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[13 Aug 2011|10:51am]
Who: Nico and JJ
What: Bromance bonding
When: Today
Where: JJ's house!
Rating: PG-13 knowing them?

Girls were confusing. )
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[13 Aug 2011|10:55am]
Who: Sam and Mia
What: Meeting the newest member of the Bailey Clan!
Where: The Bailey house
When: August 7th (A few days after Mia's post... Because Sam had work and stuff >_>)
Rating: PG to PG-13 I would imagine?

There's more under here, obviously... )
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[13 Aug 2011|03:16pm]
Who: Kaylee Ramsey and Ariella Silverman (Possibly Scott?)
What: Interviewing
Where: Silverman House
When: Thursday Evening
Rating: PG

Parents liked teenagers who looked happy. )
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[13 Aug 2011|11:04pm]
Who: Evan & Emily
What: a text
When: backdated after this
Rating: Low

You Have (1) Unread Message )
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