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Go recs (slash) [04 Oct 2008|07:32pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay i have no idea if this is allowed, so if its not then tell me and
i'll remove it. As may know i do recs for a lot fandoms and GO is my fave,so i have started making more rec list for and will post them here.

Title:Atheist Love
summary In which Aziraphale worries about athiesm, loudly.

AuthorQuantum Witch
Paring :Crowley/Aziraphale
summary An interrupted vacation. An irregular assignment. An embarrassing moment. A desperate night.
A terrifying realisation. A miraculous meeting. And a happy ending.

Title:The Right Idea
Author websurffer
Paring :Crowley/Aziraphale

Title:Guardian Angel
Author wordwiz8121
Paring :Crowley/Aziraphale

Title:Love Infernal
AuthorDr. Shibui
Paring :Crowley/Aziraphale

Title:Accidents: or so they seem
Author i.write.fic.not.tragedies
Paring :Crowley/Aziraphale

Title:Easter Lily
Author Taiyou-To-Tsuki
Paring :Crowley/Aziraphale

Title:Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Author: auberus11
Paring :Crowley/methos

Title: Salvation
Author Adi88
Paring :Crowley/Aziraphale

Title:Unexpected Consequences, or, Rescue:Rewind:Repeat (gen, slight C/A Slash)
Author i.write.fic.not.tragedies
Paring :Crowley/Aziraphale

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