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[27 Oct 2012|01:00am]
Who: Noah Riley, Presley St. Peter, and a ghostly Macy Jones
What: seeing dead people (well, hearing), probably gross sobbing
Where: Museum of the Moving Image, 35th Ave.
When: Saturday, early October, 3pm
Rating: mild for Noah's language.

Noah didn't know what it would change, but he had to find out. )
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[27 Oct 2012|11:39am]
Who: Caleb & Alice
What: a text
When: October 15th, afternoon
Rating: Low (one line requires High)

You Have (2) Unread Messages )
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[27 Oct 2012|03:38pm]
Who: Will and OPEN
What: A new patient, who is awfully familiar
Where: Hospice
When: Friday
Rating: Low

Have we met before? )
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