Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Aaron's younger sister

Tentative name: Amelia LaVigne
Tentative age: 14-16
Relations in game: Aaron LaVigne
Suggested PB: Up to you!
Suggested profession: Student
Suggested power (if applicable): None
Any details you feel needs to be included?: Yay siblings!
Wanted plot line: Brother/sister
Anything you're willing to compromise?: age, pb, power (if she bought it)
Anything else?: nooope
Contact info: email Lyddia at
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Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Long-lost Sibling(s) (two characers, one male one female)

Tentative name: Up to you! Last name Bacchus
Tentative age: Late teens to mid 20s
Relations in game: David Bacchus, Coraline Tibbits, others if this somehow fills other premades...
Suggested PB: Shiloh Fernandez! (for a boy) Please please PLEASE!?!? Amanda Setton (if you can find icons) anyone who looks like Ed Westwick, Michael Fassbender, or John Slattery.
Suggested profession: Any
Suggested power (if applicable): Probably none unless purchased
Any details you feel needs to be included?: It has been decided that as the project fell apart, Arthur Bacchus sought escape off-island (because he could). He had never been faithfulto his on island wife, and therefore, had no problems starting up a separate family on the mainland. He has since left them, and David knows nothing about them.
Wanted plot line: Long lost sibling for David ;)
Anything you're willing to compromise?: Name, age, occupation, I can probably be tempted to budge from the pb
Anything else?: I dunno! Email me ( for details and plotting :)
Contact info: Lyddia at
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