Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Tentative name: Leah Elwood
Tentative age: 13/14
Relations in game: Evan Elwood (father), Natalie Elwood (mother), Emily Monroe (aunt), Sam Monroe (uncle), Laney Riley (aunt), Noah Riley (uncle)
Suggested PB: Elle Fanning
Suggested profession: student
Suggested power (if applicable): whatever you want
Any details you feel needs to be included?: Leah is the first born child of Evan and Natalie. She has a little brother named Charlie who is not currently played in game.
Wanted plot line: Daughter line! Leah is very much a Daddy's girl. Plus, we need more young teens and Wyrd students. Evan and Natalie are the new headmasters of the school.
Anything you're willing to compromise?: Name, age, PB
Anything else?: Nope
Contact info: Comment here if interested.
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Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Elliot's brother

Tentative name: Xavier Denmire
Tentative age: 21
Relations in game: Elliot Denmire
Suggested PB: Taylor Kitsch maybe, but anyone could work
Suggested profession: Waiter or bartender
Suggested power (if applicable): Pyrokinesis
Any details you feel needs to be included?: He is like a parent to Elliot. He even tried to kidnap her after he left home and got settled.
Anything you're willing to compromise?: PB, profession
Anything else?: Not that I can think of. You can look at Elliot's profile for more details
Contact info:
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