Jul. 29th, 2009


Who: Christy, OTA
Where: In Town
What: Coming straight from the Wasteland(Hell)
When: Three years after her death
Rating: R (For language and some violence)

Her sister's betrayal burns her.... )

Jul. 2nd, 2009


Who: Omni & Meredith (long)
Where: His house
What: Talking & Bonding
When: Just before meeting John
Rating: PG-13

Fuzzy blue monsters attack and twins talk. )

Jun. 25th, 2009


Who: Phoebe and Open
Where: Town
What: Arrival
When: Morning
Rating: TBD

Phoebe didn't know what was going on, the last thing she remembered was the demon Paige, Piper and her were fighting and the potion exploding for a third time. Silently cursing herself Phoebe was sure she read the directions in the Book of Shadows properly and had put in enough of each ingridient but apparenly something went wrong. "Piper is going to kill me" She muttered to herself only imagining what the manor looked like and the mess that Piper was going to make her clean up.

The other thing that worried the woman was that she would now have to not only find out where she was, but find a way home. This was the downside to being a charmed one, you were either turned into some big scary of the week or sent to new places with no way to get home.


Who: Echo and Open
Where: The house
What: Laying out on the patio
When: Morning
Rating: TBD though should start with whatever comes with mentions of rape.

Deep thoughts, by Echo Harkness. )

Jun. 7th, 2009


Who: Yuri & open
What: arrival to Guide
Where: the docks
When: morning
Why: he doesn't take well to boats
Rating: PG-13 mostly for language
Open: oh yes

Yuri staggered off the deck of the passenger cruiser, "I hate boats ...*groan*... why boats, can't a ...*groan*... man just go to sleep on a train ...*groan*... and not wake up on a boat?" Yuri tripped on a plank landing face first on the dock, "...*groan*... I'm just going to lay here a while"


Who: The Ninth Doctor&OTA
What: His arrival to Guide
Where: A beach...
When: Early Afternoon
Why: He hasn't a clue where he is
Rating: PG for amusement and all that good stuff.
Open: Open to all! And multiple threads are always welcome in my book! :D

This is definietly not Gallifrey... )

Jun. 6th, 2009


Who: Mizuki Rin and open
Where: The Shore of Nagori, not far from the Oracle's villa
When: Year 1 A.C. (After Creation) June 6th, late afternoon.
What: Mizuki arrives to Guide from the battle field of Politics.
Rating: TBA

I'm so sick of broken customs! )

May. 27th, 2009


Who: Wyatt and Open
Where: A street
What: Confusion (Which is never good for a all powerful witch)
When: morning
Rating: TBD

Wyatt was completely confused as he stood in the middle of the beach. This wasn't San Francisco, this wasn't even the same state, or world. Last thing the man remembered was orbing to go help his cousin out of a jam, Peighton was famous for those after all, and then he was suddenly in this new place and confused.

May. 21st, 2009


Who: Craig and Open
Where: in front of what looks like a hospital..running on a shell staff awaiting someone to run the place.
When: Morning
What: Arrival
Rating: TBD

Doctor Craig Gordon was worn out and honestly about to throttle his children when something went ver wrong. The last thing he remembered before pulling up in front of what looked to be a high class private hospital was telling Carly to stop tormenting Cole and Miranda having to take over the disciplining when suddenly the family was somewhere new. "Miranda?" he asked softly as he put the car in park and looked to his gorgeous wife. "Tell me I have not lost my mind..Please."

May. 20th, 2009


Who: Rose Tyler (Post Doomsday), The Master (Uh, the one that Rose is with), & Jack Harkness
What: Rose wants to see Jack, and she knows that her Master is just the person to go with her.
Where: Starting at Rose & Master's place, then going to visit Jack.
When: Afternoon
Open: Only to those mentioned above.

Rose bit the inside of her lip, a bit uneasy about what the Master would say if she asked him if they could visit Jack. It seemed like ages since she had last seen him, but they were still friends, were they not? Rose wanted to see Jack regardless about what the Master would say. She looked up at Time Lord that sat next to her on the couch, and smiled at him before asking.

"Can we go visit Jack?" Rose asked quietly, but with a bit of hopefulness in her voice.


Who: Ziva and Open
Where: Unknown to her
What: Arrival
When: Morning just after she poofs from the torture
Warnings: Spoilers Ahoy if you haven't seen the finale beware.

She knew where her loyalty lies )

May. 16th, 2009


M'ara's Entrance

Who: M'ara Sarek
What: Her arrival to the Guide
When: Unsure
Where: Somewhere...
Rating: TBA

M'ara looked at the lifeless body of the female security officer she failed to save. Her emotions were threatening to overpower her but she remained in control long enough to write a report of death. No one offered thier condolences or even said word to M'ara. "Why would they, Vulcans do not feel" she thought almost bitterly to herself as she finished the report. After the report was done she quickly left sickbay to go to her quarters, her shift was done and she knew it was best to be alone and not risk an illogical emotional display. On her way to her quarters M'ara felt a chill go through her body and soul, it was so powerful that she closed her eyes. When M'ara opened them again she was standing on a warm beach. "Facinating," M'ara thought as she looked accross the sea.

May. 10th, 2009


Who: Doctor (11th) and ota
What: trying to get back to the master and getting lost
when: not long after the 7th master shows up.
where: somewhere...
rating: tba

The Doctor moved about the Tardis tiredly, bloody and slowly dying. He stroked the console of the ship setting her to return to Cardiff...to his lover. The TARDIS rumbled softly almost worriedly when the man gasped pushing away from the helm. He took several calming breathes. Oh he was a fool. He should of never heeded the S.O.S. Not with his lover being so close to giving birth. Bloody trap.... He breath hitches as several wound twinge, his body letting him know he needed to let this form go and regenerate.

He closed his eyes and let the change over take him, a sharp cry escaping him as old cells instantly die and are over taken by new ones just as the TARDIS landed.

The Doctor frown softly and check the readings. The frown deepened. He when to change before stepping outside the ship, the TARDIS almost whining. "How strange..."

He walked further out and stopped. He sense two familiar auras nearby. The Master and Jack. He tilted his head.

May. 5th, 2009


Who: Pheonix Masters (Master #7) & open
What: Stumbling about feeling abandoned
When: First arriving at Guide
Where: The City
Rating: PG

Of all the impossible impossibilities. )

Apr. 21st, 2009


Who: Salazar Slytherin & open
What: Looking for a place to settle down
When: After being kicked out of Hogwarts
Where: The City
Rating: PG

Salazar had been traveling for a while, licking his wounds. Godric had injured him pretty badly when he had banished him from HIS school. Well their school, but part of it had been his. He had helped build it and was cast out for the great crime of wanting to protect his students. it was a good thing that he was a skilled healer or he would not have survived his wounds. As it was he was looking for a place to rest safely and figure out what to do now. It was at this thought that he came across the town. Cautiously he pulled out a sword and advanced. He could always put the weapon away if the residents were friendly. He didn't pull out his wand because a wand would let any muggles know he was a wizard right off the bat, not a good thing these days.

Apr. 15th, 2009


Who: Jack and Meredith
What: Talking, calming down
When: After looking into Eric's mind
Where: her Bathroom/bedroom at the Harkness residence.
Rating: Pg-13 for language

Meredith had ran from the living room, the images of all that the little boy had gone through lingering in her own mind now and though she didn't have the original emotional impact the images where enough. She slammed though her bedroom door and dove for the bathroom, barely making it as she heaved.

Mere leaned against the toilet, sobbing quietly almost trapped in the memories she saw. The girl whimpered softly wondering if maybe Omni wasn't right about timelords and humans, quickly banishing the though and crying a little harder.

Apr. 14th, 2009


Who: Eric Lensheer (Magneto) & Gray & OTA
What: Finally out of hell
When: Arriving
Rating: TBA for now.

The ash laden air filled his lungs as he labored to breath. That morning had been another examination. Standing out naked in the cold air hadn't helped any of them fight off the rampant illness plaguing the camp. The rest of the day had been spent dealing with the bodies. So many bodies and the ash near the ovens was even thicker. He was stumbling towards the barracks, trying to avoid the soldier's eyes. He wasn't up to dealing with their games. In order to do so, he moved between two barracks to get to his own. The world shifted... and he was stumbling into an area that was completely different from what he had spent so much of his life with. This was not the camps.

The emaciated lad moved towards the city, looking around for any sign of soldiers. He was only wearing a simple long shirt with the Star of David sewn on it and some worn too large shoes. He trembled and tried to keep walking. He was used to having to move when he wanted nothing more than to collapse and never get up again.

Apr. 12th, 2009


Who: The Master (young) & Open
What: Wandering
When: Arriving
Rating: TBA for now.

The Master woke up and immediately knew something was wrong. He looked about. Where was he? What had happened? The last thing he could remember was a man, a Timelord begging him to regenerate. But that was a dream, wasn't it? Had he regenerated. He had to have. He knew this wasn't the body he had been originally born in. Well, this was certainly a young age to have to regenerate at. If only he could remember why, or why he had been surrounded by people he didn't know. There had been the Doctor, but he had been older.

He stood up. That was what he had to do then. Find the Doctor. He help his figure this out. There was nothing that he and his best friend couldn't figure out given enough time. He started towards the city, calling out. "Hello?"

Apr. 10th, 2009


A brown haired girl in a white dress walks into a field of flowers and sits under an apple tree. She looks at the blue sky and wonders about life.

Apr. 8th, 2009


Who: Chloe Sullivan and OTA
What: Exploring,making new friends,etc
When: About a day or two after arriving
Rating: TBA for now.

Chloe was in heaven!this place was filled with so many strange things her inner reporter was drooling!.

Her hand never stopped moving over the tiny note-pad as bright blue eyes darted to and fro.It was because of this she didnt see the person standing there until the last minute,when she crashed into them.Stumbling backwards she frowned "oh god I'm so sorry! I Guess my curiousty got the better of me"she explained with a bright smile.

Apr. 7th, 2009


Who: The Omni, Meredith Harkness, Ianto Jones-Harkness, John Hart, Jason, Gray (the oracle) and Open
What: Opening of Haven, making new friend
When: About a week after arriving, a bit after John and Omni's romp in the office
Where: Guide. Jack Harkness's home first then The Haven, Omni's club
Rating: TBA, most likely to be R

Meredith sat on the porch next to Ianto as they waited for Omni, as several of the fluvian furgies dozed around her Azure in particular resting in her lap and burbling happily as she pets him. She was still less the happy about the sensation onslaught from earlier and it clearly reflected in her tense posture.

Ianto sighed and reached over to gently stroke her hair, mindful of the fact it was currently style lightly for the night. "Are you okay?"

"It was just an uncomfortable discovery."

The Welsh timelord nodded slightly, understanding the reference to a discussion they had a few minutes again. "We'll find a way to help you shield yourself from his emotions. If you can feel his pleasure that strongly I wonder about pain."

Mere wrinkled her nose. "Well let's hope that here we don't have to worry about it."

Ianto chuckled and nodded. "Indeed." He looked out and smiled. "Looks like our escort is here."

The young woman gave a short nod and a small, tight smile suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the idea of going to a club where people could brush against her.

Apr. 4th, 2009


Who: Lori, Kyle, and Open
Where: Heck if they know
What: Confusion and wariness
Rating: TBD

Kyle and Lori were clearly lost, and Kyle didn't like it. Kyle had never been one to not be good at something, or even get lost so to have him confused slightly terrified Lori.

"What happened?" She asked Kyle, clearly hoping for a response somewhere in the ballpark of a clue.

"I don't know." He said flatly, looking around trying to size up where they were. "It's a street." He said with a sheepish, yet somewhat cute smile.

"Well thank you Kyle, that was helpful, think you can round up a bit more vague there?" Lori asked her typical sarcasm intact as she rolled her eyes and also looked around. "I would have been worried for myself if I couldn't have figured that out on my own."

"Sorry" he said feeling bad now.

"Don't apologize Kyle, you didn't do anything wrong." Lori finally added feeling bad. "I'm just being having a bitch moment sorry." She said as she started to walk. "Do you think we should stop someone and ask?"

"I don't know that, that is a good idea Lori, what if something happens?" Kyle asked, though somewhere deep down he knew the logic behind that..

"So what do you think we should do? Wander around and look like idiots?" She asked.

"No, I guess we should ask, but be careful okay?" With that he walked ahead of her looking for anything familiar.

"Yes sir" She saluted behind his back and followed wishing for someone, anyone they might know.

Apr. 2nd, 2009


Who: Matt Parkman and Open
Where: Heck if he knows
When: Afternoon
What: Confusion
Rating: TBD

Matt was still trying to figure out what happened. last thing he remembered he was running from Danko and his men and then he was in a whole new place. As he looked around it seemed to be a bright place, somewhere safe, but at the same time something was not right about it. As he walked down the street he searched for anyone who might tell him where he was and what had happened to bring him to this place.


Who: Anabella and open
Where: Who knows
What: A scared lil girl
When: Morning
Rating: TBD

The scared child stood there, in the middle of what looked like a road and sobbed. Covered in blood and cuts, her head bleeding the most she looked around for any sort of familiar face that could be found to help her, but no one came, no one that she knew.

It had been a terrifying day for her, first being locked in a small room to stay 'safe' from the 'bad man' who wanted to take her ability, and then being found and having to fight her way out of harm's way from the man who wanted her ability. All Anabella could think, all she could hold on to was that her parents had died to save her and she couldn't let that go in vain, but now, she was somewhere new, some unknown place and she was more scared now than she had ever been before because she was all alone.

Mar. 30th, 2009


Who: The Omni and John Hart
What: Making friends
When: About a week after arriving
Where: Guide. The Haven, Omni's club
Rating: TBA, most likely to be R

Omni had spent most of the week working on his new club. Gray had more than helpful with getting everything and anything he asked for in very short order. It made him minorly curious about where these things came from but not curious enough to really bother with finding out. He walked outside to get a good look at the exterior. The sign proclaimed that this place was called HAVEN. Omni looked through the front door and checked the interior. Yup, he had done his calculations and work correctly. The inside was bigger than the outside. Given the nature of the club's exterior, though, it wouldn't be obvious unless you were familiar with the technology.

Mar. 28th, 2009


Who: The Omni and Meredith Harkness
What: Finding a sister
When: After speaking with Gray
Where: Guide. Omni's backyard
Rating: PG

The Omni wandered through his new house, impressed with the decor and such. He felt something here. A Timelord? Not his father. He moved to the backyard and looked around. There was a young woman in the backyard next door. He didn't know about any female Timelords, but that wasn't what caught his attention most just then. A small blue furry critter was entering his yard. A familiar looking critter. He blinked and felt something he hadn't for a long time. Actual care, and attachment. That...it looked so much like his old pet. He knelt down and pet the little thing. "Hey there."


Who: Jack and Gray the Oracle
What: Showing Jack to his home, introducing him to his housemates.
When: Same day as arrival.
Where: Along a beach front area
Rating: TBA

Gray finally stopped in front of a pair of rather large but beautiful homes. One done up in pale blues and whites the other in pale cream and white and not too far behind the two was a large villa home. The young Boeshane gestured towards the cream house where a young woman sat surround by a number of furball like creatures. "Hope you like it. Everything you need has been stocked. The house closer to water is mine. Feel free to visit."

He shook his head. "Told Bastet that it was too large for one person." Gray smiled at Jack. "Want me to go in with you?"

Mar. 27th, 2009


Who: David and sheth
What: hanging out?
Where: the beach
When:early morning/sunrise (pre-arrival &arriving to Guide)
Rating: TBD

David yawned,stretching out and toying with the sand,letting it fall through his fingers.He had been on assigment all day,being War was never easy,and was actually looking forward to some R&R.

Grinning he lightly tossed the sand in sheths direction "Having fun without me hotstuff?"he teased

Mar. 19th, 2009


Who: Rose Tyler (post Doomsday) & Master
What: Cuddling & stuff
Where: Their place
When: Evening, after dinner (pre-arrival to Guide)
Rating: TBD

Rose smiled as she cleared the table of the dishes from the dinner that she and the Master had together. Things were so much more different without the Doctor, and though Rose missed him terribly, this was the life that she had deserved. Not that she minded traveling with the Doctor, but there were times that she nearly gotten herself killed and now Rose didn't have to worry about that so much now. Still the same girl, ever so brilliant and slightly cheeky, but living in the alternate dimension and crossing over had changed her outlook on life slightly.

As she put the dishes in the sink, Rose turned and smiled at the Master before walking over and sitting next to him on the couch.

Mar. 1st, 2009


Introducing a brand new world.

Who: Gray (author and moderator) and Bastet (God like being and creator of the new world.)
What: Introducing Guide and getting everything kicked off
When: Time is irrelevant
Where: Guide. A world all on it's own.
Rating: G.

Gray looked around curiously walking up to a black haired woman garbed in ancient Egyptian dress. "How's everything going?"

The woman turned brilliant blue eyes on Gray. "Almost done. Just putting final touches on the planet."

"Thanks Bastet."

"Not a problem Gray. I've been bored."

Gray smiled at the god like being. "Still it had to be difficult."

"Nah. So long as my Mun Host is creative I have more then enough power."

"Wow. Great!" Gray smiled. "So what's the conditions here?"

Bastet grinned. "I have homes, schools, healers, and shops set up just waiting for people to come along and fill them. No person can kill another here. And plenty of food and drink for all!"

Gray chuckled. "You've been with your Mun Host too long."

"Perhaps. Anyways. This world is open to any and everyone who stumble upon it." Bastet smiled. "If anyone has questions about this world have them ask you and through you I will answer." She faded into a sparkling mist that disappears soon after.

Gray Harkness stood there for a long moment before walking to the yet unoccupied town. He strode through the silently streets, looking around. It was clean, simple. Perfect. The man smiled peaceable.

Guide would be near impossible to find on purpose with natural laws put in place to prevent and control cruelity. He understood of course that you couldn't always stop the fights and the hate but at least there was some buffers against them and that was enough.

Gray exited the town walking to a small clearing. Here...he was the Oracle of a new world. He past forgotten.

"The end is where we start from. Let's begin." Gray murmured to the air...and the gates between worlds opened as he went to greet the new comers.