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Killing two birds with one post! [21 Jan 2013|09:39am]
Because I forgot to do this yesterday, it's time for a...

Memorable Quotes Post!

Feel free to quote from the past two weeks! It's been a little slow getting back up after the holidays, but I think there's been some pretty good stuff since then! We're almost back in full swing!

Also! Happy MLK day! And! Happy Inauguration day! Hope everyone is having a good day so far! Don't forget about the Challenge! It's good until this Thursday! Also, feel free to squeeze some of last Monday's prompts into your threads until we put some new ones up later today! :)

While your at it, if you need something to do, check out the party thread! Any and all teens (and maybe some of the college kids) are free to join in! It's a good easy way to get your activity in!

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