July 24th, 2012

[info]uesider in [info]gossipghoul

Gossip Girl Blast #2979

Spotted: All the healthy princes and princesses running away from the ball, and some of them not so very healthy anymore. Looks like the stroke of midnight turns the less fortunate into something much worse than a pumpkin. But don't worry, Upper East Siders, your fairy Gossip Girl is still here to give you the scoop:

S and the original CB made a narrow escape to the roof - pity about the shoes, S - where they met N. Poor Golden Boy - looks like he'll just have to get high off of all the excitement from now on. And how did this loaded trio get down? Looks like even the devil can have a soft side. Big Bad Bart swooped in to save the day-- or rather his billions did, in the form of a private helicopter.

And Bart's wayward son? He and B sneaked off to Table D'Hote (a establishment you should only enter in the event of a catastrophe) and were seen speeding away in a towncar with Bass Industries plates.

Now all the royal little children are tucked away at the Palace -- only the classiest of bunkers will do for an Upper East Sider. No word yet on Lonely Boy, but one thing's for sure - unless he uses some of his powerful connections, he'll never leave Manhattan alive.

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