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[28 Jul 2011|01:01am]
Who: Cait and Noah
What: text
When: idk, a few days ago, maybe

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[28 Jul 2011|02:09am]
WHO: Jen Evans and OTA.
WHAT: [Summer OTA] Everyone forgets Jen's birthday.
WHEN: July 28th around lunch time.
WHERE: Coffee shop.

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[28 Jul 2011|02:49am]
Who: Emma and Jacob
What: ME SPAMMING THE BOARD, and a text
When: at some point where they are perhaps both at work, if they both teach summer school, and if not, then at some point where they are both out of the house

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[28 Jul 2011|11:40am]
WHO: Mal Swafford and OTA
WHAT: [Summer OTA] Mal backs up her car into another car. But it wasn't her fault!
WHEN: Thursday at noon.
WHERE: Parking lot of the courthouse.
RATING: PG-13 for Mal's colorful mouth. :)

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[28 Jul 2011|07:54pm]
Who: Nathan & Charles
What: a text
When: July 28th
Rating: Low/Medium

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