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[31 Oct 2012|12:16pm]
Who: Jaden and OPEN
What: Going out for Halloween
Where: Concert/Club
When: Halloween Night
Rating: Low (probably)

Ninja vanish )
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[31 Oct 2012|09:05pm]
Who: Tino and Mia (and Benito and Gino)
What: Trick-or-treat
When: Halloween
Where: Their Tino's place
Rating: TBD
Prompt: 4 - "What's the catch?"

Are we gonna see Daddy soon? )
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[31 Oct 2012|10:16pm]
Who: Ariel Silverman-Lim & Jack Patel feat. Corporate Lobotomy
Where: The club they're playing at lata
When: Halloween, hours before the concert
What: An audition!
Prompt: MAYBE.

It took more than a unitard and tights to make him nervous, thankfully. )
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