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4/8/08 09:05 pm - [info]brightbear

So, these are the recs for Ghost in the Shell I have discovered so far. Most of it is tv-series related (Stand-Alone Complex) though there are a couple of ones related to the movies.

A range of pairings are included here, I was going for anything with decent writing rather than anything else and some of them are slash. I hope that is okay in this community. Probably slightly biased towards Togusa who is my favourite character :)
Pairings include Batou/Togusa, Batou/Motoko, Togusa/Motoko and Aoi/Togusa.

Ghost in the Shell Fic )

3/30/08 02:43 pm - [info]katsuragi - Hello and welcome!

To the first Ghost in the Shell community on IJ. I'm not sure how active this community is going to be- I'm not sure how many fans are around this side of the internet- but I love the series, and didn't want there to be no community at all for discussion and fanfic/art. Please, join! Post! :)
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