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[15 Jan 2013|03:05pm]
[ music | Muse - Bliss ]

Is it too soon for me to decide I don't like this whole dorm room thing?

Private: Aaron )

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[15 Jan 2013|08:56pm]
Watching Netflix is dangerous. I suddenly want to visit Wales. Does anyone need to go to Wales?
ETA: Scratch that. Too cold and dreary. Vegas?

Also, circle lenses make me look like an alien. Just an observation.
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Alice [15 Jan 2013|10:08pm]
Please forgive me for being completely absent since Christmas. I am probably the worst boyfriend. I am so sorry.
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[15 Jan 2013|10:14pm]
I believe this will be my last semester. Soon I will be Dr. Romero. Mind you my doctorate will be in art history, but the name still sounds just as sexy doesn't it?

Dr. Romero, lovely ring to it.
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