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[02 Feb 2013|12:53pm]
Hey just wanted to give you guys a heads up since I'm sure you've noticed I'm a little scarce recently. Work is just blah and my hours are weird, and I'm on the west coast so by the time I get home most of you guys are asleep XD. But I'm not gone and not on hiatus or anything. Just letting you know that on weekdays the most I can really do are like texts and such. Weekends are the only time I really have the brain power to do threads. However...I do have a week off the week of Feb 11th (yay PTO). So I will be around a bunch from Feb 9th to Feb 17th. I will be working on finishing up my screenplay, but that will probably be done like one day. I have to do it in one sitting or I won't do it...that is my process. Just wanted to let you guys know!!
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