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[10 Jan 2013|07:41pm]
Hey ladies and gents!

The JFK High School Spring Play is going to be the murder-mystery-musical Drood. For those of you not familiar with it, here is the Wikipedia article! It's pretty hilarious.

There are 11 slots for cast members, so we probably will have to fill in with a few NPCs. There is also the possibility for people to have signed up for pit orchestra, or for any of the crews (makeup, costumes, sound/light, props, and set) so if you want your char to take part in these shenanigans, consider this the official sign up sheet! Or something. Let us know which of your chars are interested and what for!
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[10 Jan 2013|08:14pm]
Hey everyone. Sorry I've not come back from hiatus yet, but I think this is a sign, and I should bow out. Life is just too chaotic for all the games I'm in, so I need to cut back, and already my muse is dying off.

Good luck with the game! It was nice playing here the small amount I have.
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