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Dec. 26th, 2008


Week 23: Friday

Who: Summer and Noah
When: Late Afternoon
Where: A trail in the woods
What: A chance encounter

Summer had been back at Halcyon for a week now. Again, she had ended up showing up right at the end of a semester, a semester during which she had missed far too much to make it up, so she was going to have to wait a couple of weeks and start classes again after the break. But it should be easier for her now. She had a lot better control over her emotions now than she had when she had left here. Hell, she had been around quite a few people since her return, even during the stress of finals, and she had yet to have any outbursts of uncontrollable emotions. She had learned a lot while she was gone, enough to recognize that there was still a lot more for her to learn.

But for now, she was just focusing on the things that helped her to maintain her inner peace and enjoying the quiet of the island, something that she couldn't say she had experienced the last time around. The best way to enjoy it, at least for her, was to take a nice long run, work up a sweat, lose herself in the middle of the forest on a well-trodden path and inhale deeply the scents of the woods, something she had missed while on her little adventure overseas.

She had jogged perhaps five miles before she had to stop and take a breather, slowing to a walk for a bit before finding a tree to rest against while drinking deeply from her bottle of water. Voss had to be some of the best tasting water on earth. She wiped the sweat from her brow and then gave herself a bit of a stretch, rolling her shoulders and then leaning back to massage her own shoulders a bit.

Summer was just about to take off again when she noticed her shoe was untied and she bent down to tie it. Just as she did, she heard footfalls on the path behind her, someone approaching rather quickly, fast and hard. Running partner? Maybe. She started to jog in place waiting for them to get closer so she could see if they even wanted company.
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Dec. 23rd, 2008


Week 23 — Friday

Who: Sasha, open (to anything/anybody else willing to brave it)
What: Fencing practice and malfunction
Where: Fencing gym/piste
When: Evening
Why: Practice makes perfect—but perfect isn’t real.

Sasha was always vaguely surprised as the size and quality of Halcyon’s fencing “gym”. First off it was a large, effective practice arena. Second, it was always religiously spotless and tidy. All in all, it wasn’t what one would expect from the typical school sports club.

Then again, what was typical about Halcyon?

She’d done the earliest of her warm-ups running with Dreizen. God knew Dizzy set a breakneck pace if she let him—and she sometimes did. That’d always been the “quantity” portion of her fencing regime; a good, solid run to flush life into each tendon and nerve, to get the sinews humming and loosen her pulse. Back indoors, Sasha shed her tracksuit, wiped down, and kitted out in her practice uniform: white jacket over a white tee, black pants instead of “knickers”, thin-soled shoes. No gloves, no mask. Not yet. The rest of her gear went neatly into its bag, the bag itself deposited unceremoniously at the corner of the gym. Dreizen parked next to the bag, and immediately proceeded to fall into a drowsy heap of doggy boredom.

She started with footwork.

I sing the body electric...

First, advances. Half advance. Shift weight forward, shift weight back. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat—finish. Switch to retreating. Repeat as before, only backwards. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat—finish.

She could feel her body really wake up, proprioreceptive sense kicking in to knit together muscle and memory. Words lit like beacons in her mind, orchestrating the exercise. Was it doubted that those who corrupt their own bodies conceal themselves? And if those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead?

Next, the lunge-jump back. Kostya had composed the exercise to emphasize strength and balance. Sasha lunged, then—from the lunge position—she jumped back, landing with both feet simultaneously. It was much easier this way instead of jumping from the traditional stretched out pose.

Advance-to-retreat, then advance-to-accelerated long advance. Reverse: retreat-to-advance, pause, retreat-to-jump back. She concentrated on making a balanced change of direction during the advance-retreats and retreat-advances. Lack of balance could, and usually would, ruin the execution. Worse, it robbed the fencer of control.

And control, Sasha understood, was everything.

And if the body does not do fully as much as the soul? And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul?

The doubles were next. Three strips of double advance-to-retreat and double advance-accelerated long advance, then a reversal. This time the bulk of her concentration went on accelerating explosively. Sasha worked on two tempo changes within the drill: a swift advance became even quicker on the next beat. The final movement was closer to a jump than an advance, though not a classic ballestra. Her back leg drove hard, almost as if in a lunge. With these sorts of doubles, acceleration was vital; to effectively sell the idea that you were going for a simultaneous or stealing time, you had to floor it—then retreat and parry with distance or blade. It’d taken a lot of patience, hers and Kostya’s, to smooth out both actions with the double advance, but the end result was a prizewinner.

She held the saber for a minute, then two, then three. It felt good in her hand, familiar and serious. Really, she could do this, she would do this, she would—

The shaking started. Only a tremor at first, a hiccup in her palm. Sasha tightened her grip instinctively, hoping to choke it. That was wrong; you never choked the blade. Not that it mattered either way, because a fistful of heartbeats later the trembling shivered from palm to thumb to fingertip.

No. No, Sasha wouldn’t allow this. Not again, no. I sing the body electric—

The saber clattered down to the floor like a silly child’s toy. Sasha slumped down against the wall beside it, her hand throbbing full of pins and needles. If she’d been anybody else—anyone except herself and one other—she would’ve cried. Or cursed. Or quit.

And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul...

But Sasha was Sasha, and control was everything.

Rising, she went back to footwork.

Dec. 21st, 2008


Week 23- Saturday

Who: Fisher and Ita
What: Clothes Shopping
Where: Downtown
When: Afternoonish
Why: Emo boy needs some color!

What the hell was he getting himself into? Ita was coing over pretty soon so they could go out clothes shopping. She was also bringing him some good luck cookies for his... thing. It was absolutely not a date. He wasn't even letting that word invade his thinking space, let alone make itself comfortable. Still...

Shaking the notion from his head, Fisher pulled on a clean pair of pants and an ironic pink shirt that said "See Emo Cry". And also didn't reek like armpits. He pulled his hair back into a ponytail, admiring himself in the mirror. He looked semidecent at the moment. A little weird, but then again he always looked weird. He'd told Ita he needed color in his wardrobe. It was unlikely he would start wearing color right away, but it was still good to have.

As the minutes ticked on, Fisher got more and more antsy. Ita was... unusual. Not the type of person he normally befriended, but then again, he didn't have many friends. And maybe she'd be good for him. Put a little color in his life, so to speak. And get him used to being hugged. Ita made him nervous, though. He didn't know why. She was perfectly pleasant. Maybe it was her bright eyed naivate that shoved in his face how much good there was in the world, and that he really had no right to be so damn emo.

"Thank God," he breathed, a sigh of relief rushing from his lips as he heard the knock at the door. "Come on in, Ita!" he called.
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Dec. 20th, 2008


Week 23: Friday

Who: Ita and Xander
What: Playing with fire...
When: Evening
Where: Xander's room

Ita had been a very busy little water elemental, what with finals coming up and all. She had come here to make her parents proud, and she was determined to do just that. Especially after her little chat with them through Fisher. But really, this blond elemental could only be a good girl for so long. It was time to have some fun!

With that thought, she spent the early evening baking up a batch of goodies. She couldn't very well go pester Xander for some chill time entirely empty-handed. Bundling the treats up in a pretty little cloth, she made her way up to the House of Fire. She had so much to talk about, especially with how things were going with Kin. She wondered for a brief moment if it would be weird for Xander talking about another guy, but the thought was quickly dismissed - she and Xander were best buds!

With goodies in hand, she practically bounced up to his door and knocked. "Xander!" she hissed at the door, though her attempt at stealth was quickly destroyed by a slight fit of giggles. Come on already and open the door! she thought as she bounced on the balls of her feet.
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Dec. 4th, 2008


Week Twenty Three

Week Twenty Three
Dates: Monday September 3rd through Sunday September 9th
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Early September

The administration knows all students love to test the rules and push their guides a bit…but lets not pick the full moon as a time to do so. Attempting to sneak out to try to rile up some werecreatures is an all around bad idea. Please remember, students, to take the full moon very seriously. Some werecreatures are still brand new to the experience and do not know how to control themselves. Teachers are there to help protect but they have their hands full…don’t make the night more difficult on anyone then it already can be.

The Art Exhibit at the Lux Hotel went very well! Many pieces of art were sold and a great time was had by all. The Lux Hotel enjoyed the festivities so much that they are planning to continue to hold such events. Not every one will involve selling artwork no but they do plan to continue to display it. All artists of Halcyon are free to bring any work down to the hotel that they would like displayed.

The administration would like to remind students that your two week break will be coming up very soon. This means that your finals are starting up and we expect all students to study hard and do their best. During break you will need to pick out new classes, emails will be sent out to all students regarding classes over the break.

If anyone needs to make travel arrangements for their break please see to the front office or your guide teacher. With so many students here at the school we do need as much advance notice as possible to see to safe travel.

Study groups will be meeting three times this week. If you need help with studies for your finals please see to your guide. They can let you know when a study group is going that may be of help to you. There is also a list posted near the main office in the front of the school.

If you need a break from studies however, head down to the city! Many stores are having early fall sales going.

Birthdays this Month:
Summer Stone – Sept 19th

Monday September 3rd Bit of rain today. (High: 81°F Low: 65°F)
Tuesday September 4th: Grey skies. (High: 79°F Low: 68°F)
Wednesday September 5th: Continued grey. (High: 76°F Low: 64°F)
Thursday September 6th Here comes the rain. (High: 73°F Low: 64°F)
Friday September 7th : Continued rain. (High: 70°F Low: 66°F)
Saturday September 8th: Light sprinkles. (High: 72°F Low: 67°F)
Sunday September 9th: Grey but clearing up. (High: 70°F Low: 65°F)

Nov. 25th, 2008


Week Twenty-Two: Saturday

Who: Summer and OPEN
When: Saturday Night
Where: The Rooftop Garden
What: Oh how nice it is to be back at square one yet again.

And here she was, back at Halcyon, one of the last places she wanted to be. Or so she had thought.

Oh where, oh where, has Summer been? )

For the first time in a long time, Summer stood in a place where there were hundreds of people, thousands of thoughts and emotions whirling around, and she heard nothing, felt nothing, that wasn't her own. It was a relief. She had learned more in the few weeks she had spent in Hawaii with a girl who knew her plight than she had in the weeks she had spent here before leaving.

But that wasn't to say that she had decided that this place was without value either. It was just.. she hadn't been ready to be here yet. She didn't even have the basic skills required to be in a place like this. And the shock of coming here to find him.. Well that hadn't helped matters any. But she was ready now. And there was still a lot for her to learn.

Summer had been up here plenty of times, but she had never noticed how beautiful it was up here. The flowers all smelled so nice and the view was fantastic. But fuck all this solitude, it was time to go have some fun.


Week Twenty-Two: Friday

Who: Cissy and Simon
What: A date
When: Friday Evening
Where Here and there

Cissy had intentionally not given Simon a time or even a date as to when they were going out. She had only told him the weekend, nothing more and nothing less. And the weekend had officially started so... the time was now. She knocked on his door, loud and yet quick, tapping her foot against the floor as she waited for him to answer. Turnabout was fair play, correct?

"Hello, Sunshine. I've come for our date." She said once the door was opened, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. "Oh my my, that outfit won't do at all! You better change. I won't look." She slipped into his room and closed the door behind her, turning her back towards him, facing the door. "Wear something that looks nice yet is also comfortable. And hurry up. I can't wait all night!" She snickered.

He had done this same exact thing to her just a few weeks ago, and now it was her to turn to turn it around on him. Of course he had no idea what she had in store for him. Truth be told, she wasn't even sure. This weekend was going to be fun though. She was going to see to that. She wanted to just kind of go with the flow, see where the night, and the following day, and the next night, and the day after that, took them. Yes, she had every intention of keeping him ALL WEEKEND LONG. And he was going to love every minute of it.

Cissy herself was dressed down a little, actually wearing jeans though her top had a few sequins to spice it up a bit. She wore boots, minus the heels so she wouldn't be taller than Simon, and she had her hair swept up loosely in a hair claw, a few stray curls framing her face. She wore very little makeup for a change, just the basics, eyeliner and lip gloss, and the only jewelry she had on was a black beaded bracelet and the ring that Simon had bought for her.

"Almost done, handsome?" Cissy asked, stealing a glance over her shoulder. She blew a kiss at him and then giggled as she turned her face back towards the door. "I'm starting to get impatient, Simon."
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Nov. 18th, 2008


Week Twenty-Two: Friday

Who: Open to all
Where: The Lux Hotel ballroom
What: Halcyon's first art exhibition
When: Evening

In about another minute, or so, he was going to collapse. For a guy who was normally laid back, and chill, Wes had been running around, like a chicken with it's head recently lopped off. That had been the theme of his movements for the past few weeks. Ever since he'd been told that the Lux wasn't going to be available for the original date he'd decided upon. Fuck, he could still murder that fucking kid... As it was, he was making do the best he could. It didn't hurt that he'd had help, from local friends, and a few eager art students.

The last week had been a crunch, getting all of the partitions constructed, and making sure they were structurally secure enough to support the art that would be hanging on them. The ballroom had been completely transformed. The vast open space, was now filled with half walls, elaborate lighting, sofa's, and table where the food, and drinks were located. In truth, Wes had fashioned it after the Lincoln gallery in the Smithsonian. He'd always liked the set up, thought it made for a good warm environment.

It wax relaxing enough, but not so comfortable, that people would want to lounge about, rather than be up, and enjoying all that was displayed. The turn out for art had surprised him. More people had decided to enter work, than he had expected. People outside of his own classes, for one, and the quality of work was higher than he thought it would be. He himself had work hanging about. Seven pieces in total. Newer works as well as some older pieces. He'd even already kicked of the bidding on a couple himself. Primarily two of the pieces Kat had dropped off. The Day of The Dead girl, which he'd fallen completely in love with, and the skull. Now, he just had to keep a close eye on their bidding.

"Remember, unless they show you a student i.d., proving that they are eighteen, or older, they don't get shit. I'm not getting in trouble for a bunch of drunk, idiot kids." He instructed the hired bartender, as his eyes raked over the table of booze. Vivian had originally been tapped to take care of the drinks, but her ass had fled the school... what the fuck was wrong with her? Leaving with that sadistic ass? He'd never understand some women. So, one of the tenders, from back in Vale's day had been asked to handle things, thankfully, they'd agreed.

The food had been another headache. At first, he had thought to ask Cat, but with it being such a grand order that would need filling, he didn't want to lay all of that on her. Too much work to stress over. Plus, if she was too busy fucking around with food, she couldn't spend time with him. See, Wes was a thinker, oh yes. As it was, he'd decided on Indian vegetarian. The spices put it well beyond bland, so, he couldn't see any of the carnivores complaining about it either. Besides, it was an art show, not a sit down dinner.

An hour before the show, when everything had progressed beyond the point of possible falling apart, he knew it was safe enough to dash off, and change for the evening. Which he did, catching a cab over to the parlor to change. Even with this being a fancy to do, he wasn't about to cram himself into a monkey suit, and be uncomfortable the entire night. No way in hell. But, he was so what dress. A red, gray, and black vertical stripped button down, black leather jacket, and unpacked jeans had replaced the normal... 1970's roadie look that he normally sported. His hair was still uncombed, but, at least his black leather combat boots were clean.

Fuck the haters, if they didn't like it, they could get the fuck out. After dressed, he'd returned to the ballroom, a pair of aviators sat perched on his nose, a jack, and coke in his hand. It was going to be an interesting night... he could tell.
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Week 22- Thursday

Who: James and Fisher
What: Drinking until we can't feel feelings anymore
Where: The Local Dive
When: Night

It was Thirsty Thursday, and Fisher felt he deserved a little numbness. He had agreed not to imbibe alcohol as part of his condition for being at Halcyon, all expenses paid, but... fuck that. The old man (who Fisher did not even know) had no clue what life was like in Fisher's shoes. He didn't deal with random dead people asking favors of him, or with the strange looks received when Fisher told said needy spirits to shut up. There were students here who had it worse, that was true. But it didn't make Fisher's situation suck any less. Besides, he wasn't drinking to get totally smashed. He just needed to relax. That and find something to do. He'd come in too late in the semester, so he didn't have classes yet to occupy his time.

The bartender set down a shotglass in front of Fisher, tossed in three ice cubes and poured in two ounces of straight scotch from one of those tiny portion-nozzled bottles. Fisher nodded a thanks, then sipped. He could've gulped it down, but rehab had benefitted him enough for him to know that yes, he had had a drinking problem and it hadn't solved anything. So it was best not to try and drown yourself.

Fisher's garb was subdued tonight, decked out in his Gears of War hoodie and downplayed zipper pants. Fisher liked emo clothing- the style was far too ridiculous to resist, and before living like a hobo he had access to a lot of money. Coming from a wealthy family had its advantages. Luckily he'd managed to keep most of his clothing, despite having nowhere to live for months at a time. He'd decided not to get all decked out tonight, just in case the locals at the bar did not approve of rich boys who dressed like they knew a damn thing about hardship. (It didn't matter that this former rich boy actually did know hardship- when you wear clothing that costs more than some people make in a week, you lose the right to complain about anything.) So tonight there were no hanging chains on his pants, not eyeliner around his eyes and his long, unruly hair was at the very least pushed behind his ears.

As he took another sip of his poison, he sighed contentedly and readied himself for a peaceful night alone.
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Week Twenty-Two: Monday

Who: Noah and James
Where: Bar down in the city
When: Monday night

Alcohol... well it didn't seem to solve any problems. However it did a damn good job of blurring the fact that problems did in fact exist. That was really all that Noah was aiming for at the moment. A deep seeded desire to... well fuck what did he exactly wish? That he'd never said anything to Natalia? That he'd done something a hell of a long time ago... Honestly Noah wasn't sure. Was there a better option? Well logically speaking growing a pair of balls and getting over his own set of issues a hell of a lot earlier was the better decision but logic rarely seemed to play a role in Noah's thinking.

Instead, he was torn between just wishing he'd managed to keep his stupid mouth shut and between wishing he'd never been so damn pig headed to begin with. Problem was it didn't seem to matter what he wished because none of that changed his current predicament. You know that situation where his best friend and the woman he knew he loved really didn't want to go that particular route with him. Instead she was shacking up with some guy just down the hall.

It really didn't work so well for Noah with the full moon the next day. It was kind of like ripping open some wound and dumping a bottle of salt in it and giving it a good rub. Well maybe not quite like that but his temper was already on edge and the last thing he needed was the accidental run in in the hallway. He'd pass thanks.

So like every day that weekend and the vast majority of the week before Noah had his ass parked on a bar stool. Big ass bowl of peanuts in front of him as requested and begrudgingly provided by the bartender, a beer and Noah was as... well he was just staying there regardless of how he felt. It included ignoring that itch that went through his every muscle with the pull of the moon.

"'Nother one..." Noah said pushing his empty bottle toward the bartender who gave that look that said he didn't really want to get Noah another but seeing as how he didn't appear overly intoxicated there wasn't much he could do. Probably had more to do with the fact that Noah was running low on funds and therefore a shitty tipper. Yeah life was a bitch whatever.

Something pricked at the back of his senses. A familiar... scent or annoyance or something. Noah rolled his shoulders trying to shake it off. Had to be the moon.
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Nov. 16th, 2008


Week Twenty Two

Week Twenty Two
Dates: Monday August 27th through Sunday September 2nd
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Late August – Early September


This week is Be Kind to Humankind Week. Or as some of us like to say... At least learn to tolerate them. We know that it’s difficult for a lot of supernaturals to be willing to understand humans fear. But there are many humans out there that are understanding of our kind and we shouldn’t forget that.

Also the administration would like to remind students, even if we’re sure you’re all aware, that your two week break will be coming up in the middle of September. This means that your finals will be starting up shortly and we expect all students to study hard and do their best. During break you will need to pick out new classes, emails will be sent out to all students regarding classes over the break.

If anyone needs to make travel arrangements for their break please see to the front office or your guide teacher. With so many students here at the school we do need as much advance notice as possible to see to safe travel.

Tonight is the full moon and we all know what that means. All non werecreatures need to be inside by sundown and there you’ll be staying until after dawn the next day. All werecreatures need to be outside at least fifteen minutes before sundown to prepare for the full moon. Remember that we do this for everyone’s safety at Halcyon and take this situation very seriously. Tonight isn’t the night to test teachers and try to rebel against the rules.

Many commons rooms will be alive with activities tonight. Movie night, book readings, creative drawing, board game night, cooking, video games. Don’t feel like you’re stuck in your room alone all night students. Go explore the school and find something fun to get involved in.

Art Exhibit at the lux Hotel, hosted by Mr. Venizelos. The exhibit is open to all artists and art lovers. Participation will earn extra credit for his students. Sign up sheets will be located on the outside of his office and classroom doors for the prior days this week. Or if you can see him at his shop Gun Smoke Tattoo. All of the artist at Halcyon are urged to check out this great opportunity to get their work out there and all are welcome to come and enjoy the show.

Today is also Saint Fiacre’s Feast Day: Saint Fiacre is patron saint of gardeners, as well as of cab drivers and hosiers. So today when you take a cab into the city, bring your driver a treat!

Birthdays this Month:
Mirael Gazardiel - Aug 7th
Caibre Ashwood - Aug 18th
Jillian Valance – Aug 21st
Kiernan Gallagher - Aug 23rd
Summer Stone – Sept 19th

Monday August 27th Clear and calm. (High: 80°F Low: 67°F)
Tuesday August 28th: A little gray in the morning but clear towards the afternoon. (High: 82°F Low: 68°F)
Wednesday August 29th: An overcast day. (High: 75°F Low: 63°F)
Thursday August 30th Some light rain off and on through the day. (High: 72°F Low: 64°F)
Friday August 31st : Cloudy day. (High: 76°F Low: 66°F)
Saturday September 1st: Clouds burn off by the afternoon. (High: 80°F Low: 71°F)
Sunday September 2nd: Clear skies. (High: 83°F Low: 75°F)

((OOC: Mods will not be posting for any activities.))

Nov. 13th, 2008


Week 21: Saturday

Who: Kin and Ita
When: Right as the sun was setting
Where: The beach

Being patient was one thing, but being impatient for the sun to set was another. Really didn't make sense, though for someone who was patient, like Kin for example, he was surprised, not realizing that he was pacing back and forth within his room - looking out his window each time he decided; which was every other second. Still to this very day, he was amazed that he could see the sun. It didn't hurt. It actually felt really nice. Now, if he went out, like he wanted to before, well, a lot could go so wrong. Not that he really wanted to test the theory.

He was still kicking himself in the butt for what he said. Going out in the afternoon. What a silly thing! Guess being around so many people actually brought the... Human out in him. If that was humanly possible. No pun intended. Though, it was cute that Ita totally forgot as well. Thinking of that made him laugh. She was so cute in the way he wanted to squeeze her to him, and probably never let go.

Eh... That's thinking a bit too much. Making the feeling of a blush come over his cheeks, causing both his hands to rub at them.

The best thing to do right now was distract himself. Yeah. That usually made the time fly by like he was speeding through the forest. And the only thing he could think of was looking over the portrait he did of Sasha. That day with her made him smile a little. She wouldn't mind him using this in the art show, right?

He had to sigh at himself. As if she would answer out of the blue. Kin couldn't even recall if he asked while he was doing it. Maybe he did, but being so absorbed in what he was doing, it probably slipped his mind; like the time usually did.

Thinking so much brought the sun down faster, not even realizing the time until he looked up.

He was cursing up in down in Japanese and English while he gathered everything together. The sun itching it's way down, down, and down. It wouldn't bother him so much if he painted her under the night sky, but getting a nice cast of a shadow upon her beautiful features would be lovely. Hopefully Ita wasn't waiting long as he raced to get outside. Dropping things here and there in several of the hallways.
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Nov. 12th, 2008


Week Twentyone - Monday

Who: Noah (open if wanted)
Where: City, Bar, stool
When: Monday Evening

Save spot will write up!

Nov. 11th, 2008


Week Twenty-One: Saturday

When: Early evening
Where: Boston
Who: Sam, Kiernan and Alana with mentions of Jax

Her issues about being forced into the photo shoot aside, Sam had been looking forward to this weekend for weeks now. Everything had fallen into place so perfectly and she couldn't wait to see the look on Kiernan's grumpy face when she gave him his final present. Throw Jax going on top of everything and it was amazingly awesome. Yeah her sister would be ditching them the first chance she got, but there was still the flight over and that meant something to Sam. She didn't feel like she was being used for a free plane ticket but was going to look at it as Jax reaching out a bit and putting some faith in Sam. Hey, she could be delusional all she wanted thanks.

The flight to Boston had been a long one but they arrived just after sunset like Sam had planned. Traveling with a vampire had made booking their flights somewhat of a pain but she was just that good and managed to pull it off rather nicely. She had even been able to convince Jax to grab some dinner before running off to Salem so as far as Sam was concerned, she was on fire! After they had seen Jax off in a cab with a pocket full of cash, they had headed off to the hotel where Sam had booked the three of them a nice two bedroom suite with all the amenities.

Friday morning and afternoon had been filled with running Alana all over the city for sightseeing while the evening had consisted of running around BU and attending whatever events were going on in the area. The entire time that they were there, Sam never hinted of anything more than it just being a trip to the city but when Saturday rolled around, that all changed. It was hard to keep the giddiness under the surface but she was so excited that it almost couldn't be helped. She found herself staring at the clock or watch on her wrist on more than one occasion and she had to take Alana shopping just so that she wouldn't end up spilling the beans before it was time.

When the sun finally set, she and Alana got dressed (whatever outfits they were wearing hidden under their coats) and escorted Kiernan down to an awaiting cab. "Sorry, but you have to be blindfolded for this one," she explained as she tied a silk scarf around his head. An address was handed to the driver and they were off without another word. "And stop grumping," she smirked, knowing that he was silently taking her name in vain. It was all totally going to be worth it though.

When they were only about five minutes away, Sam reached into the bag she had brought along and pulled out a cap that was quickly slipped onto Kiernan's head. "No peaking and no complaining." A second and third hat were also brought out for she and Alana respectively. Once they arrived, she helped the grumpy one out of the cab and removed the blindfold to reveal...Fenway Park! And of course, she and Alana were rocking some awesome Red Sox jerseys. "I thought you might like seeing a game," she grinned. Taking Alana's hand, she motioned for Kiernan to follow as they made their way with the crowd inside the stadium. From there, their tickets granted them access to a trio of prime seats five rows back and slightly to the right of home plate. "So what do you think?!"
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Nov. 9th, 2008


Week Twenty-one: Sunday

Who: Alice and Vallis
When: Dusk
Where: Music room
What: Alice gets to meet her new friend's maker?

Ever since her last night out with Lily and her encounter with Vivian, Alice had been nose deep in the books again. While the work load wasn’t as much as last week’s, she had the added stress of her parents wanting to visit her weighing on her shoulders. How exactly was she going to explain to them that it was impossible for them to visit her at the school? Things would be so much easier if they knew the truth and she knew she’d have to tell them sooner or later. She couldn’t keep putting off like she had been doing.

Just like in the past, she was letting that stress get to her and it showed since she was having a hard time controlling her powers again. Alice did her best to keep her focus when in class and had made a huge improvement with her control since her arrival at Halcyon. While she was in the privacy of her room though, it was another story. Instead of trying to control her abilities and deal with those horrendous headaches that followed, Alice would let the stupid thing go off whenever it decided to. Her room was starting to look like a mess too.

Sighing softly, Alice pushed her books aside and rose from her seat. She needed to take a break from studying and from the mess of her room. After pulling on something appropriate, she made her way to the music room. Hopefully it’d be empty unlike the past few times she tried to stop in there. The music that she heard flowing from the room those times was absolutely beautiful and not wanting to interrupt, she sat outside, enjoying it.

As she slowly walked towards the room, a slight smile crossed her face. No music came from the room today and she was glad that she’d have the room to herself. She always enjoyed playing the piano and it usually helped her cope with whatever was bugging her. She carefully took a seat on the bench and pushed the cover that protected the keys below. Alice preferred the feel of the wooden keys compared to the plastic ones like on her keyboard and she let her fingers gently press a few chords before pushing away the hair that hung around her face. She then took a deep breath and as she exhaled she started to play the beginnings of Moonlight Sonata.
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Nov. 8th, 2008


Week 21- Friday

Who: Fisher and Sasha
What: Discovering ghostly secrets
Where: On the front lawn to begin with
WHen: Night, around 8pm

"See the phantoms filling the sky around you. They astound you, I can tell..."

Fisher stared in awestruck horror at the scene before him. It was Friday night, which meant on Palatine Hill the Mundus stone was now open for business. Having seen ghosts all his life, and really having been like a lightning rod to them, Fisher had absolutely no desire to go out into town where there were sure to be plenty. However, morbid curiousity had led him out onto the front steps of the school in the hopes that, while safe from their reach, he could see if maybe Hades had indeed spewed forth its inhabitants. He was not at all prepared for the sheer multitude of spirits he saw now.

They floated along ther streets in crowds, like one might expect at a holiday parade. Some spoke, some screamed, some simply wandered. But there were just so many. His mouth hung open slightly, his eyes wide. Before he could register his actions, his feet began to carry him down the dry lawn, closer to the edge of the safety boundary. The world almost glowed from the ghosts, the way the night is lit up by fallen snow in moonlight. He could hear voices talking about everything and nothing. It seemed to be filling his head.

No, wait. One of the voices was in his head. "Come here," it told him. Fisher's head snapped around, trying to find out where it was coming from. "Do you dress in black to mourn the dead?" This was starting to get freaky. Fisher had seen plenty of strange things in his life, but no one had ever entered his head before. Walking faster toward the edge of the school's property line, he tried to determine who was talking to him. The most important things to figure out: Were they alive or dead?

Finally, he spotted a man who was staring intently at him. He was a European man, most likely Spanish, or maybe Italian. Dark hair, dark skin, bold eyes. He looked to be in his 30s and very severe. Most noticeable about him, though, was the angry raw hole in his throat. Most ghosts, no matter how they died, will revert back to the way they remember themselves looking. But some, especially those with a grudge, never let go of their deaths. This seemed to be a case of extreme grudge-holding.

Fisher walked up to the man, though not close enough to cross that invisible safety line. The dead couldn't hurt him, but he wanted to be able to run away if he needed to. "Hello?" Fisher asked, feeling like an idiot. The man didn't speak (didn't seem like he could), but that strange voice popped into Fisher's head again. "What on Earth do you wear?" he asked, his eyes scanning Fisher's Tim Butonesque shirt and pants. Fisher pushed his long hair off of his face. "Why are you talking in my head?" he asked.

The man made a face. "Because I have no vocal chords," he explained, as though Fisher were an idiot for asking. "I need you to find someone for me. I know she is here. Tell me where Sasha is."

"Sasha?" Fisher said dubiously. "I'm pretty sure I don't know a Sasha. Unless... wait, I think I know a girl with a dog named Sasha. She's small, really well dressed?" Okay, so Fisher's goal for the night had been not to help anyone floating around outside. But come on! This guy went through the trouble of invading his head! How could he just walk away from that?
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Nov. 7th, 2008


Week 21: Tuesday

Who: Kin and Sasha
When: After classes
Where: A studio in the art room
What: Trying to get the hang of drawing portraits

Ah, nervousness.

No. No. No. Being nervous would cause a lot of things to go wrong. And what was he nervous about? Oh, right, doing this whole portrait thing. Or maybe it could be because of whatever Sasha wanted. Yeah, blame it on that! No. That would be rude, blaming the problem on something that wasn't really bothering him right now. She said she could sit still, so, that wasn't what was making his body shake every so often. Maybe it was screwing the image up and having to face a frown once he peeked around the canvas.

Yeah, that was it. He nailed it on the head with perfect timing.

Kin let out a soft little sigh as the light was switched on. Thankfully there even was an open studio, he'd feel worse doing this in the own privacy of his room! Plus the fumes. Can't forget about the fumes. He looked up toward the nearest clock, letting out another sigh in the pause of his setting up. Good thing he came a little early before she appeared. Though, it wouldn't surprise him much if she was here earlier than him. Sasha striked him as an early bird, arrive early, and get things done that needed to be done. But then again, he always had a thing for judging people before really getting to know them. Bad habit, but it really couldn't be helped; even if he said to himself he never does it.

Everything was set up before he glanced at the clock again. She should be here soon, he thought to himself. The butterflies of nervousness floating about his stomach made him groan, patting at it through his shirt as he plopped down upon the stool in front of the big canvas. Why did he go for the biggest one again? Oh, right, he wanted to make this perfect and beautiful. Kin was slowly developing doubt about himself. Don't worry, it always happens on his part.
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Week Twenty-One: Monday, August 20th

((placeholder for Frankie and Vinnie going shopping... I'll probably be able to start it on Sunday morning))

Nov. 4th, 2008


Week 21: Monday

Who: Sasha and Mircea
Where: Isle of Bacalao Hotel
When: Late Afternoon
What: Tea, talk, and a spot of blackmail business.

To Sasha’s delight the Bacalao Hotel not only had a tearoom, they had a wonderful one. It was elegant without being excessively lavish, neat without being dull, well-lit and surprisingly spacious. There was none of the beribboned stuffiness that covered similar specimens like a bad case of mange.

Sasha’s requested table near a window and got it without trouble. The waiter pulled out a chair without hesitation; Sasha made a note to leave a good tip. She liked having doors opened for her—in more ways than one. It’s a tough world, Tori used to say. Enjoy whatever few courtesies survive it. Besides a window table offered an extra bit of privacy.

And Sasha’s upcoming conversation with “Mircea Grey” was not a public matter.

Unless he doesn’t come, hissed the cynical gremlin-voice in her mind. She ignored it. He’d come if only for curiosity’s sake. The universe had yet to invent a better bait than human curiosity. Except who said he was human…

Oh, whatever. He’d come.

Not interested in giving her doubts time to flourish, Sasha signaled the waiter. Ordering a pot before her guest’s arrival would be rude—even if she could empty it solo—but a cup of the day’s special, Orchid Oolong, would suffice till then. Ordering food posed a similar crisis of manners; Sasha’s stomach and manners warred briefly before compromising on Devonshire cream and hearty scones. It’d be like spitting in a canyon as far as Sasha’s ogre appetite was concerned, but, hey, at least it’d put something between her teeth. The waiter also didn’t blink at being asked to fetch water for Dreizen, which earned the man another juicy brownie point on Sasha’s meter.

(She remembered the time they tried baring Dizzy, then still a clumsy puppy, from the Savoy’s tea room. She’d staged hysterics until Josiah had words with the manager. In the end, both puppy and girl got in. there’d even been a placating “donation” of complimentary apricot tartlets.

Sasha was never one to waste a tantrum.)

Sipping tea, her posture uncompromised and her face calm, Sasha made a pretty picture in the afternoon was the point. The 40’s style dress and 30’s pumps were modest yet posh, matching the discreet garnet twinkle in her ears, the gold watch and bare fingers. Her hair was loose, her makeup simple. She looked, Sasha knew, like someone’s pampered niece, small and young and flush. Well-heeled, as Josiah would say in his ever-so charminlgy out-of-date way.

Josiah would have nothing charming to say about his runaway protégée meeting with a man of Jack Ransom’s repute—good thing we’re not on speaking terms then, eh, Hatter?—but it was Ransom’s reputation that Sasha was counting on. Supposedly, the man turned a tidy profit during his time. Whatever his motives (and oh how Sasha’s own curiosity itched to know that) Ransom was familiar with the business, the spider web of connections and hazards that Josiah once taught Sasha to navigate. The world she lost connection to without him. The world she needed now.

All good things to those with will, Sasha recited silently. Slathering cream on her scone, she settled in to wait.

He’d come.
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Nov. 2nd, 2008


Week Twenty one

Week Twenty One
Dates: Monday August 20th through Sunday August 26th
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Late August


With the less than stellar weather the school encourages students to enjoy the overcast skies for what they are. Maybe try something new. for instance, fog is pretty to take pictures of. It's easier to take walks with no worries of overheating and you can always enjoy the water without a blinding sun glare!

Keep in mind with the coming of the full moon next week on Tuesday, the 28th, those affected by the lunar pull may be more on edge. Try to be patient and keep this in consideration. Thanks!

H.P. Lovecraft is born this day in 1890. The Halcyon Library will be honoring him all week long with readings of his works done by some of the demons and other supernatural that influenced him. Come by to check out some of his works, and to view some of his original writings housed in out archives. Also we will present art, music, and film inspired by this great and troubled man.

On ancient Palatine Hill on this night, the Mundus stone is ceremoniously opened to allow the dead to leave Hades and commune with the living. Be aware though Halcyon will be warded against these spirits, the rest of the island will be rolling out the welcome mat.

August 26 of each year is designated in the United States as Women's Equality Day. Instituted by Rep. Bella Abzug and first established in 1971, the date commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment, the Woman Suffrage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave U.S. women full voting rights in 1920. Here are some links for more information connected with this commemoration:

August is Foot Health Month. Take care of your tootsies! Get a pedicure. Get a massage. Do something nice for the appendages that get you from place to place. Word is that there are some experts in foot massage around the school... take advantage of this great resource ;)

Next Week:
- Be Kind to Humankind Week. Or as some of us like to say... At least learn to tolerate them.
- Full Moon next Tuesday.
- Art Exhibit at the lux Hotel, hosted by Mr. Venizelos. The exhibit is open to all artists and art lovers. Participation will earn extra credit for his students. Sign up sheets will be located on the outside of his office and classroom doors. Or if you can see him at his shop Gun Smoke Tattoo. All of the artist at Halcyon are urged to check out this great opportunity to get their work out there and all are welcome to come and enjoy the show.

Birthdays this Month:
Mirael Gazardiel - Aug 7th
Caibre Ashwood - Aug 18th
Kiernan Gallagher - Aug 23rd

Monday August 20th Overcast all day. The light breeze in the afternoon will have little affect on the temperature. (High: 73°F Low: 64°F)
Tuesday August 21st: Overcast again. More afternoon winds. (High: 71°F Low: 66°F)
Wednesday August 22nd: Another overcast day with winds continuing throughout. (High: 69°F Low: 64°F)
Thursday August 23rd Lather, Rinse, Repeat. More of the same. Overcast with light winds all day. (High: 75°F Low: 64°F)
Friday August 24th : Overcast and cloudy. Light winds off and on. (High: 80°F Low: 66°F)
Saturday August 25th: Finally a break in the gloom. Clearing skies however, usher in warmer temperatures. A great day for the beach! (High: 87°F Low: 73°F)
Sunday August 26th: Clear skies and a soft breeze. (High: 82°F Low: 71°F)

((OOC: Mods will not be posting for any off campus activities.))

Oct. 30th, 2008


Week Twenty: Saturday

When: 8 o'clock
Where: Outside the Zephir House and then...
Who: Max and Cassandra

To say that Max had been worried over the past couple of weeks would have been an understatement. The idea that this "Jack" had taken advantage of Cassandra had his blood boiling and his dark eyes seeing red. Truth be told, the other man was lucky that he didn't just "disappear" one night. It could have been easy, one phone call to a few of his fathers friends and a snatch and grab once the bastard was away from the school. However that really wasn't Max's style and he wouldn't piss on the hospitality the school had shown in him that way. No, he would wait for now and seize the opportunity when it decided to arise.

Fortunately he now how a more positive event to focus on and that was his upcoming date with one rather stunning dark haired woman. Cassandra deserved to have a nice night out without worry of her past creeping up behind her. No, he was going to see to it that she was spoiled and treated how she deserved to be treated. She might have been a more low key girl who enjoyed simpler things but that didn't necessarily mean she wouldn't enjoy being treated like royalty for an evening. Besides, if she had any desire to spend truly date him then she would have to get used to being spoiled.

After seeing that his arrangements for dinner were still in effect, Max spent some time getting dressed and actually doing his hair. Maybe that was a bit of an overstatement but there had been gel involved while standing in front of an actual mirror so that had to count as putting some effort forth. As far as clothing went, Max decided on a suit of sorts that was more of a lazy rock star look than anything. He even went as far as putting on his newer pair of Chucks rather than the ones that were on the verge of falling apart so clearly he had been trying to look nice.

A few minutes to eight, Max slipped a small box into his pocket and headed out of his room and over to the Zephir House where he had told Cassandra to meet him. Lingering outside of the door leading into the common room, he glanced at his watch before shoving his hands into the pockets of his slacks. He still had a minute or two so now all he had to do was wait.
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Oct. 29th, 2008


Week Twenty: Tuesday

Who: James and Ita
When: Afternoon
Where: The library
What: A chance encounter

Avoiding everyone was quickly becoming James thing. Ever since he had returned from his mother's funeral, had he been this way. Granted, he had spent some time with Cissy when he first got back and had gone out one with Natalia, but that was it. And neither of those things had made him feel better at all. Natalia had basically rejected him even though he had tried his best to do better, to show her that he could be better, and he had thought that... well that there was something there but apparently he had been mistaken.

And then there was Cissy. He had been hot for her for a long time and she always turned him down. Always. But she was now dating some kid? What was that about? There was nothing that could have made him feel much better than he felt already than that. For real though, what the fuck? The kid must have been damn good in bed or something. He gave the whole relationship two months tops before Cissy left him heart broken and went back to sleeping with that asshole demon fuck again. But what did he really care? It wasn't like he had real feelings for her. No, those were otherwise occupied.

Speaking of occupied, reading had become a fast hobby of his. He had always rather enjoyed a good book, but since he had become the resident house of fire recluse, he had found himself breezing through novel after novel with very little thought. It was a welcome escape to staring out his window at the darkness and pondering the million and one things that he had to ponder.

Of course this new hobby led him to spend much time in the school's library which was, for the most part, quite empty. He liked it that way and he had gotten used to it being that way which was why, as he moved from one section to another, he hadn't bothered to use any of his extra senses to keep him from plowing into the girl that was making a similar move from one row to the next. And the books in her hands, and his own, went flying from his and her grasp as an arm moved out to grab her around the waist in an attempt to keep her from crumpling to the floor.

"Sorry..." James mumbled, not sounding at all convincing though his body language spoke of him being genuine. And he immediately knelt down to start picking up books, his and hers both.
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Week Twenty: Thursday

Who: Cissy and Sydni
When: Evening
Where: The Caf

Dinner. Why was it that everyone always wanted to meet over food? Cissy could barely stand food. She hated trying to eat in front of someone. She felt pressured to at least try to eat and then she just felt sick with herself afterwards. But apparently Sydni was a busy girl and dinner was pretty much the only free time that she had. But why did it have to be the Cafeteria? The food there was hardly edible. Granted, it was better than some of the Cafeteria food she had eaten, or not eaten rather, in her life, but it was still just.. Well eww. It made her feel disgusting just thinking about eating it. She preferred to only eat food that she prepared herself, truth be told, just so she would know exactly what was going into her body. But whatever! She was here anyway.

With a sigh, Cissy glanced around looking for this girl that she was to meet under the pretense of easing the other girl's mind about Cissy being involved with Simon. Aww, Simon. Just thinking about him made her smile. The truth of the matter was, however, that Cissy wanted to size her up, see whether or not she had anything to worry about when it came to this girl. Was she potential competition? Cissy wasn't sure yet, and that was the entire point of this little meet and greet. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. That was the golden rule, wasn't it? That's what she had always thought.

While waiting, it was decided that Cissy needed a fresh manicure. She would see to that after school on Friday. It was also decided that she would go for the spaghetti simply because that was something she could push around enough to make it look like she had eaten some without really having to eat it. She had already had a protein shake so she was good until tomorrow. And then finally someone started to approach her in their designated meeting area and she had to assume that it was Sydni. She frowned a little though it was hardly noticeable. She was cute. That was disappointing.

"You must be Sydni." The frown was replaced with her best smile as she extended a hand. "Cecilia, but you can call me Cissy."
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Week Twenty: Thursday

Who: Sasha (open)
What: Snacks and karaoke and, duh, snacks.
When: Evening
Where: The Garage

Some days just didn't end like they began.

Sasha had started the day in fine form: cotton-soft top, chic tartan skirt, and sensible footwear. She ran her errands without much fuss or trouble, double-checking with the grocer on Blues’ behalf, dropping off a roll of film to develop for Dr. Quinn, and successfully finding the local hardware store to snag a Dremel MultiPro. Unfortunately, she spent too much time deciding on the model and too little paying attention to the sky. The freaking rain got her like a sniper shot.

Rain, rain, rain. Crazy, pretty, incendiary rain. Hiding the sky, ruining her shoes, knocking on coffins, giggling at the girl below. It felt like someone rubbed menthol on the wrong side of her skin: invisible, impossible, and cool. Cold. Why did it have to be rain, why here? The rain in Spain stayed mainly in the pla—stop that.

Her “form” never had a chance; Sasha’s subsequent meltdown wasn’t quite Oz-worthy, but it did grate her composure into pure irritability. She spent a commendable couple hours caged in her room before admitting defeat and bolting back into town. Trooping across the still damp streets—while dutifully avoiding the few surviving puddles—Sasha considered her options.

The Pitt? Too much. Loft? Too little. Imaginarium? No games. No, what she wanted was—what? Noise. People. Life. Food. Definitely food, preferably in reckless, copious amounts—oh!

What passed the Garage’s doorstep didn’t look soft or chic or sensible. Either the jeans or the braids would have been enough to get Sasha quarter-horsed back home. Though truth be told, she didn’t look strange; she just didn’t look like…Sasha. The only recognizable part of her on the clock persona was the dog by her side.

(“It’s my roommate,” she explained, straight-faced and earnest. “Poor thing’s still recovering from the last full moon.”

Sure, the lie was stunningly obvious and Sasha got her first weird look of the night, but both dog and girl got in. On Bacalao bravado got you far, or at least far enough.)

First, she caught a bar seat. Second, she got Dizzy water and a bowl of “fixin’s” (as her Papa used to say when talking about delicious miscellanea.) Then…oh, then Sasha got to work.

Pizza. Onion rings, basket of fries. Potato skins with extra cheese. Bacon-wrapped jalapeños. A horde of chili-and-cheese poppers. That crunchy thing sprinkled with parsley? Bring it on. Oh, and did they have anything pickled and fried, ‘cause she’d take three if yes. Sasha quickly compiled a shove-down worthy of a starving Viking. Folding the pizza pita-style over the heart attack mess, Sasha grinned like the Big Bad Wolf coming off a tofu diet. It was almost perfect.

“Kid, you’re gonna choke.” The bartender shook his head.

Ah, perfect. “Time me?”

Exactly three minutes and twenty-seven seconds later, Sasha was sucking the last splotch of marinara off her fingers. The bartender shook his head again…but he was smiling. Sasha capitalized on the moment by commandeering the nearest bowl of peanuts. On stage, the latest karaoke fatality was belting out “My Way” and Sasha grinned to hear it.

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you know when I bit off more than I could chew… Oh, she liked this one, yes.

The place was crowded, she noted. Good Friday fodder. People were talking and smiling, touching shoulders. Laughter spilled frequently through the whiskey-toned atmosphere. The mood had a good, generous feel to it. A large number of the tables was fully loaded, and the tavern door never seemed to stay closed for long.

When the song ended, Sasha applauded wildly, adding a two-finger whistle for good measure. She swiveled back round to the bar, exchanging her perfectly empty bowl for one with better prospects. Admittedly, this means stealing the peanuts right out from under her neighbor’s nose, but, hey, all’s fair in love and snackery.

“Feeling brave?” she asked, purloined munchies in no way shadowing her smile.

Oct. 28th, 2008


Week Twenty: Friday

Who: Alice, and Vivian
Where: The Pit
When: Night, duh.
What: It's about damn time these two hung out.

It was safe to say that Vivian was a brat. That was even more evident to herself, now that she had been exposed to high quality, tailored clothing. She'd managed to pop over to Waters Couture and Chantal, and been fitted for the clothing she was set to where for the photo shoot the following day. The experience had been a bit odd. Sort of like being a complete strangers barbie doll. They dressed you up, then pinned, and synched every thing they put on you. She had to admit though, the clothing had fit her far better than any others she'd ever worn before. Which was amazing, because like every other woman that existed, her body wasn't perfect matched to clothing bought in a store. It had spoiled her though. She was now looking for some way to make enough money, so that all the clothing that followed could be tailored as well. Investments maybe?

"Pleeeaaassseee?" She purred against his ear. "I'll bring you your drinks personally the rest of the night. Or... I can get you the number of the blond dancer you've been drooling over. How about that?" Her arms hung lose around the neck of the dj, the front of her body pressed to his back, as she pleaded for him to play a bit of Type O Negative for her. She was going to be there till late in the am, so why shouldn't she get to make a few request? "Yes? Oh, thank you! You're an absolute peach, lovey. I'll have the number for you before the end of the night, I promise." Smiling brightly, she planted a kiss to the side of his face, then released him. She hadn't even made it back to the bar when the music she'd been aching for began playing. With one hand holding her bowler hat down on her head, she danced her way threw the throbbing crowd on the floor. Friday really was one of the best nights. Everyone eager to get out, and release that pent up energy from the week. It was amazing. It didn't hurt that she'd dressed to kill that night either.

With her bright red lips, and thick black lashes, she appeared to look like something out of A Clockwork Orange. Which wasn't a bad thing in her opinion. The book had been fascinating, and the movie was a Kubrick classic. Though, the Shinning was still her all time favorite of his. Who didn't want to resemble a very creepy, yet some what hot psychopath? Then again, she had been called strange on more than one occasion in her life. "I'm coming! Don't you see me heading that way?" Less experienced bartenders didn't seem to care for others wandering off for a moment. Easily overwhelmed, poor things.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist. That's tequila... You're making a Vesper, right? You need Vodka, not Tequila, love." Sighing, she butted the girl out of the way, taking over the preparation of the drink for the awaiting customer. "Don't leave, watch. You're learning for a reason, right?" She couldn't be too hard on the trainee. She had been one once, and if it hadn't been the for the patience of her fellow employees both at the Dead Horse, and here, she wouldn't have become the kickass bartender she was. "Now you need gin." Plucking another bottle from beneath the bar, she added the last chemical to the cocktail. "There you are." When the customer passed over the pay, she turned to the trainee, "He's tipped you, congratulations." Grinning, she quickly made her way down the bar, picking up her momentarily forgotten section of bar.
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Oct. 27th, 2008


Week 20- Thursday

Who: James and Fisher
What: Creepy shit
Where: Random Hallway
When: Mid-Afternoon

This woman he was following was someone's mom. He knew she was, because she had said so. She looked frail, and tired, like she had given up fighting and just let herself cross over. Unfortunately, she apparently wasn't done talking yet. She'd scared the crap out of Fisher that morning by standing at ther foot of his bed, paitently waiting for him to get up. He did not appreciate this, as he was sleeping in only a pair of boxer shorts. Still, she wasn't as pushy as a lot of spirits were. She mostly looked helpless, like she needed Fisher more than anything. So begrudgingly, he'd decided to follow her and see where she led him.

And so far he'd been following her all damn day. She only ever said one word as they walked- James- and then she'd start down another hallway. Sometimes the dead got lost, especially in unfamiliar ground. So he patiently followed, trying to remember if he even knew of a James at Halcyon. If James looked like his mother, then the face wasn't ringing any bells.

It was starting to look hopeless, until the woman halted along the corridor leadoing to the House of Fire. Her finger stretched out, pointing to a clean young man who seemed distracted. He was well shaped and cut like a boy should be, and Fisher felt a lump in his throat. This guy was way out of his league, one of the snobby assholes that probably wouldn't think to speak to someone like Fisher, what with his dark clothing and "guy-liner" (thank you, Jax). Still, this lady looked so sad he couldn't help but at least try.

"James," he said weakly, then cleared his throat. "James," he said again, with authority. "Your mother wants to talk to you."
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Oct. 25th, 2008


Week Twenty- Sunday

Who: Fisher and Ita
What: Stirring up memories from the ashes
Where: The Caf
When: Dinner
Rating: PG 13

Fisher couldn't finish the salisbury steak, despite its deliciousness. He was too busy ignoring people. Halcyon Halls was actually a lot less crowded than Fisher had anticipated, as far as ghosts were concerned. He had expected... well actually he hadn't know what to expect, but the lack of scary peoples was a nice break. It was so strange to be in a place where he was knowingly protected from harm. Right now, though, he couldn't finish his meal because someone (a dead someone) was bothering the crap out of him. He didn't feel like being a messenger boy, but he had promised the old guy who'd paid his tuition that he would work on his abilities, maybe learn to control them.

Sighing moodily, Fisher got up from his table and brought his tray to the dish chute. He was trying to subtly get a look at whoever he had to bring news to. She was a very pretty girl, younger than him, although her eyes held much experience. Well, that wasn't surprising, considering the circumstances. Her brilliant blonde hair was swept over her shoulder. She was chatting happily with a few people. Fisher was a little jealous how comfortable she looked with them. It wasn't fair what he was about to do, but it had to be done. Apparently.

He walked up behind her, trying to make some noise so she would hear him coming. He cleared his throat. "Um, are you Ita?" he asked, his voice on the borderline between nervous and inconvenienced. He waited for the girl to face him before adding,"Can I talk to you? Like... over there?" He gestured vaguely toward the door. He'd done this a few times- delivered messages- and no one ever took it well. No sense in making a scene in front of these people. He could at least give her that dignity.
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Oct. 24th, 2008


Week Twenty: Tuesday

Who: Titania and ( open )
Where: Near the woods
When: Around 7pm
What: Taking Shou for a walk

Titania was getting anxious. It showed during her last and final class of the day. She kept looking at the clock, scribbling down whatever the teacher was saying - if that was what they were saying. Her mind was everywhere but what was on the board.

And when that bell rang throughout the halls and into the room, she was out like a strike of lightening. Rushing to her bedroom and greeting that lovely little pup with so much love. There was food waiting for them, since she got lunch when it was her big break. Thankfully it didn't need to be heated up or whatever else that needed to be done. The cookies were all that she needed to fill her slightly empty stomach with. And what did the pup get? Not cookies! Shou got her favorite dog food. The water dish was changed, even though there wasn't anything dirty within it. Titania had an almost OCD complex when it came toward her new found friend.

She didn't realize how late it was getting. Shou was the one who barked her ears off, begging to get outside and probably do her business. "All right! I'll take you out!" Titania laughed softly as she pulled herself away from her laptop, got out of her PJs, and into something that was semi-bright. She was always told to wear bright clothing when it was dark outside. And the only reason she knew it was dark, she looked out her window; a frown coming to her plush lips. Why did the dog want out at this hour?

Well, whatever baby wants - baby gets.

Smiling toward that wagging little body, Titania grabbed the leash and got Shou ready for the little walk. Yes, little. She didn't want to be out there too long. Who knew what was out there. Yeah, she felt safe in the school. But that was inside the school.

An hour had to pass by now.

Of course, she totally forgot her watch. Shou kept pulling her toward the woods, like there was something out there that the little thing had to check out. Titania was curious as well, but not that curious. She kept looking around, pausing when she thought there was a branch breaking behind her, the puppy pulling at the leash and almost choking herself.

"Shou, please.. Stop that," she said. Crouching down to comand the pup to come to her. Which she did, and instantly Titania ran her hand along the white and black coat. Smiling at how cute her best friend was being, but then there came that branch breaking again. This time Titania let out a light gasp, picked Shou up, and spun around trying to see if anyone was there.

Guess what else she forgot to bring... A flashlight.

Oct. 21st, 2008


Week 20: Wednesday

Who:  Sydni and Mircea
What:  Meandering the beach; Mircea's found a new mark
When:  Evening
Where:  The beach

If there was one thing that put Sydni at peace, it was the ocean.  And there were plenty of places to find it on the island.  Even though she walked every morning, this week she had found it necessary to walk in the evening, too.  She had to take a break from work to think so she could come back refreshed.  She did a good job looking not distressed in classes, and she kept up on her work, so for the most part, most people didn't notice her morose mood.  Why should they?  She was just... quiet when she was sad.  Not much of a difference from her usual self.

Walking along the beach, the brunette realized that at least now she could find beauty in things.  Stooping down, she scooped up a sand dollar.  She looked at a lot of shells still, but the only ones she ever kept were sand dollars.  Whole ones.  She loved how Christians saw them as representative of Christ's wounds, while they were also perfect pentacles.  It showed how not so different the two faiths were, in her opinion.  Smiling softly to herself, she cradled the fragile shell in her palm and continued her walk.

The seabreeze reinvigorated her - she didn't think there was a cleaner scent on earth - and she paused to take a deep breath.  Yes, she was feeling better.  She no longer felt her heart was breaking.  It wasn't that she loved Charlie - she wasn't that foolish.  But she had cared deeply for him, and he was easily her closest friend here.  Perhaps she was foolish - it wasn't as if she hadn't been secretly hoping that somehow he'd be willing to...  With a sigh, she shook the silly notions from her head.  No thinking those thoughts.  She was feeling better.  No time for them now.

Continuing her stroll, she noticed a figure in the distance.  Someone else felt the urge to ramble.  No longer feeling so utterly morose, Sydni didn't steer her course away from the other person.  She didn't particularly want to chat, but a quick nod and a hello were not entirely beyond her.
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Oct. 16th, 2008


Week Twenty

Week Twenty
Dates: Monday August 13th through Sunday August 19th
Season: Summer 2007
Month: Mid August


Just in case any students missed Mr. Venizelos's post in his journal a Art Exhibition for student artist will be held close to the end of term. The event will be held at the Lux Hotel and will be catered, it sounds like it will be quite the event. Do remember art students in his class, this is extra credit for you.

Sign up sheets will be located on the outside of his office and classroom doors. Or if you can see him at his shop Gun Smoke Tattoo. All of the artist at Halcyon are urged to check out this great opportunity to get their work out there and all are welcome to come and enjoy the show

The school requests that students remember to take care of their pets that they bring to school. Please pick up after them when walking them either in the school or on the school grounds. No one wants to step in any presents. It is also advised that students prevent pets from running free. Not all werecats appreciate a slobbery kiss from a run away dog. Thank you for your cooperation.

International Lefthanders day An estimated 15% of the worlds population is left handed. Get out there and celebrate being left handed, knowing a leftie or just appreciating the left handed!

Tonight at the Garage... in honor of the King's death himself... take your hand at some Elvis Presley inspired karaoke. Specials include well drinks are $2 and food specials all night (the greasier the cheaper!).

August is Foot Health Month. Take care of your tootsies! Get a pedicure. Get a massage. Do something nice for the appendages that get you from place to place. Word is that there are some experts in foot massage around the school... take advantage of this great resource ;)

Birthdays this Month:
Mirael Gazardiel - Aug 7th
Caibre Ashwood - Aug 18th
Kiernan Gallagher - Aug 23rd

Monday August 13th A calm day.  Mostly sunny but with scattered clouds  (High: 93°F Low: 68°F)
Tuesday August 14th: A clear day, though thankfully the temperatures have gone down. (High: 88°F Low: 58°F)
Wednesday August 15th: Another not too warm day The skies are still clear but the temperature will climb slightly. (High: 90°F Low: 59°F)
Thursday August 16th Clouds roll in over night.  A late morning haze will foreshadow an early afternoon rainfall.  The rain will usher in ever cooler temps than earlier in the week. (High: 88°F Low: 43°F)
Friday August 17th : Scattered clouds throughout the day.  The continued cooling trend continues. (High: 81°F Low: 71°F)
Saturday August 18th: Clear skies.  The low temperature shows a significant increas. (High: 80°F Low: 60°F)
Sunday August 19th: The highs continue to fall.  Rain will move in shortly after noon and continue, sometimes heavily, throughout the rest of the day. (High: 76°F Low: 60°F)

((OOC: Mods will not be posting for any off campus activities.))

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