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Dawn's Father [17 Aug 2012|01:07pm]
Tentative name: Yannick Jansen
Tentative age: 45+
Relations in game: Dawn Miller (adopted daughter), GUARDIAN agents, Juri Arakawa (private investigator)
Suggested PB: Christoph Waltz, Jeff Goldblum, Alexander Siddig, Bill Nighy, Ulrich Muhe
Suggested profession: Scientist or physician previously tied to the Genome Project, currently a government consultant
Suggested power (if applicable): none, unless bought after leaving the island
Any details you feel needs to be included?: He was divorced or widowed before adopting his daughter, at the time it was for convenience of the project but he grew to love her as his own. His extended family is close knit, but they never fully embraced the adoption. He does not know Dawn's current whereabouts or name, he would only know her as Saya. They have not talked or seen each other in five years. Her runaway case has been cold, but he has been pushing for agents to reopen it.
Wanted plot line: A reconciliation line between father and daughter, with a little 'help' from GUARDIAN agents in DC.
Anything you're willing to compromise?: His first name and his face, whether he worked/had a relationship with her biological mother.
Anything else?: Not off of the top of my head, feel free to ask!
Contact info: comment the profile (it'll be screened) or email
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Love Interest for Caleb [17 Aug 2012|10:34pm]
Tentative name: Up to you
Tentative age: mid-twenties
Relations in game: Can fill other premade
Suggested PB: Scarlett Johansson
Suggested profession: GUARDIAN Agent, or a FBI analyst
Suggested power (if applicable): Would prefer none but can have bought one later or from the island
Any details you feel needs to be included?: CAleb has a thing against norms or people without powers so I think it has the makings of a lot of fun interactions of trust issues with Caleb.
Wanted plot line: Love interest for Caleb, interactions with other GUARDIAN agents, lost of trust issue drama with Caleb.
Anything you're willing to compromise?: Pretty much anything, but I really would love Scarlett Johansson (Nanny Diares era)
Anything else?: N/A
Contact info: LTODawson/ (AIM/e-mail)
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