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[27 Jul 2011|09:49pm]
Who: Laney and Noah
What: beaching it as an adult, shhh!
When: earlier today
Where: Crescent Beach

Laney needed to stretch her legs. )

[OOC: Anyone feel free to tag this. It's not part of Summer OTA, but I thought it'd be funny for someone to encounter Laney using her power so shamelessly. If someone who knows about her power wants to tag, that might actually be funnier. But I'm all up for someone thinking she's the Evans' cousin 'Melanie'. XD ]
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[27 Jul 2011|10:37pm]
Who: Macy and George Anderson
What: a voicemail
When: today

You have (1) voicemail )
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[27 Jul 2011|11:20pm]
Who: Tino and Mia
What: some cryin'
When: today seems like as good a time as any around dusk
Where: the beach (all my chars are at the beach today)

He was even going to resort to going to church with Brooke )
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