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[15 Jun 2012|07:51am]
Who: Emily & Sam; Emily & Evan
What: FRANTIC texts...she's trying to stay calm
When: Friday June 15th early afternoon
Rating: Low

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[15 Jun 2012|12:02pm]
Who: Ari & Eden, maybe Jack, Toby, and Scott too?
What: Shabbos dinner and a semi-shidduch date!
Where: The Silvermans
When: Friday night, 8pm
Status: Incomplete

May the L-rd fulfill our Sabbath prayer for you )
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[15 Jun 2012|02:29pm]
Who: Sarah and Toby
What: Having the house to themselves (OHHLALA)
Where: Sarah's house
When: Thursday evening
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

A mutant walking into the house of two of the most fervent anti-mutant protestors in Brooklyn. )
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[15 Jun 2012|07:10pm]
Who: Josie & Toby
What: A warning text
When: after this

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