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Hair Dye

Does anyone have any tips on hair dye? I'm considering dyeing my hair, but I've never done it before.

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Girly to the max

I got a pink nintendo DS lite and I got this case but mine is hot pink. It matches my pink moto razor phone with matching blue tooth headset:D Oh and I have a pink mini maglight flash light that I carry around that matches too.

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Underwear recs?

Hi, everyone! I need some good brand recommendations for cotton underwear (bikini or boycut style). I used to be devoted to Victoria's Secret but in the last couple of years they've started using a cheaper, thinner cotton and they're not as comfortable, nor do they last as long. So, I need to make a switch. Any ideas?

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MAC in Finland

I don't know if this is of any interest for anybody but me, but... They have MAC cosmetics in Finland nowadays. :D I fell in love with their lip glosses, and the selection of different shades of everything is just amazing.

I used to whine (well, not so much but a bit ^_~) how there's no importer in Finland for their products. Now Stockmann (a big local department store) is bringing the products.

Shopping spree!

I am back in the city again, which lead to a shopping spree! I got a shelf, a dvd rack and a huge fuzzy blue pillow from IKEA.

And then I went kind of crazy with the media buying and got season 2 of "Scrubs", the books "the Lies of Locke Lamorra" and "Night Watch", the manga "Gon" 1, and the comicbook trades "Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes: Adult Education" and "Fallen Angel". Plus I went to pick up my comics.

I'm so gonna be broke. But I'll be a happy broke person. ;)

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