Jun. 26th, 2022


Baked Ziti with Summer Vegetables

Good Sunday everyone! Hope everyone is staying cool!

It's not too hot here today but it's been raining so it's all steamy and humid. It's supposed to rain tomorrow too so I'll get wet going to the doctor. Joy.

Going to the doctor this week mainly because they won't be open on the 4th. I'm on my third skin graft and it's looking really good. It's smaller, less red, and no longer looks like something bit me. I'm really pleased!

I haven't heard much from my newfound cousin. I email her once in a while since we're so far apart for texting but she doesn't answer. Why get in contact with someone if you're not going to talk to them?

Not much else going on. Which is good in a way, fewer doctor appointments. I survived the OBGYN last Monday, don't have to do that for another year, thank Goddess. That's always embarrassing and uncomfortable. I go for a mammogram in a couple of weeks, that'll be so much fun. I suppose next year I get the third of the embarrassment trifecta and get to have a colonoscopy. I can't wait!


Getting old sucks. It's better than the alternative but still, not looking forward to it next year.

Found a recipe for all that squash that people give you from their gardens. Baked Ziti with Summer Vegetables. Hope you like it!

Baked Ziti with Summer Vegetables )

Jun. 21st, 2022


Happy Solstice!

Whether it's Winter or Summer, I hope everyone has a happy solstice today! May the sun shine on you brightly wherever you are!
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Jun. 19th, 2022


Orange-Chocolate Mousse Pie

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm back again! LOL!

So it's almost Midsummer. The leaves have filled in on all the trees around here and it was over ninety the other day and is supposed to be hot again this week. Summer is here!

Although I could really do without the high temps, thank you very much. My electric bill was crazy for this past month.

My leg is looking better! I'll be getting my third skin graft tomorrow. It's still a hole though, and I only have two skin grafts left after this one. Here's to hoping that it'll work. Of course, tomorrow won't be all that fun, I get to go to the gyno tomorrow before I go get my leg worked on. Fun. Just what I want to do. At least I only have to go once a year, it could be worse. Then I go to get my shrinky-dink meds refilled on Wednesday. That's pretty much an in-and-out type deal. Thank gods. It used to take HOURS. I'm so glad they changed bosses.

Other than that, I don't have to go anywhere else this week, thank goodness. I don't like going out, especially when it's sunny and hot. I've got fair skin, I can get sunburned on the drive into town if I'm not careful.

I wanted a citrusy recipe for the Solstice but no-bake and easy. Not too many orange no-bake pies that I could find that doesn't look like a creamsicle but I found this. Orange-Chocolate Mousse Pie. It looks good and except for the crust, it only needs the microwave to cook the gelatin for a little while. Hope y'all like it!

Orange-Chocolate Mousse Pie )</b></b>


Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to my dear friend [personal profile] lunabee34! I hope you have a blessed day and a wonderful year ahead of you!

If You Were Born Today, June 19:

You are mischievous, playful, and youthful throughout life. Finding any one path to follow is a little difficult for you, simply because you are multi-talented and prefer not to be tied down to any one thing. You are also highly versatile and clever with a personality that sparkles even though it can be contradictory at times. You will go to great lengths for love, and you are capable of making sacrifices in order to sustain a partnership.

Famous people born today: Kathleen Turner, Paula Abdul, Phylicia Rashad, Mia Sara, Ashly Burch, Zoe Saldana, Samuel West, Ryan Hurst, Robin Tunney, Hugh Dancy, Dylan Playfair, Chuku Modu, Aidan Turner, Neil Brown Jr., Gena Rowlands.

Info is from Cafe Astrology.