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[07 Dec 2012|10:21am]
Who: Scout and Megan
What: Cheatin' and doin' shots
When: Thanksgiving! (dun dun duuuuun!)
Where: That house where the Collins' kids used to live or whatever. (I'm an eloquent human being)
Rating: Yanno...

An equally eloquent cut. I'm rockin' it today )
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[07 Dec 2012|12:41pm]
Who: Wes and Sarah
What: Sibling texts
When: Today!

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[07 Dec 2012|02:15pm]
Who: Elliot and Aaron
What: texts
When: Friday

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Who: Elliot and Presley, Elliot and Eden
What: texts
When: Friday, a little later on

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[07 Dec 2012|03:56pm]
WHO Ariel & Rolan
WHAT Bar... Drag Queens... Karaoke... enough said.
WHEN 8pm and beyond.
WHERE Splash Bar
RATING PG-13 at most.
STATUS Incomplete, closed.

His friends were of the opinion that Rolan had finally gone over the deep end. He was crazy. Perhaps they were right. )
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