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[12 Jan 2013|11:41pm]
Tentative name: Johnny Paddock Lancaster Ackermann
Tentative age: 27
Relations in game: Rayne Ackermann (younger sister)
Suggested PB: Bastien Bonizec, Nick Santino, Joseph Mazzello
Suggested profession: None
Suggested power (if applicable): Any really
Any details you feel needs to be included?: The reason he has had three last names is explained in the crazy twisty backstory that can be found in his sister's profile [info]silent_siren. Both he and Rayne grew up a very privileged life and also their was a huge scandal in their family that sort of tainted the for most of their lives. Once the kids turned eighteen they chose to change their last name to Ackermann (their bio father's last name) to sort of escape the spotlight and start anew. He is the only person who Rayne will actually talk to, she will talk in a deeper octave but she will do it for her brother. He's te only person she really trusts.
Wanted plot line: Brother for Rayne
Anything you're willing to compromise?: I'd prefer a PB with red hair but I'm not that sold on it. It was said that he grew up looking like their bio father while Rayne looked like their mother, so he doesn't have to resemble Emmy Rossum that much.
Anything else?: I've always kind of envisioned him not holding down a job very long and sort of living on the trust fund his parents left him. I see him as sort of the Prince Harry of the family, always ends up in the tabloids and in trouble even though he tries to be good.
Contact info: Lindsey (Rayne's player);; LTODawson (AIM)
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[12 Jan 2013|11:59pm]
Tentative name: Nikki (Nicole) (last name)
Tentative age: 33/34
Relations in game: None
Suggested PB: Nicole Scherzinger
Suggested profession: Singer
Suggested power (if applicable): Any (but nothing that would have made her getting famous by "cheating"
Any details you feel needs to be included?: She and Emily met in college and immediately bonded. They still are super close today and Emily is her main songwriter. Nikki became very rich and famous but still makes time to come in town to see how Emily and co are doing. After college and after they got off the island the two lived together in Boston for a few years.
Wanted plot line: Best friend for Emily
Anything you're willing to compromise?: PB, just make sure she looks like she's in her 30s.
Contact info: Lindsey (Emily's player);; LTODawson (AIM)
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