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[18 Feb 2012|12:55am]
Who: Bobby and Josie, with a guest appearance by (the real) James!
Where: Bobby is at home, Josie and James are at the dance
What: phone call!
When: right after (the fake) James leaves her house
Rated: high for swearing, maybe?

Ring! Ring! Ring! )
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[18 Feb 2012|02:19pm]
Who: Abby and Morgan (brief cameo of Carter)
What: Dance Advice 101
When: backdated Friday, February 17th, late afternoon, before the dance
Where: Mandy & Jack's apartment
Rating: High (Morgan kind of has a mouth on her)

You meet a boy, bright sparklin' eyes, he seems kinda nice, perhaps a little shy. He'll walk you home, kiss you on your doorstep, next night he'll hold your hand and...don't let him touch you, don't let him touch you, he's playin' the game of love and he's trying to see how much you'll let him have, and if he has you he will run away and leave you, if he has you he will leave you, don't let him touch you )
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[18 Feb 2012|06:11pm]
Who: Bobby and James
What: Bobby is crazy and James comes to the rescue
Where: Bobby's apt
When: Friday night, after Bobby's phone call to Josie
Rated: TBD

So I call your name, cross my fingers across the others, hesitate. Oh, I don't think straight with nothing to prove. )
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[18 Feb 2012|10:09pm]
Who: Seth & Gabby
What: a text
When: Monday, Feb 13th, afternoon
Rating: Medium/High

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[18 Feb 2012|11:11pm]
Who: Abby to Grace
What: Birthday present delivered to the Bailey house
When: February 19th around 10am

Birthday Packages! )
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