoped Xander would still want to hang out.  She did want to learn to surf, certainly, but she had wanted to spend some time with the Incubus.  She had definitely enjoyed the last time, and she hadn't really been able to spend time with anyone in that way since she'd gotten here, other than with him, of course.  Not that she just threw herself at any guy walking by, but she did enjoy the chance to fool around with a guy now and then.  And dating - it was always nice to go out with someone you were interested in, even if it was just for fun.

Sighing again, she cast a glance at the picnic basket she'd prepared.  Wine again, and salami and mozzerella pasties, with baklava for dessert.  It was rather light, so she'd also packed some grapes and plums.  Fruit was nature's candy, as far as she was concerned, and she ate it as often as she ate junk food.  Good thing, too - she might not have been so cute if she only ate junk food.

Hearing footsteps approach, she waited until they were close enough, and still looking out the window, she stated the obvious, "It's raining."  She sounded rather pathetic, but she was feeling rather pathetic.  It was rare that she disliked rain, but right now, she really did.
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