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Today is Wednesday, and time for our Character Spotlight! [23 Jan 2013|02:58pm]

Aaron LaVigne

Players are encouraged to:
Ask questions either IC or OOC
Tell what they like
Tell what they dislike
Comment where they'd like to see him go
List their favorite quotes
Show love

Please keep things friendly. Lyddia can decide whether or not to respond IC or OOC. Nothing in this post may carry over into your characters IC knowledge.
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[23 Jan 2013|08:37pm]
Okay. So I shouldn't have done this, but I have little to no self control, especially as my online class starts up. Literally, I will do anything and everything in my power to avoid doing real work, even if making character profiles is more work than just reading the damn assignments.

Anyways. This is Alissa with my LAST CHARACTER I SWEAR TO GOD. And this is Juliet Martin. Some of you might recognize her as looking like Macy. Well, that's because she is Macy's identical twin sister. Macy's parents lied to her about being their actual child. She was actually adopted. And because she was an earlier patient than some of the other ones, she wasn't given the serum until AFTER birth. This means that her twin sister was NOT given the serum and adopted normally by people not in the project. Early scientists wanted to test the effects of twins growing up in different environments one with a power, and one without. But Juliet's parents wouldn't sign any agreement to allow them to do it, so it sort of fell through. Juliet does NOT know she has a twin. But, she does have a power. She bought it though. It's regeneration, which explains why she looks young when she's almost 38.

Juliet lives in NYC. She just got promoted to a senior agent position at the real estate firm she works in so she's about to move to a nicer part of the city. She's got a lot of similar traits to Macy (its the twin thing) but she's actually pretty different. If anyone would like to be her friend, that would be welcome. She needs a best friend, exes, etc etc. Preferably people from off the island, who wouldn't know who she looks like. If ya'll want to BRING IN some friends and other people from her life for her (she has a younger brother), then I would love you forevs.

Obviously this will add another touch of depth to the eventual Noah/Macy/Laney/JJ story line. XD It will be fun and very very bad.

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