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[09 Jun 2012|01:17am]
Who: Jacen, Annie, Alia and Aria.
What: Doctor's Visit
Where: Doctor's Office
When: Saturday morning
Rating: Low

He was either going to get ridiculously sick or bored stiff before the end of it. )
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[09 Jun 2012|01:35am]
Who: Alfie and Gemma Collins
What: Public Transportation Nap
Where: The wheels on the bus go round and round
When: Saturday
Rating: Who knows!

Alfie felt himself dozing off as his music jammed on in his ears. )
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[09 Jun 2012|04:40pm]
Who: Ethan and Neil
What: Picture text
When: Saturday afternoon
Where: NYC

iMessage (1) Ethan Turner-Lowe )
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[09 Jun 2012|05:36pm]
Who: Nora, Lucas and Mary-Beth
Where: Supermarket
When: Saturday morning before Spencer's party
What: Grocery Shopping Blues
Rating: Low

Mama, I'm bored. )
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[09 Jun 2012|07:39pm]
Who: Sarah and Toby
What: Texting
When: Today!
Rating: C for CUTE.

Inbox (1) )
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[09 Jun 2012|09:09pm]
Who: Alice and Boo
What: Coffee date
When: Sunday morning
Where: Coffeeshop in NY
Rating: TBD

Sitting in a coffee shop pretending to read her book )
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