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[05 Jan 2013|11:15pm]
I owe some tags and threads, I just wanted to give the heads up that I'll be lagging a bit. Sometimes the customer likes to throw 'you have to be kidding' deadlines, for reasons unknown but when it happens it steals all waking hours to knock that out of the park and stay on top of ongoing projects. I just got back from an 8hr drive to a central office literally middle of nowhere (that looks like a's not a house), plus a 2 hr drive to survey another CO in the area. Then had to get those quotes in today...I'm sleep deprived.

I do want to get some new things going with both Dale and Dawn, plus I'm toying with the idea of bringing in an older male character, preferably a scientist/doctor type, over 30, and possibly on the darker side of things. I know I have some plots in the hopper but was wondering if anyone would like me to tackle some starts to them once I'm awake and not under the wire. I'm always up for scheming plots, even when I'm super busy.
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