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Gunpla Builders World Cup - Australian Round [July Sunday 15th, 2012 at 02:13 PM]

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Yesterday I went to SMASH, which just so happens to host the Australian round of the Gunpla Builders World Cup.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos I took on the day :D

Seeing this in person made me really want the kit, pity the vendors were charging $100 for it...

I love the Zeon base, thinking about picking one up for myself as I mostly build Zeon kits.

The O! I have this kit myself (got it as birthday gift) but haven't started on it yet.

Qubeley! One of my favorite suits, this one is in nice custom colors :3

Yup this big guy is a kit too, he's worth over $1000 and is nearly as tall as I am (I am just at 5'4)


Let's make Gunpla! [July Monday 9th, 2012 at 09:03 PM]

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Whilst I notice that this community hasn't been updated in quite some time and that the creator of it isn't even active on IJ anymore, I still wanted to share my work in progress on a Gunpla kit for anyone who might happen to stumble upon this community.

I'm not a great builder but I hope you enjoy my post.

Usually I prefer to make Zeon kits but due to a price drop, I'm making a ν (nu) Gundam High Grade titanium finish version and here are the pics :D

Part 1

I got started on my kit right after I brought it!

Part 2

If you didn't notice, I'm using the box as the background. It's very handy.

Part 3

Starting to take shape.

Part 4

Weapons and shield done!

Latest Part

This is the part I love about building Gunpla, when you get to this stage and you can actually see the mobile suit instead of just some odd pieces.

Anyway that's it for now.
I also have a Sazabi MG sitting around in a box that's nearly all built but that's for another time.



Intro Post :) [September Monday 24th, 2007 at 12:54 AM]

Guess I'll kick things off :)

I'm Courtney. I've been putting together models since I was 6, got into Gundam Models when Gundam Wing was first aired (... anyone remember when? XD) and stopped doing models two or three years ago. I've recently regained intrest in Models and currently waiting till the first of next year to actually start doing anything (I want to get myself an airbrush and air compressor... then get myself a nice 1/30 Zaku II model and another model XD)

But yeah... as I mentioned I'll be getting myself an Airbrush after the first of the year... I've set my sights on a Badger 100LG and a Silentaire Scorpion I compressor. Can't wait till Janurary... untill then I'll probably keep myself busy thinking up color schemes for the 1/30 Zaku II I'll also be getting :)

Welcome! [September Sunday 23rd, 2007 at 11:53 PM]

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Welcome to Gunpla!

Gunpla is an asylum for those that paint, modify, and put together Gundam Models. When I joined Insanejournal and looked for Gundam model communities, I was shocked that there was hardly any asylums for even gundam, nothing for models. So I decided to make a community myself.

Now there are some rules, yes we hate them, but yes they are important.

1. No StIcKy CaPs or 1337 speak. Type in understandable English. I understand that sometimes grammar and spelling errors happen.
2. Excessive use of !! And ?? Is not allowed. Your question of how to fix a broken piece will not get answered faster if you put it like “OGMZERZ I BREK DEH CHEST PIECE!!!!!!!!!!1!1!! HELPZ!!!!!!!!!!!!HUW I FIX!!?!?!?!!!!???????”
3. Keep it peaceful. No, it doesn’t have to be tea parties and rainbows in here, but it doesn’t have to be world war of snarking. So No Bashing anyone on what gundams they like, what gundam series they like or anything.
4. People have opinions. Don’t get butt hurt if someone says their opinions. Now please don’t turn anything into a debate.
5. We are not google. Please google or even check the memories before posting asking for help on anything.
6. 1 strike system. You get one warning before you get banned.
7. Moderator words are law. If you have a problem with a moderator or a member, please contact the owner of Gunpla, [info]greycoin with her e-mail address,
8. Do not contact any moderator from their personal journals.

These rules will be changed/revised when needed. There will be a notice posted on any changes.

Please read over the rules before posting so everyone has a good time.

Happy Modding ;)


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