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[01 Apr 2011|11:32am]
Who: Penny and Johnny
What: A birthday text
When: April 1st, morning

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[01 Apr 2011|12:39pm]
Who: AJ Swafford to Cait Baines
What: Birthday gift
When: Yesterday

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[01 Apr 2011|01:12pm]
Who: Cait and AJ
What: text
When: after she gets her present

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[01 Apr 2011|06:20pm]
who: Julius Hudson and Grace Bailey
what: Talking, dog-walking and general cuteness
where: Hudson house and area around
when: Friday afternoon
rating: PG likely

The Hudson house was not a place for people with pet allergies. )
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[01 Apr 2011|09:34pm]
Who: From Noelle to Cait
What: Presents
When: Cait's B-day (Because I totally forgot...)

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[01 Apr 2011|09:55pm]
Who: From David to Cait
What: B-day Presents
When: Again, I fail. This happened on Wednesday

Dropped off at the hospital by a messenger )
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